After fixing yesterday’s attempt at a song with vocal melody – I decided to try to write a song in the key of B – and I saved the song in Cubase as “bees” – jokingly. Then I wrote the lyrics – and like the guitar chords – they just flowed out. The vocal melody was easy as could be – its exactly the…

My Small Recording Studio Success

I started recording with Cubase LE two years ago using a Focusrite 2i2 and I had no idea about mixing and just used headphones. I liked Cubase so much I purchased the Pro edition. Here’s what I finally ended up with – a zero latency home studio with great monitoring and mixes: Cubase Pro SSL2+ interface Yamaha HS-5’s for stereo mixing Avantone Cube for…

Half Bright Scholars

I wrote a vocal melody that was out of my league – so I decided to save this song by using “Sprechgesang” – or “speak-sing”. As it turns out – it fits the song much better since its basically a “two guys walk in a bar” joke. Two Half Bright ScholarsWalked into a barOne forgot his walletThe other locked his keys In his carOne…

Radio Depot

This is the first song that I’ve written where I used the keyboard to write a vocal melody first with lyrics, then the guitar, then I sang – before adding bass and mandolin. I’m very pleased how it turned out – since I figure I need vocal lessons and a year of singing practice before I become at least “OK” at singing. Its a…

Garden Variety

In my gardenLizards scurryPast the flowersIn a hurryThen they stopDoing their pushupsStick their tongue outLeave abruptlyChirping babiesIn the birdhouseSing for supperMother TitmouseFather TitmouseBack and forthBringing foodFrom backyard source

Pocket Fisherman

Pockets fullPocket bookGoing fishingWith a hookCast a lineIn his pocketWhat he foundA rusty locketRusty locketHer young faceLeft him strandedLeft in hasteNo remorseOut his doorJaw hung openAnd hit the floorWallet emptyWallet bareMoths flew outThey were scaredHeart a walletNothing leftNow she’s goneHe’s bereftWhat’s the useGave up livingPain’s a giftThat keeps on givingLint and mothsPocket rustAshes to ashesDust to dust

The Door is a Jar

The doorIs a jarOn the hoodOf a carThe hatIs a lidOn the headOf a kidThe keyIs a switchOn a wallOf red bricksThe rugIs a hatMade of hairFrom a cat

There’s Light

There’s LightThere’s LightThere’s LightThere’s LightLight at the endOf the tunnelAnd for once It’s not a trainThere’s Light There’s Light There’s Light There’s LightCarry the zeroI’ve paid my duesMy time is dueTo leave the pain

Broken Wagon

This one requires a little set up. It was 1987 and I was teaching programming classes at a company called PSDI in Cambridge, Mass, in the Boston area. On the weekend I took a photo pilgramage trip to Lowell, Mass, birthplace of Jack Kerouac. I saw his inspiration for Dr. Sax, and just what it would have been like growing up there. But while…

1914 Ghost Bridge

While I can’t make any sense of this Russian Invasion (or any other war), I can at least think about my parents and grandparents who were part of the two World Wars. My grandfather fought for the Germans in WWI – but was a pacifist and refused to shoot and kill anyone. My father landed on the beach in Normandy in WWII fighting for…