Chief Broadcast Engineer

Radio Transmitter Engineers are becoming a thing of the past. It seems like a career choice few would make in today’s Internet Age. I can’t even imagine my kids generation even knowing that this is a career choice. Of course, in my world, I get to make believe that Radio Broadcasting is the next big thing. Call me an old soul stuck in the…

Mind Full

A double entendre on mind filled and mind full. This song seemed to write itself in about 3 hours in my tiny desk studio.

Goth Police

Imagine if the 70’s / 80’s power pop band The Police were Goth. I think they might sound a little like this song

Mountain Pass[ed]

The Telegram came in at 3:40 yesterday afternoon. I was Writing and Playing this song – hence how upbeat this is. I feel like a train just strained over a big mountain – and now we are on the other side. I tried to capture this feeling in a song – as if the train were almost “free wheeling”. May was a very trying…

New Horizon? [YES!]

I’m hoping to hear some good news tomorrow – it could be a new horizon and even chapter in my life. Fingers crossed! [UPDATE – YES – Houston, we have a New Horizon – I will update in the next post and hve a pretty cool song to go along with it too] This song is a bit odd in that the bridge does…


While Phrenology was a fad and pseudoscience – it is kinda cool and fun anyway. The old illustrations re very cool indeed. Today’s song includes a “happy accident”. I didn’t care to just play a blues guitar part, so I started just “scratching” on the strings before the bridge-piece. It sure sounded cool – and I kept it as a “sort of” guitar part….

My Joke on the World

I may never create an actual puppet show or even do a stop motion or filmed feature. I’m having WAY too much fun building miniatures. Just like my music, its all about the fantasy of putting on a show. My music is more a cache of musical ideas than finished and polished pieces. When I played at The Hotel Utah in the 80’s, the…

At The Grande Olde Opry

Its interesting how certain parts dictate parts in a song. The piano and Solina synth parts did not happen until I had the mandolin and bass part. They were dictated by the guitar part – which came first

Red Piano

My first attempt at building a miniature scale model out of bass wood is the Puppet Theatre. I’ll make a proper post of it when finished. That starter experience now has me thinking about the next project and it will either be a Red Piano or a Park Bench. By sketching first, I can figure out how I will fabricate and join each part….