My Dearest Friend

The signal is clearWhat do you hear?The dashboard radioThe rear view mirrorA night time driveSound comes aliveAcross the desertThe moon is brightThe sky at nightA streak of lightA falling starIt feels just rightBeen through a lotDays we’ve forgotNow in our pastIt says a lotWe look aheadThe time we’ll spendCherish each dayMy dearest friendThe time goes fastIt never lastsWe’re having funThe time flies past

Where Love Knew No Name

This is a true story. They were never meant for each otherThey were only lifeless part time loversPassion never entered their roomFrom the start their match was doomedThere was no foul play or murderNo abuse, yelling or even a murmurThere simply was nothing between themTheir marriage only a convenienceAfter receiving his Dear John letterHe started feeling much betterHe had wondered for many yearsWhen mad…

Have a Beaux Arts New Year!

Seek Beauty and Kindness in the New Year – and may Peace be With You! Beaux Arts in EnglishMeans Fine ArtWhich is the best thingFor a Great New Years StartI’ve been a Computer Geek In my long career But my secret loveHas been Art and Music all these years”Don’t quit your day job “I was toldI listened (and glad I did)Cuz life (seems) bought…

Crown Bouquet

There is a special placeIn heaven for those who loveTheir eyes are wide openTo the beauty below and aboveThere is a special placeIn hell for those who hateTheir eyes are closed shutThe dark abyss their fateGet yourself a Crown BouquetLove thy neighborAnd soon you’ll experienceWhat the word human is for

Je Vous Adore

When I was young I fell in likeAnd Married the wrong girlThen we grew upMarriage screwed upI was cast out in the worldAlong came youA stranger from the pastA chance encounter beforeWe’re ENFJ’sUnderstand each others waysJe Vous AdoreSixteen yearsDeserve sixteen candlesBest years of my lifeTo find true loveIs a true blessingThank you my lovely wife


Insulator insulatorInsulate my loved onesFrom harmGlad tidings, health And happinessBe this good luck charmIts not aboutThe things in lifeBut the people that you loveFor when you care For loved ones dearYou will rise aboveJoyeux NoelSing thy praiseTo the heavens aboveBut don’t forgetTo praise your selfFor helping those you love

The Shoes on Their Feet

When you see othersOut on the streetYou should rememberTo look at their feetThink about walkingAround in their shoesYou’ll then learn why They do what they doLife isn’t easy But it is wonderfulWith our compassionThere’s nothing we can’t do

Hope is a Prayer

If hope is a prayerIt’s all in our mindsI’ve been hoping for youGuess I’m the praying kindI do hope a lotEspecially for youI pray that your dreamsWill all come trueA bird on the wingYou know how to flyYou made me laughWhen I thought I should cryI do hope a lotEspecially for youI pray that your dreamsWill all come trueIf hope is true loveThen yes…

Dharma Blues

I received sad news yesterday and so my “music mood” was somber. I did feel much better after writing and playing what sounds a bit like a dirge. The person I care about and am concerned about then texted me today joking about the situation. That really made my day. There is some cosmic order in this crazy disheveled world! It all seems to…

The Day Fall Fell

Today was the day Fall FellThe last leaves of Autumn are on the wingCars had Christmas trees on the roofSoon it will be time to sing (Auld Lang Syne)Today was the day Fall FellThe ornaments and lights are going upThanksgiving was great funLife with you is a Golden CupToday was the day Fall FellHappy Birthday my DearMy life is wonderfulWith you, and every year