Rust Train Radio

When the world seems full of woe and strifeOn an autumn day – go outsideSmell the leaves rusting in the airSee the colors that almost seem unfairYes, miracles sneak past How long will they last?Do they have an expiration date?Have I arrived too late?Its getting more rare in this worldWith so many hate flags unfurledJust take a walk outsideTo energize the love you have…


She was a girl they called SasparillaShe was pure gold and spicy sweetHer smile drove all the men wildWhen she’d pass them on the streetOne day she was just goneNo one knew where she wentSome say they saw her board a trainT0 everyone’s lament Seems she went off to the cityWhere she joined a punk rock bandNo one knew she had it in herNo…

Pumpkin Hill

They say there’s no gold left in these hillsI respectfully disagreeI see golden squash and pumpkinsAs far as the eye can seeMining’s fine but not my thingAll that glitters is not goldWhen autumn comes to townThese colors never get oldI mark each year When the trees make their final showBefore they sleep Before the year grows old

Effervescent Neon Light

Effervescent neon lightWill the leaves fall off tonightOne poor tree has lost its leavesThis yearly cycle sure does pleaseA finer coat I’ve never seenThese vibrant colors of the leavesEffervescent neon lightWill the leaves fall off tonight

Yet, She Taunts Me

She’s always on my mindMy afflictionJust when the coast seemed clearLike an addiction she re-appearsShe’s my only loveThe only one who Made me feel realNow I feel healedHer jaundiced eyesA rude disguiseShe loves me soFor the Devil told me so

And The Clock Struck Autumn . . .

As if on cueColors changedWhen they wantedThere’s nothing we could doGo outsideGrab your camera Limited time offerBefore the colors hideSoon the snowRain and windWill change the scene The leaves will go

Trestles, Tracks and Wires

Cross the Continental DivideAre trestles, tracks and wiresWhat man hath conspiredThe riches desiredIn my minds eyeWhat makes me flyIs natural beautyAlways on dutyNature bats lastOur future is castLong after we’re goneNature lives on

K.B.O.D Radio Ghost Town

Radio Ghost TownK.B.O.DSpinning yarns in songFrom a cemeteryThe ghost ofLottie JohlShunned by someIn the knowSeen in a tranceRope burns on neckJoseph de RocheLives he wreckedSprits aboundAt the cemeteryAnd all over townIts really quite eerie

Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscienceThen you have a soulThat holds a place forYour Eventual GhostWe may not survive Or live foreverBut we are vesselsPlace holding our soulOur soul is ourEarthly heartWhen we pass onThat’s when we startChorusWhen we die We only startOur Eventual GhostComes from our heart I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New…

Love Gun

Who needs abortionWhen there are gunsTake em’ to schoolMake the kiddies runOur highest court, theFood Court SupremeFights abortionsWith AR-15’sShow Dad you care, andBuy him a gunThis Fathers DayBe his favorite sonSpeaking of sonsJesus wanted oneAn AR-15, wasHis favorite gunHis father, GodIn a surpriseSaid sorry son, you’llShoot our your eyeDon’t be like Pirate Goat KeeperDropped his gunAnd blew out a peeperGuns are good And next…