Negativos y Positivos

2021 was a much better yearThan the one beforeWe’re making progress2022 we’ll make morePositivos want to build things upNegativos tear things downThe sad negativosAre self cancelling clownsKarma is a boomerangWhat goes around comes aroundBe careful what you wishRevenge and hate is an icey cold dish

On The Great Hope Highway

Maybe this new yearWill be the yearThat the Pandemic DisappearsMaybe this new yearPeople will tireOf politics andPut differences asideMaybe this new yearNations will awakeAnd work towardsEarth being a sustainable placeMaybe this new yearPeople can changeOne can hopeIts not that strange

My Top Ten of 2021 List

Best of listAt Number OneMy darling wifeAnd my two sonsShowing up At Number TwoComposing music What I love most to doNow we get to Number ThreeThat would have to be a tieCycling and PhotographyComing in at Number FourLifting WeightsSurprisinglyBuilding strengthNumber Five My first thingMy new CelloHear it ringNumber sixWhere I workHome studioA nice little perkIn at SevenLittle BoxVolt 476Hear it rockNumber eightAmple rainGives us…

Look Ahead

Look ahead Follow the sunThe open roadSounds like funWe’ve travelled nearAnd journeyed farExperienced so much Driving in our carOur worldIs the big wild west Our personal oysterThe place we like best

The Next Horizon: 2022

2022 is the Next Horizon 2021 was a very good year Much better than 2020 Which was the Year of Fear There will always be Cretins and clowns Corrupt politicians Trumps sad assed broken crown While there was Insurrection, Fire and Smoke This past year Was filled with hope Covid was put on notice Its end will be near Our drought is fading Rain…

Bramble On

Blackberry BramblesMarkers of timeAnother gone yearNow it’s behindWith each yearI learn something newIt’s not what I haveBut what I can doExperience and memoriesTreasures worth GoldTo all who are youngOne day you’ll be oldTime creeps up And flies by so fastBut the things that we’ve doneAre the things that will lastYou won’t be remembered By the things that you hadBut the things that you didThat…

NORCAL Secrets

The secret to Northern CaliforniaIs the off seasonWhen things are quietAnd also within reasonJanuary and February In Wine CountryTakes some imaginationSome creativityWe go to Napa and Sonoma During Winter timeIt’s never crowdedWe savor the Wine

Blackberry Brambles

Ring in the New YearWith a Wintertime hikeNo matter the weatherIt’ll make you feel rightGo to a place That you’ve been to beforeBut not for a whileA place you’ve ignoredYou will findA place from your pastCan reveal new meaningIts a blastThese Blackberry BramblesHad secrets to revealTheir colored leavesHidden secrets unsealedColored leaves on ChristmasA new thing I’ve learnedWith each year anewSomething new to discern

Holiday Cheer

For a short whileWe will enter a worldFilled with smilesAnd children’s wide eyesA time to reflectOn another New YearA great Autumn HarvestFollowed by Holiday CheerSoon we will plan The upcoming yearBut for just a few weeksReflect on those you hold dear

Winter Solstice

Winter SolsticeCrisp and clearWe close the doorOn a difficult year It was toughA year so blueOur love togetherSaw us through ChorusThank you my dearHappy New Year!