Ode To Radio

Of all mans inventions, my favorite is the radio. The fact that someone conceived the idea that we could communicate via wireless is fascinating. While I understand the science behind it – it still seems like “magic”. In a world that seems less and less magical, at least radio has always been there for me. I grew up in a small town 60 miles…

Win Every Day

It’s notIf you winOr loseIt’s howYou playThe gameWhen youPlay the gameAnd do unto othersAs you would have themDo unto youYou always winLet the others Win the battlesYou will win the war,Every war,Every day

Make Room for Fooling

My younger yearsEmotionally hotMy thoughts Seemed so booleanI either did itOr did notNo middle ground,No room for foolingYet room for foolingIs what I neededSome days to just meanderCool thoughts,Warm emotions,The twixt betweenIs Time to ganderSleep on itChew your thoughtsEnjoy the thoughtful stewTry a fork and then a spoonThen you’ll really knowWhat to do

Puppet Theatre Set Design

Once I have the 8 puppet controllers built, which will be by end of this week, I can start on building scenery and props. After that I can score music and start filming. I’m not sure if I will try stop motion, live action or a combination of both. I think before I decide, ill do a bunch of stills that explore lighting and…

Lonely Stage Hand

You know the typeThe one who keeps to himselfSmokes incessantlyDrinks bottom shelf Got his first jobAged fourteenNever went to high schoolDidn’t see the need Votes party linePays Union DuesDoesn’t give a shitAbout the Evening News ChorusHe pulls the curtainAn ace on the light boardHe knows his stuffBut is always ignored

Play the Lap Steel Like a Fretless Bass

Lately I’ve learned to play several instruments in ways that are not typical. For example – the Lap Steel sounds a lot like a fretless bass, and a mandolin sounds like a piano. Play the lap steel Like a fretless bassRe-inventing new sound scapesNew ideas to chase Play the violinLike a lap steelMake new soundsMake it surreal Play the mandolinLike a pianoHammered DulcimerPerhaps an…

Songs in the Key of A(rt)

Bathed in the art of light Heard in the Key of A My life of art is waxing Life of science is waning 40 years in the Trenches Just about to shift my gears Making music, making art How Ill spend my final years You don’t get older, only better Never waste your precious time Paint your pictures, sing your songs Smell the roses,…

The Secret Life of Seed Pods

Now you see em’Now you don’tYearly passing paradeYou never see them Time marches onSpring AheadTurn time forwardSeed pods on parade They steal forwardWith seeds in their podsLike tongue in cheekThey sneak past you This year they were caughtRed handedGlad handedLovingly so

The Freedom of Getting Older

When I was young I had to spend a lot of time investing in my career, then young family. I also had my own one man consulting business. In my 20’s, when just out of college, I’d say for 10 years being cool or hip was important. That was a very silly waste of time. That meant I had no time to actually do…

Basement Puppet Theatre

No music today – it’s been a huge weekend wrapping up getting my basement art studio / puppet theatre set up. Its been weeks in progress, actually, but I’ve completed the really “heavy lifting” work – like laying down subflooring and flooring, building work benches and sanding and staining the puppet theatre – which now just needs a little last paint and stain touch…