Something Wonderful

Nothing is perfectNor is anyoneAnyone who says differentIs someone to shunSnake oil salesAre through the roofWill fix what ails youAnd they have proofYou and I knowIt’s a load of bullTake it as humorSomething wonderfulEven grey daysMake the air feel coolThen sun breaks thoughSomething wonderfulHow a single leafIs beyond beliefNature shares with youSomething wonderful

Autumn Harvest Thanks

Just a seedlingThis one has attitudeDropped here by the windSoon it took up rootFall Harvest Is everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredIt may be HalloweenThat will give you a frightI like to see it moreAs the Crescent Moon so brightFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredGive thanks every dayI think there is a GodBut I’m not religiousYou might find this oddFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t…

The Best Day Ever

The best day is Today(Until tomorrow)All we have is our timeIt’s nothing we can borrowThings, do they matter?(Why yes, they do!)But just for a short whileUntil we’re throughA leaf, a sky(Such beautiful things)Our friends and loved onesThe best that life brings

Rustic Fall Colors

Rustic or rust?Either is fineAged fall leavesLike a fine wineSome of the colorsAre hard to describeExtra terrestrialComes to mindCatch it nowWhile you canThese days are fleetingWinters at hand

Western Autumn Glory

The treesHave been all aglowPutting onA glorious showThis Autumn Has been the absolute bestThe forty yearsI’ve been in the WestSo inspiredTo write and singRejoice! give thanks,For such a glorious thing

Tree Wise Guys

We tree guysOf Orient AintOur good looksWill make you faintWe’ve arrivedTo cheer you upPour some beerInto our cupsNever too early To deck the hallsFill the treeWith colored balls

The Thing In The Attic

The Thing in the AtticNeither Goddess or GodIt snorts and it gruntsAnd smells rather oddWe never go up thereWe leave it aloneIt frightens us nightlyIt’s low steady moanThey said it was hauntedWe didn’t believeWe thought what we wantedOur selves we deceived

The Haunted Organ

In the basement I hear musicNo one’s down thereI hear noiseSomeone’s singingMore like moaningLike a bansheeHigh pitched voiceDescend the staircaseTurn on the lightThe sound has stopped nowNothing in sight


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