No Warning

She ran to the stationFeeling no painThe party ran lateAnd so did the trainShe ran cross the tracksThe shortcut to homeShe almost made itShe let out a groanThe train couldn’t stopThe midnight expressIt couldn’t give warningThe site was a messShe now walks the tracksIn her party attireAnd runs back and forthLike a free ghostly flyer


The crackle of the radioThe sound of distant thunderThe thing that separated usLet no man put asunderWe never had a bond betweenWe never had a fightNever had much of anythingThat seemed even close to rightPeople make mistakes they sayAnd you were one of mineAnd now that you’ve gone missingIts you they’ll never find HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Radio, Music, Magic

There are few things These daysLeft to the imaginationIn this League of NationsRadio, Music, MagicSend a signal Into the AetherFor all the world to hearThere’s nothing quite so queerRadio, Music, MagicTurn your attentionTo writing songsA whole world exposedMagic head to toeRadio, Music, MagicOver here soothing elixirThat doth sooth thy soulYour imagination is goldRadio, Music, Magic

Still Life Surreal

Still life so realIts not how it seemsLife is surrealNothing concreteMy life in tonesCamera trombonesBourbon headphonesExistential JonesStep on a crackDogs that go quackTaken abackBy pulleys for snacksWish on a starMilky Way BarBlue houndstooth carSwordfish cigarWhen you’re in RomeCarry a combHead made of foamWhistles for sconesWhen you wake upFeel your new dreamLife is surrealIts not how it seems

Tone Photos

A good friend of ours recently called my music “Tone Poems”. I looked up what a Tone Poem is and found that (like Art Song) these terms are beyond my musical ability. I like the terms, but I’m just a 3 minute pop song writer with slowly improving musicianship – fast enough though! But she is right about one thing, I like reciting my…

Greystone Alien Abduction

Its boarded upAnd broken downInsane asylumIn MorristownThere have been sightingsOf UFO’sThe patients ghosts Are in the knowNext time you walkPast these hallowed gatesWhistle as you passThey’ll give you a breakJimmy didn’t whistleHe wasn’t hipHe was abductedBy the alien ship When we visited our friends in Livingston, NJ, we would always pass Greystone and it was very scary even in the middle of the day….

Candy From Hell

If the devil gave out candyIt would surely be Brach’sThat shit tastes real nastyAnd it’s harder than rocksThe same goes for WerthersAnd Whitman’s SamplerThis is the candy given outBy everyone’s old grandparentsGive me a snickersMounds or a Kit KatReal yummy candy None of that other crap This song was written based on the feelings kids had in the 60’s and when after a night…


Invasion of the ugly planetThe one man left to burnThe aliens have invaded usThey say its now their turnThey are the gorgeous humanoidsComplete with plastic skinThey want to fix our broken earthTheir work will soon beginThey don’t know hateThey don’t know greedThey sure do knowWhat this earth needs

Family Plot

Step insideMy newfound friendIts the beginningNot the endThere’s a family plotAt the front of the houseNot a creature is stirringNot even a mouseThe burial ground Has been disturbedDon’t you worryShe’s not perturbedThey say she wandersAround at nightGiving the livingQuite a fright


I swear I sawA child insideHolding a flowerThey say he diedTyphoid took himWinter timeThey put dimesOn both his eyesNow there’s laughterIn this houseHad been deserted Not even a mouseThis young ladHe comes and goesThe Town of BodieA childhood ghost