Rust Train Radio

When the world seems full of woe and strifeOn an autumn day – go outsideSmell the leaves rusting in the airSee the colors that almost seem unfairYes, miracles sneak past How long will they last?Do they have an expiration date?Have I arrived too late?Its getting more rare in this worldWith so many hate flags unfurledJust take a walk outsideTo energize the love you have…


I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original: in a nutshell Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too Socio political songs are tricky….

Phantom Ship

Phantom ShipKarmaic TripWe all getWhat we letWhat we letInto our setGood or badHappy or sadHappy or sadGiddy or madIts up to usYou will trustYou will trustAshes and dustYou have a voice You make your choiceYou made your choiceSignal not noiseYour vote of peaceYour soul releasedYour soul releasedNo burden beastBut others willEnd up nil