On The Road to the Summer Solstice

I always enjoy the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Does this make me a pagan or druid? I do have Celtic and Germanic DNA. I’m equal parts Anglo and Saxon. I’m not religious, so I’m a WAS not a WASP. Hmmmm.

Happy Ana Lemma Day!

Today is another precious day, a day to rejoice in. A few posts ago, I showed my “Tiny Desk Studio”, and you might have noticed the Geochron 4K digital clock. That clock / map is the only thing left from my Ham Radio station – which turned into my music studio. On that map is a cool thing called an analemma – which shows…

Jehova Is An Alien

Jehova is an alienFrom a distant oblong orbHe’ll plant a golden seedIn your tiny brainless gourd A dollar three eightyIs all that we chargeTo fill your mind with drivelPut it on your credit card Our Gospel of BullshitOur Gospel of TrashOur Gospel you’ll trustNow give us your cash Act Now!Step right up!Limited Time Offer!

Winter Solstice

Winter SolsticeCrisp and clearWe close the doorOn a difficult year It was toughA year so blueOur love togetherSaw us through ChorusThank you my dearHappy New Year!

Winter Solstice

Magnetic linesElectrifyUV raysBathe us in lightNighttime starsShow us the way Winter solsticeEarths delightGive us short daysAnd long nightsRadio wavesNorthern Lights Carry the messageOf our loveOne door closesAnother opensSoon comes the New YearLook for New Hope ChorusFrom light to darkAnd dark to lightLets make hayWhile the sun shines

Silent Night, STARRY NIGHT

Thanksgiving will be full of thanks this year. Even with the pandemic – the promise of a vaccine looms large – and when I say loom – this time its a good thing!


Last year, I found this creepy AM radio station that plays Christmas music year round’ – its as if they are “place holding” the frequency. At the time I had an impressive home brewed directional phased antenna system (my Ham Radio callsign is KY6R) – because several stronger stations were on the same frequency. Spoiled rotten childrenAlways want their wayWhen Father Krampus arrivesHe’ll have…


Like the Autumnal Winds – which blow the beautiful colored fall leaves off the trees, our American Democracy just withstood one of the worst 4 years in the history of our nation, but today that has all changed for the better.

Malthusian Spectre

Malthusian Spectre A house of cards A building implodes A highway crash With 36 cars A wooden boat Whose hull is on fire A sputtering plane That’s run out of gas A once proud nation Burned just like Rome An orange sky Polluted and dark The polar ice caps Turning to water A long line of dominoes Rapidly falling Pedestrian struck In the crosswalk…