One in Five

I’ve surveyed my sceneCounted my song hiveThe songs I’m proud ofIs One in FiveOne in FiveThat’s Twenty PercentYou have to write a lotTo make something decentSome are decentSome on the descentSome are hell bentSome seem heaven sent

Wishing Well

I used to feelSo OverlookedThe great unknownI felt ForsookThen I sawThe 27 ClubEx Famous peopleThe Ultimate SnubIt seems so strangeTo have it allWhich then beganTheir great downfallThese famous peopleIn their primeSelf made prisonDoing timeI’m glad I’ve hadEnough RecognitionYou can drownIn the well you’re wishing

Love Hath No Bounds

Something catharticHas happened to meIt all came about With Fall Colored LeavesA feeling of Love Coursed through my veinsThankfulness, gratitudeCoursed through my brainA fitting thingAt this time of yearLove and warmthHas drowned out my fearsNow I know thatLove Hath No Bounds Look for it’s beautyIt will astoundHate is so weakAnd thin as a veilEasily unmaskedAlways does failLike little DavyWho conquered GoliathHate’s always conqueredBy Love…

November Train

NovemberBlew in like a southwest trainGiving us hope and thanksFor much needed rainFollowing OctoberWith record rainfallMaybe our droughtWon’t be bad after allKeep fingers crossedThis time of yearOur plants need the rainOur water is dear


Theres a town in a dellThat has a methane smellIt’s ButlerThe town that makes you wheezeInhabitants cutting cheeseIt’s ButlerThey didn’t vote for TrumpOr his Massive DumpsIt’s ButlerThey’re begging pretty pleaseTo get some stench reliefIt’s Butler

Something Wonderful

Nothing is perfectNor is anyoneAnyone who says differentIs someone to shunSnake oil salesAre through the roofWill fix what ails youAnd they have proofYou and I knowIt’s a load of bullTake it as humorSomething wonderfulEven grey daysMake the air feel coolThen sun breaks thoughSomething wonderfulHow a single leafIs beyond beliefNature shares with youSomething wonderful

Autumn Harvest Thanks

Just a seedlingThis one has attitudeDropped here by the windSoon it took up rootFall Harvest Is everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredIt may be HalloweenThat will give you a frightI like to see it moreAs the Crescent Moon so brightFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredGive thanks every dayI think there is a GodBut I’m not religiousYou might find this oddFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t…

The Curious Demise of Bob Ghoul

Bob GhoulHad a young wifeUsed StrychnineTo try to take her lifeIn his hasteHis own cup he lacedHe caught it too lateHis own life he did takeTis advice for youKarma is the ruleDo unto othersOr end up a ghoul

The Hidden Staircase

There is a hidden staircaseIn the house up on the hillIts behind a pocket doorHaunted by a girl named LilVery few have gone beyond The door that quickly slidesVery few have seen Lil’s faceAnd how she flits and glidesThose who haveHave never returnedReturned to tell their taleThey climbed the stairs And turned to dustWhen Lil began to wail

Autumn Dream

In my mind I had a dreamRoad less traveledTo a streamJust today I stumbled on itHard to believe that it was realI pinched myself,and yes it’s trueGrabbed my camera – knew what to doCold winters rain was on its way,Quick, Shutter click …A gift for you!