Sacred Music

Subject to changeA favorite subjectWriting a songThat is opulentThree instrumentsOne human voiceGuitar, cello, pianoThat is my choiceThe opulenceOf ringing stringsHammering keysOf thee who singsThee who singsCould it be me?Learning to singSo GracefullyGrace takes timeFlowing with rhymePractice makes betterSongs come aliveMusic is lifeLife is sacredWhat you getIs how you make itWhat you getIs how you make itFrom start to endMusic is sacred


I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original: in a nutshell Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too Socio political songs are tricky….

A Musical Paradox

Because I’m trying to sing I Googled “Best Aria” and Marie Callas popped up. Wow. Now that’s singing. Then I Googled “Most rock singers don’t sing”. Geez – I’m going to listen to some Arias and Musicals. Maybe I’ll finally like anything that’s musical. And yeah, most rock singers don’t really sing, but that’s exactly why I love rock n roll. Some bluegrass singers…