More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entityIs trying to keep me happyMaybe that entityIs the Smoke TreeA fascinating speciesCousin of the SumacSumacs from my youthThis memory takes me backNewton, New JerseyYouthful days in the woodsNext to our houseIn our neighborhoodWe used sumac branchesAs swordsWith garbage can lidsAs shields for Kings and Lords3000 miles awayAlso near Route 80Funny how a highwayDefines meBut I digressIsn’t it funny What a tree can…

The Minds Eye

It’s fantasticWhat we humans seeWhen our eyes are openInternallyThe InternalAffects the ExternalWhen our eyes are openAutumnal or VernalThe ExternalInfluences our brainBringing pleasureOr painAutumn’s paradoxSuch color in deathVernal is greenA baby’s first breathImages beget moodsColor the minds eyeAccentuate the positiveOr scare us deep insideTake the moonYou’ll either sing Clair de LuneOr songs filled with doomYou get to chooseDecide what you seeDarkness and sadness orLight and…

Mysterious Thanksgiving Moon

Thanksgiving MoonAppeared in my DreamSoftly shining Mysterious sceneMy camera didn’t catch The full glory of the nightSo I push processed itUntil I got it rightIt occurred to meThat humans can seeHuman emotionsBetter than technology

It’s Never Too Late

Governments are fiddle-yWhile Earth burnsLiterallyA show of forceLet’s use our PowerChange our courseIt’s been foreverSince all good peopleCame togetherIt starts at homeWhat we can doWe’re not aloneRide a bikeAvoid the carWalk and hikeDIYAvoid packagingMake dolphins smileUse your handsUp-cycle, reuseYou’ll be gladIf everyoneDid one small partWhat a great start