Radio, Music, Magic

There are few things These daysLeft to the imaginationIn this League of NationsRadio, Music, MagicSend a signal Into the AetherFor all the world to hearThere’s nothing quite so queerRadio, Music, MagicTurn your attentionTo writing songsA whole world exposedMagic head to toeRadio, Music, MagicOver here soothing elixirThat doth sooth thy soulYour imagination is goldRadio, Music, Magic

Yet, She Taunts Me

She’s always on my mindMy afflictionJust when the coast seemed clearLike an addiction she re-appearsShe’s my only loveThe only one who Made me feel realNow I feel healedHer jaundiced eyesA rude disguiseShe loves me soFor the Devil told me so

Radio Poseur

I am loving writing songs that are stories about American Oddballs . . . . Lee de ForestRadio hucksterCircuit breakerLegal muckerCopycat makerLegal loserCopyright fakerSelf promoterMade the triodeAccidental hackerTweaked a diodeRadio QuackerOpportunistCo-operatorMinor playerGrand paraderSome folk doWhile Others talkSome skip stepsBut doers walkLet us raiseOur glasses highFor the doersOn Radio KRYChorusRadio QuackerSelf promoterLegal muckerRadio poseur in a nutshell Lee deForest accidentally invented the Triode – adding…

Magic Box

YOWZA! I finally am in control of my mixes. I even figured out why the Cello was so muddy as well as other recording and mixing problems. I hope to share these in another post soon. I thought the mics used on the guitar cabinet were the SM57 and NT1A, but it was actually the SM57 and SE7 small diaphragm, with the low cut…