KON AM-666 Radio: Your Brown Eye in the Sky!

If I were to have a Pirate Radio Station, I’d call it KON Radio. The Flying Brown Eye or Flaming Brown Eye would be the logo. There would be an ongoing joke about Kahn of Star Trek fame (Ricardo Montalban). His early “Rich Corinthian Leather” commercials would be factored in. Up in the skyWay up highSo close to heavenYour flaming brown eyeAn eye with…

The Max Grifter Power Hour on KON-AM 666 Radio

Step right upWatch him pray He will take Your money awayTo buy a jetAnd Crystal CathedralPatriot CultistsJesus Needs YouIn his nameOn Holy CrossMax Grifters WinIs your lossDon’t walk!You must runEven The MeekHave joined in The FunWon’t you Make Time For Jesus?Send your moneyThat would please us Won’t You Make Time For Jesus?

Televangelist Max Grifter

Instead of doing a haunted grandfather clock, I’m going to have the rat faced git clown puppet star as Televangelist Max Grifter. His “pitch” is that if you don’t immediately send him $666 and join his elite “Make America Grate Again” club at the Presidential True Patriot Level of giving, you’ll not reap Gods Great Harvest. For poor people (whom he refers to as…

Snivelling Little Rat Faced Git

This little shit is one creepy dude . . .

Time to Kill

Settle down, relax a bitWe have time to killGood things come to those who waitSo please be ever stillThe early bird catches the wormWe don’t have time to killHurry up, don’t be lateDon’t be sitting stillA broken clock whose arms have stoppedTells time two times each dayTime marches to its own beatThis earth we cannot stay

Halloween 666 Series #5: Circuscide

Todays song is a joke – I used the chords and notes to spell out “CABBAGE” – since all of these letters are also musical notes / chords. I was a bit lazy today, but it was still a lot of fun.

Autumn Song

What is itThat’s so exquisiteJust once a yearYou’re finally hereThe daylight fadesColors on paradeAir is toasted oakChimney fire smokeWish it was all yearInstead it disappearsAs fast as it cameIt leaves us just the sameEnjoy it while you canWe’re just mortal manThe Autumn of our yearsThis time we hold so dear

The Haunted Radio

It’s now been 1 1/2 years since I started playing music. I did play guitar and keyboards in the 80’s, but that was maybe 6 years out of that decade. I did have some piano and song writing classes and I was in a rock band that played at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Amateur, but serious amateur I suppose. Back then, because…

Imaginary Puppet Theatre Set Design Sketch

Today I have a song experiment – this is a version where I played guitar, bass, piano, lap steel and mandolin: And here is just the guitar – which is the instrument I used to write the song: Wow – adding the other instruments changed the song to a point where it sounds just like another song I wrote a while back. Verrrry interesting…

Haunted Harvest Moon

Well, today is the first day of my favorite season. Last year was a total disaster and write off. Autumn was all but ruined by both the smoke from the fires, Covid, and the biggest asshole I’ve ever experienced – Dirtbag Trump. That year of politics running up to and even past the election was a total dumpster fire. This year we were spared…