The Puppet Portraitist

I stumbled on a pretty cool new idea – use a small Lumix LX-5 digital camera but take pictures through the two old Twin Lens Reflex cameras I have. I might even devise some sort of bellows. The Puppet PortraitistHas an important jobTake pictures of Dummies,Politicians and other such SlobsThe Puppet Portraitist Has too much workSnooty entitled PuppetsAnd other Selfish JerksThe Puppet PortraitistChanged his…

My Top Three Favorite Assemblage Photos

This was much easier to choose from as compared to the Nature photography. The best thing about Assemblage is how what you end up building is better than your original idea. This usually happens when you have “happy accidents”. Many times an original idea doesn’t pan out because it feels forced. The bookshelves were a big surprise. I used these tiny books sold on…

The Max Grifter Power Hour on KON-AM 666 Radio

Step right upWatch him pray He will take Your money awayTo buy a jetAnd Crystal CathedralPatriot CultistsJesus Needs YouIn his nameOn Holy CrossMax Grifters WinIs your lossDon’t walk!You must runEven The MeekHave joined in The FunWon’t you Make Time For Jesus?Send your moneyThat would please us Won’t You Make Time For Jesus?

Snivelling Little Rat Faced Git

This little shit is one creepy dude . . .

Halloween 666 Series #6: Halloween Bicycle Parade

This was fun – I pulled out all the stops this year because I am so relieved (and eternally thankful) that we are healing from last year with its Smoke, Pandemic, Trump / Politics, Power Outages due to Fire Danger – have I left anything out? Now lets pray for rain. I expect to do one Thanksgiving / Christmas set and photo shoot –…

Time to Kill

Settle down, relax a bitWe have time to killGood things come to those who waitSo please be ever stillThe early bird catches the wormWe don’t have time to killHurry up, don’t be lateDon’t be sitting stillA broken clock whose arms have stoppedTells time two times each dayTime marches to its own beatThis earth we cannot stay

Final Halloween 666 Series Episode Plan

I’ll end this series with a bike parade in the town that has the Train Station, Haunted House, Cemetery and Circus. It will be Trick or Treat based, with “the kids” the star of the show. No entrails or other macabre stuff this time – just puppets and skeletons on bikes. Stay tuned.

Halloween 666 Series #5: Circuscide

Todays song is a joke – I used the chords and notes to spell out “CABBAGE” – since all of these letters are also musical notes / chords. I was a bit lazy today, but it was still a lot of fun.

Happy Entrails

This weekends Halloween 666 Special #5 will be by far the most macabre of the series, but it will also be the funniest. I’m in my own virtual world, but unlike Online virtual world’s, mine has power tools and paint.

El Triciclo Del Diablo

Another simple song, just guitar and Farfisa organ.