More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entityIs trying to keep me happyMaybe that entityIs the Smoke TreeA fascinating speciesCousin of the SumacSumacs from my youthThis memory takes me backNewton, New JerseyYouthful days in the woodsNext to our houseIn our neighborhoodWe used sumac branchesAs swordsWith garbage can lidsAs shields for Kings and Lords3000 miles awayAlso near Route 80Funny how a highwayDefines meBut I digressIsn’t it funny What a tree can…

Skeleton Gate

I don’t want to jinx it, but we have had one of the best weather months in August in years. We have had fog cooling us down just about every night, and keeping the smoke away. Its been hazy, but so much better than last August. We have been losing a minute a day of daylight, and now, past halfway mark, its much more…

The Death Roots Syndicate

Just when I thought I found Death Country Nirvana, I also found “The Death Roots Syndicate” on YouTube. Before you check that out, please find and listen to Blanche – their album called “If We Can’t Trust The Doctors”. I think it is the absolute #1 Dark Country album ever. The band is tragically unknown.

Graveyard Stew

I grew up in a town of 7000 population, near where the Appalachian Trail goes through. That town only grew by 1000 people 50 years later. Its 60 miles northwest of New York City. That fact is the only reason I’m not a hill billy or full frontal bumpkin. The grave in the picture is on the side of a small hill in the…

Erie Lackawanna

Erie LackawannaChicago to New YorkAlong the Southern TierAnother passing year Appalachian TrailAlong the DelawareKittatinny MountainsAnother passing year