Tree Wise Guys

We tree guysOf Orient AintOur good looksWill make you faintWe’ve arrivedTo cheer you upPour some beerInto our cupsNever too early To deck the hallsFill the treeWith colored balls

Radio Tombstone

Radio TombstoneLate at nightHear her distant cryThrough the staticAnd the fadingSpooky Lullaby”Don’t sit underThe Apple TreeWith anyone else but me”It’s too late He’s found a new mateWhen you became deceased

Lenore Nevermore

My Dear LenoreThings went horribly wrongIt was an accidentAnd now you’re goneYour face I seeEverywhere in factYour cries for me”Please bring me back”I’m sorry my dearI can’t help you nowI’m leaving this earthIn this next hourWhere I am goingIs not where you areA Smoldering AbyssAway from you far

The Haunted Piano

Comfort or terrorShe follows me roundI see her young faceHer voices soft soundAll the bad thingsNow that I’ve hidI shouldn’t have doneTo her what I didFrom the pianoThe 88 keysHer soft gentle voice:”Bring me back, please” …

The Haunted Violin

No matter what I playThere she isMy sweet LenoreNow in my ViolinAs I bow the stringsI hear her gentle Voice”Bring me back” She softly singsAm I dreaming?Is this real?I really don’t knowHow I should feel …

The Yellow Triad

Beware The Yellow TriadIt tip toesOn short polesBewareThe Yellow TriadIt has super powersThat will make you cowerBewareThe Yellow TriadIt stuns you where you standYour cameras wish is its command

My Orange Guitar

Exquisite in formExquisite in soundMy Orange GuitarWears a gold crownKing of stringed gourdsKing inspirationMy Orange GuitarHigh exaltation!Friend of my fingersFriend of my earsMy Orange GuitarBringeth great cheer

Forest Fire of Color

I’m so gladYou were sparedLeft to growYour leaves aglowRain has startedPray for moreForests dryConsumed by fireAction neededBy you and me Prevent the treesCatastrophe

Spontaneous Bop Prosody

I was bornThe same day As Jack KerouacBut not the same yearPisces we areHis prose I revereI was bornIn the hospital whereWilliam Carlos Williams workedHead pediatrician thereAnd he was writingHis prose I revereI lived The first years of my lifeWhere Allen Ginsberg HowledOur paths would cross againSo many years laterIn the City By The Bay

Autumn Falls

As Autumn FallsSo do Autumn leavesWe saw its peakThis past weekI could go on foreverBut you already knowThe magic involvedIn Fall Color GlowStop me if (You’ve heard this one before)But Autumn rules!Hey! Are you starting to Snore?