Garden Variety

In my gardenLizards scurryPast the flowersIn a hurryThen they stopDoing their pushupsStick their tongue outLeave abruptlyChirping babiesIn the birdhouseSing for supperMother TitmouseFather TitmouseBack and forthBringing foodFrom backyard source


There’s a RhododendronThat grows near the creekIt just popped upDuring last summers heatIt was part of a clanOf like minded plantsThey looked very thirstyI caught them by chanceNow they are tall And about to bloomThey want to thank meFor watering their roots

Garden Art

One of things I do is rebuild rock walls and steps and other garden “hard scaping”. Sure, I plant and water and trim plants – but I like the garden “architecture” part of the deal – where the hardscape then hints at where you should plant stuff. Because we have started having rolling blackouts in the fall – during high wind and fire season,…