Art Song: Schubert’s Erlkonig

I’ve been writing lyrics that have been closer to poetry than what is usual for a 3 minute pop song. I had been wondering about the sequence of writing lyrics first or music first. Many times if I write them independent of each other, I will fit the lyrics to the music and that always means chopping what was a poem into smaller phrases…


I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original: in a nutshell Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too Socio political songs are tricky….

Its Been a While

It was cathartic to hear a song I wrote 36 years ago and compare it to my song writing today – especially since I didn’t touch a musical instrument for more than 34 of those years. I also remember my band mates and these lyrics just poured out. Its been a whileSince we playedAnd sang our songsNever againNow that you’re goneIts been a whileWishing…

The Puppet Portraitist

I stumbled on a pretty cool new idea – use a small Lumix LX-5 digital camera but take pictures through the two old Twin Lens Reflex cameras I have. I might even devise some sort of bellows. The Puppet PortraitistHas an important jobTake pictures of Dummies,Politicians and other such SlobsThe Puppet Portraitist Has too much workSnooty entitled PuppetsAnd other Selfish JerksThe Puppet PortraitistChanged his…

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks showThey’ve saved the best for lastMy neighbors Smoke TreeCan’t be surpassedIts almost ChristmasIts a gift from HeavenOr Father ChristmasAnd its turned up to elevenThe best gifts in life are freeJust like this treeAll you have to doIs open your eyes and see

Buckeye Christmas Tree

There’s something That I missed All these yearsA new source of blissI opened my eyesLo and beholdUp in the trees A new story to be toldWhat had seemedLike just a Winter TreeNow took on new meaningAt least new to meWhile others shiverIn the Winter coldWith my cameraI’m mining goldWith all leaves goneAutumn’s leaf shroud liftedWhat is underneathMakes me feel like a thiefIn this special…


Last year, I found this creepy AM radio station that plays Christmas music year round’ – its as if they are “place holding” the frequency. At the time I had an impressive home brewed directional phased antenna system (my Ham Radio callsign is KY6R) – because several stronger stations were on the same frequency. Spoiled rotten childrenAlways want their wayWhen Father Krampus arrivesHe’ll have…

New Day Sun

I’ve been playing Cello for 1 1/2 weeks so far. I have my first lesson via Zoom on Monday, and my Niece is my teacher. Pardon the songs lately because I’m a rank beginner, but trying to write songs for Cello is a fabulous exercise. Even though I’m getting older, it’s like the new light of a new day – learning something new makes…

Love For The Fretless

Love for the fretlessIs neither bad nor recklessIf it moves your spiritWhen you play you’ll hear itAs you gently bowYou will surely knowIf it moves your spiritWhen you play you’ll hear itYou might fiddle aroundThen one day go to townIf it moves your spiritWhen you play you’ll hear it

Flaming Aspens

Flaming AspensAll aglowRed, Copper, OrangeAnd YellowAutumns FireworksIn one small treeSoothed my soulSet me freeTrees of greenHide and seekBut when Fall arrivesWe leaf peep