The Death Roots Syndicate

Just when I thought I found Death Country Nirvana, I also found “The Death Roots Syndicate” on YouTube. Before you check that out, please find and listen to Blanche – their album called “If We Can’t Trust The Doctors”. I think it is the absolute #1 Dark Country album ever. The band is tragically unknown.

Danger Days

It funny, but I’m so used to lockdown – its like I don’t want to come out of my “safe cocoon” – even three weeks after my second shot. I will venture out and go to the gym again soon. That’s my strong defense mechanism and natural yearning for survival. For the last three weeks, I’ve lived a horror at work. It feels “dangerous”,…


While Phrenology was a fad and pseudoscience – it is kinda cool and fun anyway. The old illustrations re very cool indeed. Today’s song includes a “happy accident”. I didn’t care to just play a blues guitar part, so I started just “scratching” on the strings before the bridge-piece. It sure sounded cool – and I kept it as a “sort of” guitar part….

Dress Rehearsal

I built the stage deck today out of two pieces of an old Ikea butcher block table top. I’ve used that table top for quite a few things – synthesizer stand, drum box easel and now the stage. I also have the curtain rod done. The upright parts are the last of some 1/2 inch iron pipe I had laying around and a piece…

My Joke on the World

I may never create an actual puppet show or even do a stop motion or filmed feature. I’m having WAY too much fun building miniatures. Just like my music, its all about the fantasy of putting on a show. My music is more a cache of musical ideas than finished and polished pieces. When I played at The Hotel Utah in the 80’s, the…

Its Love Your Bass Day!

My song writing goes through cycles of concentrating on a subset of instruments that I can play semi – competently. For a while, I abandoned the string bass and used a synth bass (or even the low strings on a lap steel). My wife suggested that I play an octave lower, which meant I really had to play my string bass. I absolutely love…

At The Grande Olde Opry

Its interesting how certain parts dictate parts in a song. The piano and Solina synth parts did not happen until I had the mandolin and bass part. They were dictated by the guitar part – which came first

I Want My PTV

The Puppet Music Television Network is a series of skits I’m thinking about. PTV seems to make sense. I could write songs and sing them as each character would sing them. Since the name of my blog is Kabarett 391 – fashioned after the Zurich Dada movement in the late teens or early 20’s of the last century, it all falls together. Maybe make…

Red Piano

My first attempt at building a miniature scale model out of bass wood is the Puppet Theatre. I’ll make a proper post of it when finished. That starter experience now has me thinking about the next project and it will either be a Red Piano or a Park Bench. By sketching first, I can figure out how I will fabricate and join each part….

Road Trip

Its been a while since I wrote a song starting with guitar. I am going to try to keep the number of parts lower and with more interplay between them – each leaving some space. Some of my past arrangements were too cluttered. Its been just over a year ago when I got back into music after being away for 30 years . ….