Satellite Constellation

It’s warmth and beautyLike a Satellite ConstellationSurrounds meComforts meJust yards from my bedThe Smoke TreeHas sugar plum foliageDancing in my headFive leaf pedal powerColor clustersBathe mine eyesLike a bed of spring flowers

The Haunted Piano

Comfort or terrorShe follows me roundI see her young faceHer voices soft soundAll the bad thingsNow that I’ve hidI shouldn’t have doneTo her what I didFrom the pianoThe 88 keysHer soft gentle voice:”Bring me back, please” …

My Orange Guitar

Exquisite in formExquisite in soundMy Orange GuitarWears a gold crownKing of stringed gourdsKing inspirationMy Orange GuitarHigh exaltation!Friend of my fingersFriend of my earsMy Orange GuitarBringeth great cheer

Halloween 666 Series #6: Halloween Bicycle Parade

This was fun – I pulled out all the stops this year because I am so relieved (and eternally thankful) that we are healing from last year with its Smoke, Pandemic, Trump / Politics, Power Outages due to Fire Danger – have I left anything out? Now lets pray for rain. I expect to do one Thanksgiving / Christmas set and photo shoot –…

Size Matters!

Ah yes. Size. Common Sense. Yankee Ingenuity. These are things that even the less intelligent and less educated in the USA had up until some time in the last quarter century. And especially with our newfound Idiocracy. Oh well – sometimes “our freedoms” lead to Natural Selection and Darwin Awards. Nothing you can do about it. People have to learn the hard way. Some…

Happy Entrails

This weekends Halloween 666 Special #5 will be by far the most macabre of the series, but it will also be the funniest. I’m in my own virtual world, but unlike Online virtual world’s, mine has power tools and paint.


Another simple 12 String, Solina and Piano song. I’m enjoying trying to keep it simple. I can come up with decent guitar chord progressions, so now I’d like to concentrate on my piano and organ/ synth counterpoint and melodies. OK. NOW we’re talking. It’s been really great to simplify and just write using guitar and keyboards. It has forced me to know when to…

El Triciclo Del Diablo

Another simple song, just guitar and Farfisa organ.

Le Cirque Du Boucher

Boucher is French for Butcher – rhymes with Soleil too. Anyway, I started thinking about Killer Klowns as my 5th installment of the Halloween 666 Series. The devil will be in the details. Literally.

Halloween 666 Series #4: Nevermore

This year I am celebrating Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and quite a few other poems and stories that were inspired by both his Mother and Wife (both) dying at age 24 from Tuberculosis. He might have had some existing mental health issues – but his substance abuse and unending grieving seemed to drive him mad and over the top. He was a very…