In Art We Trust

In Art We TrustIt brings us joyArtists createWhile others destroyYou get what you pay forIs not always trueWe get much more from artistsThan vapid corporate toolsIn Art We TrustArtists tell the truthPoliticians tell liesTo get you in the boothIf there was real justiceIn this fellaheen worldArtists would ruleDestroyers would eat dirt

Inner Space Age Rendezvous

I had a rendezvous With myselfI took old meOff the shelfOld me was youngLet’s not split hairsIt really doesn’t matterHow we got hereAs I was sayingI’m writing new songsHaving the time of my lifeDon’t get me wrongI might be oldBut that won’t stop me I feel just like a kidSo happy and free

One in Five

I’ve surveyed my sceneCounted my song hiveThe songs I’m proud ofIs One in FiveOne in FiveThat’s Twenty PercentYou have to write a lotTo make something decentSome are decentSome on the descentSome are hell bentSome seem heaven sent

Tribute to Ray Manzarek

Stop me if you’ve heard this beforeThat famous song by The DoorsThe lyrics are about lustBut the music is so much moreTime and space The Doors did bendRay Manzarek music legendClassical, Jazz, and RockAll genres were his friendA Minor was the KeyThe key then changed amazinglyRay led the band on this songThe rest is now history

Two Wheels

It has been saidWithout really tryingWhen you ride a bikeYou feel like you’re flyingMans greatest creationMight be the wheelAdd a chain and sprocketTo get that flying feelTwo wheels Are better than oneWhen you’re flying fastYou are having the most fun

Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at nightThe message arrivedFrom Centauri Sector NineA chill went up my spineThrough the static crashI heard a muffled voiceThe being on the phoneShrieked and then moanedThe message then got clearI heard it with both earsThe voice said in great fear”We’ve just run out of beer!”

Paint With Sound

Making musicBreak new groundArrange a songPaint with soundBrightest colorsHighest pitchViolinYellow tingeDarkest colorsEspresso brownBow the celloLowest soundIn betweenRainbow colorsDifferent brushesTo discover

1986: In The Paint – Dangerous Rhythm Studios

Here is a song several people commented on recently when I jokingly said I was a wannabe rock star back in the 80’s. I wrote more of these kind of songs than I remember. I was ready to cringe when I found a cassette player – but it was a nice surprise. I’m no singer, but, if I were to sing as part of…

Radio Twin Lens Reflex

Radio Twin Lens ReflexAll the hits All the timeThe greatest sceneOn the ground glass screenRadio Twin Lens ReflexFirst lensSecond lensWatch the parallaxGet The KNAC!Radio Twin Lens ReflexThe musicOf our lifetimeSo far awayUntil we playRadio Twin Lens ReflexAutomatic reactionMakes us happyRadio Photo romanceGet up, let’s dance!

Truth Eye

The Truth Eye Tells the truthIn the by and byAnd in the futureThe Truth EyeTells the truthHard to come byForsake and For soothIn the end The truth comes outThere’s no pretendWithout a doubt