The Dead Country Radio Show

The Dead Country Radio Show is the best thing I’ve found on YouTube. Its hella mysterious – I think the fellow who did this ran it from 2017 – 2020 but not often. I can’t find anything about the creator of this, but it is (and he is) totally awesome. The graphic art for the show is stunning. Since I love bands like The…

Graveyard Stew

I grew up in a town of 7000 population, near where the Appalachian Trail goes through. That town only grew by 1000 people 50 years later. Its 60 miles northwest of New York City. That fact is the only reason I’m not a hill billy or full frontal bumpkin. The grave in the picture is on the side of a small hill in the…

Win Every Day

It’s notIf you winOr loseIt’s howYou playThe gameWhen youPlay the gameAnd do unto othersAs you would have themDo unto youYou always winLet the others Win the battlesYou will win the war,Every war,Every day

Make Room for Fooling

My younger yearsEmotionally hotMy thoughts Seemed so booleanI either did itOr did notNo middle ground,No room for foolingYet room for foolingIs what I neededSome days to just meanderCool thoughts,Warm emotions,The twixt betweenIs Time to ganderSleep on itChew your thoughtsEnjoy the thoughtful stewTry a fork and then a spoonThen you’ll really knowWhat to do

Consuming Thoughts

When youThink About your thoughtsAnd you’re spinningRound and roundStop to think That stopping thinkingMight be bestIn fact, profoundTake a vacation From yourselfOpen up your foggy eyesNothing matters,Warrants worryLet it goYou’ll be surprised!

First Puppet Theatre Photo Shoot

Its a GREAT day – I’ve worked for months to get to this point. In some ways, today is “Day One” as far as this crazy puppet theatre idea goes. Its all started one afternoon – I had several weird thoughts that came together . . . . . take my music and combine it with creepy puppets – somehow. Video? Still Life Photography?…

The Trees Have Eyes!

On my daily bike ride, I stop for water at this tree It’s quite beautiful, actually.

Puppet Theatre Lighting

I installed two very cool lighting extension bars that let me hang my photo lights from the ceiling. I had to do that because there just isn’t enough room for lighting stands and the camera tripod. With the lights hanging down, it also means there are no stands to get in the way of the photo. I’ll only have one light on a stand…

Park Bench

I made the seat and back yesterday and the two upright parts today. It’s made for two puppets to sit.

Copper Tube Proscenium

Yesterday I posted a picture of a pretty snazzy puppet theatre proscenium / arch but it turns out, the scale was not right for anything ornate. I also wondered what color would work. Both texture and color are perfect and the lines also match the rest of the theatre. It is the bow on the package. I wrote another great Baseline and will complete…