Winters Chill is Here

Winters Chill is hereClosing out the yearHolidays good cheerWith those we hold dearLeaves are almost goneSome still hanging onWinter light at dawnFrost and pumpkin its onShadows growing longSing a thankful songFireplace poker prongTurns red hot fireplace logs

Radio Ghost Train

My second song with Cello. All aboardThe Ghost Train SpecialPulling out of Station ZeroMorse Code TappingPistons RappingGuess it’s time for us to goDestination Is the futureWe will get there when we doMorse Code TappingPistons SlappingThe night air is coolBand aboardThis Haunted TrainPlaying sad songs from the pastMorse Code TappingPistons RattlingThrough a tunnel in the mountain passThere’s no lightAt the end of the tunnelOr in…

Two Sheriffs

Its taken me 6 years to get over the horror of the Political Stain on America. While it still wreaks of that subhuman filth ex President, I realize in many ways it just doesn’t matter – that we have been here before, it just has seemed worse than ever. Time has – and is – showing us that like all other real and wannabe…

Maybe There is a Heaven!

Just when you thinkThere’s no beautyLeft in the worldLook up, you’ll be reassuredIt’s easy to missThe beauty all aroundWhen our eyes are focusedOn the flat earth groundYou’d be surprised What you’ll seeWhen you step awayFrom your virtual reality

Every Song a Journey

As we slide Towards a new yearI count my blessingsWith good cheerGiving ThanksIs so catharticLifts your spiritVery KarmicI’m in love With writing songsPlay my celloSing alongRemembering thoseWho’ve left this earthWe all will goThey just left firstWith the time That I have leftI will followThe Big Treble ClefEvery songI try to writeMakes my daysUpbeat and brightI thank God forGood cheer in songEach one a journeyI…

Autumn Love Affair

I love my wifeI’m so proud to sayBut once every yearI go astrayWhen Autumn’s Golden LightProjects upon the colored leavesI take up a mistressMetaphoricallyI suppose my loverIs Mother EarthIt can be no otherFor what it’s worthThe love affairIs extraterrestrialIt’s metaphoricalIt isn’t sexualThe day they put dimes on my eyesThere will be no rain or painWith images of colored leavesIndelibly etched on my brain

It’s Never Too Late to Love

It’s never too lateTo extinguish hateThe fire that burnsMan never learnsBut we must tryAnd never lose sightUnchain our fearsDo what’s rightLove conquers allOr so they sayLet’s give it a tryStart a new day

Love Bomb

The Universal Force is LoveMore powerful than hateBe the change you want to seeLove will Make America GreatNever mind the charlatansMoney Changers, CrooksThey’ll never know true happinessThey don’t know where to lookTreat each other as you wouldLike to be consideredReap loves Golden Bounty Harvest(Hate plants always wither)Sometimes hate seems to winAs the story goesEvery time, the hate implodesIn one big final blow

Something Wonderful

Nothing is perfectNor is anyoneAnyone who says differentIs someone to shunSnake oil salesAre through the roofWill fix what ails youAnd they have proofYou and I knowIt’s a load of bullTake it as humorSomething wonderfulEven grey daysMake the air feel coolThen sun breaks thoughSomething wonderfulHow a single leafIs beyond beliefNature shares with youSomething wonderful

Autumn Harvest Thanks

Just a seedlingThis one has attitudeDropped here by the windSoon it took up rootFall Harvest Is everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredIt may be HalloweenThat will give you a frightI like to see it moreAs the Crescent Moon so brightFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t be scaredGive thanks every dayI think there is a GodBut I’m not religiousYou might find this oddFall HarvestIs everywhereJust look aroundDon’t…