Phantom Ship

Phantom ShipKarmaic TripWe all getWhat we letWhat we letInto our setGood or badHappy or sadHappy or sadGiddy or madIts up to usYou will trustYou will trustAshes and dustYou have a voice You make your choiceYou made your choiceSignal not noiseYour vote of peaceYour soul releasedYour soul releasedNo burden beastBut others willEnd up nil

Nothing to Lose

I’ve always had nothing to loseBut never understood thisA young mans trepidationHas now turned to unbridled blissI no longer care what people thinkI’ll be completely who I amNo more playing it carefulI just don’t give a damnThe things I feared in youthAre gone foreverI feel so free and aliveSince I learned to never say never

Wishing Well

I used to feelSo OverlookedThe great unknownI felt ForsookThen I sawThe 27 ClubEx Famous peopleThe Ultimate SnubIt seems so strangeTo have it allWhich then beganTheir great downfallThese famous peopleIn their primeSelf made prisonDoing timeI’m glad I’ve hadEnough RecognitionYou can drownIn the well you’re wishing

The Bubble

Nobody makes you happyIt comes from yourselfYou get what you giveIt doesn’t come fromSomebody elseNobody makes you happyIt seems like a struggleAt first it seems like workUntil one fine dayYou break your bubbleNobody makes you happyExcept your own open mindOnce freed from your trapYour openness Attracts those who are kind