Garden Art

One of things I do is rebuild rock walls and steps and other garden “hard scaping”. Sure, I plant and water and trim plants – but I like the garden “architecture” part of the deal – where the hardscape then hints at where you should plant stuff. Because we have started having rolling blackouts in the fall – during high wind and fire season,…

The Simple Things (2021)

No lyrics for this one – the song seemed “complete” at one point and better as an instrumental.

Winter Solstice

Magnetic linesElectrifyUV raysBathe us in lightNighttime starsShow us the way Winter solsticeEarths delightGive us short daysAnd long nightsRadio wavesNorthern Lights Carry the messageOf our loveOne door closesAnother opensSoon comes the New YearLook for New Hope ChorusFrom light to darkAnd dark to lightLets make hayWhile the sun shines

Twin Lens Reflex

I wanted to write a song about Black Lives Matter because the history books are going to show how important that movement is / has been. I also love the “Two Tone” ska movement in the 80’s in the UK and reggae and ska in general. Its music that is very positive and upbeat, which is more powerful than more anthemic or sharp pointed…

I Hope I Never Hope Again

Caught by surpriseFear in our eyesHearts filled with doubtWhat’s it all about? The sky turned darkPandemic’s markForests burnedPoliticians not concerned Yet here I am with youIt seems we’ll make it throughIn our safe quartersWe sailed on calm waters ChorusWe almost lost itWe sure were testedWe thought it would endHope, our old friend

Cobweb Telegram

An incoming messageIt comes from our pastWe think we are specialOur lives go so fast We think we are modernWe’re fooling ourselvesJust listen to musicThe records on shelves Play what you can Play what you mustAshes to ashesThen we are dust An old radio signalAn old telegraphA message from ghostsOur loved ones who’ve passed ChorusWhen you hear the clickingThe messages sayDon’t live for tomorrowLive…

Silent Night, STARRY NIGHT

Thanksgiving will be full of thanks this year. Even with the pandemic – the promise of a vaccine looms large – and when I say loom – this time its a good thing!


Like the Autumnal Winds – which blow the beautiful colored fall leaves off the trees, our American Democracy just withstood one of the worst 4 years in the history of our nation, but today that has all changed for the better.

Welcome Autumn

Autumn in Northern California is subtle I grew up in Northern NJ where the Fall Colors we’re usually quite good. I do remember some years people would complain that we had only yellow leaves or a big rainstorm ended the Fall colors too early. I also remember how it would then turn grey and cold and that snow at least made it less grey…

Icarus Complex (The Daedalus Myth)

Don’t fly too high or too low . . . The last few posts, I found some truth amongst the horror we have experienced the past four years. I realize that this truly is all a game – a ruse – one that has cost the US – but one that won’t ruin us. I’ve never been a protester – or even a punk…