Puppet Theatre Miniature Piano and Microphones

I’ve completed my first miniatures for the puppet theatre – and now I have enough props to do a first photo shoot and small puppet music video. The scale is 1:5 – meaning the piano and bench are 1/5th the size of the real thing. I’ll do a proper photo shoot soon. My workshop and puppet theatre are now fully organized, and I have…

Garden Art

One of things I do is rebuild rock walls and steps and other garden “hard scaping”. Sure, I plant and water and trim plants – but I like the garden “architecture” part of the deal – where the hardscape then hints at where you should plant stuff. Because we have started having rolling blackouts in the fall – during high wind and fire season,…

New Piano!

I have this old oak box and with a few cuts, it’s starting to look like a piano. At least a marionette piano. It will be pretty easy to add nice finishing trim, a music shelf, black and white keys, and the legs and front bottom parts.

At The Grande Olde Opry

Its interesting how certain parts dictate parts in a song. The piano and Solina synth parts did not happen until I had the mandolin and bass part. They were dictated by the guitar part – which came first

Red Piano

My first attempt at building a miniature scale model out of bass wood is the Puppet Theatre. I’ll make a proper post of it when finished. That starter experience now has me thinking about the next project and it will either be a Red Piano or a Park Bench. By sketching first, I can figure out how I will fabricate and join each part….

Puppet Theatre Set Design

Once I have the 8 puppet controllers built, which will be by end of this week, I can start on building scenery and props. After that I can score music and start filming. I’m not sure if I will try stop motion, live action or a combination of both. I think before I decide, ill do a bunch of stills that explore lighting and…


Here’s one for all you 4:20 fans . . .

Something Lurks There

This started out a lot darker – but I’m not a dark goth person, so I had to work hard to make something of what started out as a gloomy fuzzed out bass line (actually quite a few parts – most of which I threw out). Lat week I wrote a song that I also did not like at first – but a week…

Lonely Stage Hand

You know the typeThe one who keeps to himselfSmokes incessantlyDrinks bottom shelf Got his first jobAged fourteenNever went to high schoolDidn’t see the need Votes party linePays Union DuesDoesn’t give a shitAbout the Evening News ChorusHe pulls the curtainAn ace on the light boardHe knows his stuffBut is always ignored

Lumbering Melancholy

It took me a few days to write this song because I tried to write a slow song. That lead to a “lumbering” pace to the song, and the parts sounded almost like a dirge at first – until I spiced it up after the first half. I probably should have introduced the more upbeat ending sooner (that’s when the song gets a lot…