Horror Show

Step right upStep insideFor tonightI’m your guideSee the freak showIn D.CMental midgetsOn T.VParade of lawyersParade of clownsTried to bringDemocracy downFoolish followersIdiot toolsFalse idol worshipPumpkin Man FoolStep right upStep insideAt the doorLose your pride

It’s Never Too Late

Governments are fiddle-yWhile Earth burnsLiterallyA show of forceLet’s use our PowerChange our courseIt’s been foreverSince all good peopleCame togetherIt starts at homeWhat we can doWe’re not aloneRide a bikeAvoid the carWalk and hikeDIYAvoid packagingMake dolphins smileUse your handsUp-cycle, reuseYou’ll be gladIf everyoneDid one small partWhat a great start

The Max Grifter Power Hour on KON-AM 666 Radio

Step right upWatch him pray He will take Your money awayTo buy a jetAnd Crystal CathedralPatriot CultistsJesus Needs YouIn his nameOn Holy CrossMax Grifters WinIs your lossDon’t walk!You must runEven The MeekHave joined in The FunWon’t you Make Time For Jesus?Send your moneyThat would please us Won’t You Make Time For Jesus?

Saint Ivermectin

Don’t take a chanceWith that Evil shot!IvermectinHits the spotThey hawk itOn Schlocks NewsThey wouldn’t say itIf it wasn’t true!The GQP Death SquadWants to kill youIts very ironicAre you their Tool?ChorusIvermectinFor Your InfectionKilling you votersBefore next electionYou should wonderAbout being six feet underThe result you’ll findWill blow your mind

Happy Acres

I got the haunted house painted black yesterday and also built the “Happy Acres” cemetery fence and gate built. I’ll use these for my next several photo shoots. I plan on having one for Autumn / Harvest Season, one for Halloween, and one for Thanksgiving. Then its Christmas and beyond. Today’s song is meant to be a soundtrack to the cemetery, again, loosely in…

Pick Your Poison!

Today’s photo shoot is about choices we make in life – good or bad. We have a lot more control over what we do than we think – but sometimes its a windy path and a lot of hard work and patience – both seem to have withered with the advent of the Internet and its “always on” and “swipe left or right” instant…

No Big Macs in Hell

Hey 45Our grift to the worldLike Elvis PresleyAdored by the girlsWhere you’ll end upYou won’t like the smellYour burning fleshNo Big Macs in HellHey 45We know you’re the mostYour eyebrows will singeYou’ll smell like burnt toastWhere you’ll end upYou won’t like the smellYour burning fleshNo big Macs in HellHey 45Life is too shortOur days are numberedWe too soon abortWhere you’ll end upYou won’t like…

Epic Joke

Today we have preachers and politicians telling us a pandemic vaccine (that can prevent almost certain Delta Variant death) is “The Mark of The Devil” – or my favorite “You will be Microchipped by Bill Gates”. (OK – Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein – I did not see that coming) . . . . amazing that, but I digress . . . If that’s…

Homeward Bound

I’ve had a great two first weeks on the new job. It’s everything I’d hope for – actually even a bit better, if that’s possible. Todays song is a bit drone, dirge and full of melancholy because it was written in a minor key. I’ll have to share how I came up with this – its a totally new way for me as far…

The Randy Politicians Defense

Panic at The “Gates” of Hell . . .