Epic Joke

Today we have preachers and politicians telling us a pandemic vaccine (that can prevent almost certain Delta Variant death) is “The Mark of The Devil” – or my favorite “You will be Microchipped by Bill Gates”. (OK – Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein – I did not see that coming) . . . . amazing that, but I digress . . . If that’s…

Homeward Bound

I’ve had a great two first weeks on the new job. It’s everything I’d hope for – actually even a bit better, if that’s possible. Todays song is a bit drone, dirge and full of melancholy because it was written in a minor key. I’ll have to share how I came up with this – its a totally new way for me as far…

The Randy Politicians Defense

Panic at The “Gates” of Hell . . .

Easter Eggs

In the computer world – if someone wants to cause trouble when writing code – they leave an “Easter Egg” in the code that causes trouble for anyone who has to support that code after the offender leaves the company (disgruntled or gets fired). That person usually gets away with the crime . . . The rioters who breached the Capitol, and their Klown…

Heart Grenade

It feels great to have an administration with compassion and empathy – one who cares about the people of the US – not one man’s crippled ego and morally bankrupt soul.

American Clown Shoe Putsch

My family immigrated to the US from Germany in 1926 because of the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch – and what happened here on January 6th was a #SAD Clown Shoe version – but it’s a Cautionary Tale nonetheless. Clown Shoe Putsch Circus Tent Schmuck What the Fuck Bronzer Clown Orange Putz Q Anon Nuts Incompetent Slob Grosse Dumpkoff Mental Sloth Lazy Fat Cow Low…

President Dimwit

While there’s still time for some final idiotic moves, President Dimwit finally trashed his life forever on January 6th. President DimwitNot very smartTried to ripOur country apart Where eagles dareHe wouldn’t treadHe had no marblesIn his head We won’t forgiveThe lives he lostWe won’t forgiveThe human cost His crazy cultExposed his willAn insurrectionOn Capitol Hill Now its timeTo start to healBuild againThe green new…

Switching Yard

Two tracksOne toward fearOne toward hopeOur choice is clear Tunnel of darknessTunnel of lightLets choose the trackWe know that is right Its in our handsIts in our graspSave our republicLets make it last

Empire of Shit

You made your bedGo burn in itYou play victimIn Your Empire of Shit You trashed our countryYou almost ruined itGood riddance, bad rubbishIn Your Empire of Shit Go fall apartSelfish misfitWe wish you unwellIn Your Empire of Shit Karma’s a bitchJustice, not revenge is itSoon you will swimIn Your Empire of Shit


His SwarmHalcyon CallTrapped againstHis own Wall His CallBig mistakeHis #FailHe’s a Fake Snake OilBee StingNext StopSing Sing S.W.A.R.M. means “stupid white anarchists reaping mayhem”.