New Day Sun

I’ve been playing Cello for 1 1/2 weeks so far. I have my first lesson via Zoom on Monday, and my Niece is my teacher. Pardon the songs lately because I’m a rank beginner, but trying to write songs for Cello is a fabulous exercise. Even though I’m getting older, it’s like the new light of a new day – learning something new makes…

The Day Fall Fell

Today was the day Fall FellThe last leaves of Autumn are on the wingCars had Christmas trees on the roofSoon it will be time to sing (Auld Lang Syne)Today was the day Fall FellThe ornaments and lights are going upThanksgiving was great funLife with you is a Golden CupToday was the day Fall FellHappy Birthday my DearMy life is wonderfulWith you, and every year

The Magic Cello

Giving thanks forOrange and YellowThe sound it makesThe Magic CelloLike a BassAnd ViolinThe sound it makesAlways winsMellow, hauntingMoody, smoothThe sound it makesIs in the groove

New Testament

My fifth song with Cello. Its a challenge, but the more I play Cello, the more I love it. This a New TestamentReligious, in a pagan wayWorshipping NatureWhat God hath madeNo need for textProse or sermonsJust open your eyesYour soul is yearningGentle thoughts Relaxing and kindOpens your soulOpens your mind

The Minds Eye

It’s fantasticWhat we humans seeWhen our eyes are openInternallyThe InternalAffects the ExternalWhen our eyes are openAutumnal or VernalThe ExternalInfluences our brainBringing pleasureOr painAutumn’s paradoxSuch color in deathVernal is greenA baby’s first breathImages beget moodsColor the minds eyeAccentuate the positiveOr scare us deep insideTake the moonYou’ll either sing Clair de LuneOr songs filled with doomYou get to chooseDecide what you seeDarkness and sadness orLight and…

Winters Chill is Here

Winters Chill is hereClosing out the yearHolidays good cheerWith those we hold dearLeaves are almost goneSome still hanging onWinter light at dawnFrost and pumpkin its onShadows growing longSing a thankful songFireplace poker prongTurns red hot fireplace logs

Radio Ghost Train

My second song with Cello. All aboardThe Ghost Train SpecialPulling out of Station ZeroMorse Code TappingPistons RappingGuess it’s time for us to goDestination Is the futureWe will get there when we doMorse Code TappingPistons SlappingThe night air is coolBand aboardThis Haunted TrainPlaying sad songs from the pastMorse Code TappingPistons RattlingThrough a tunnel in the mountain passThere’s no lightAt the end of the tunnelOr in…

Every Song a Journey

As we slide Towards a new yearI count my blessingsWith good cheerGiving ThanksIs so catharticLifts your spiritVery KarmicI’m in love With writing songsPlay my celloSing alongRemembering thoseWho’ve left this earthWe all will goThey just left firstWith the time That I have leftI will followThe Big Treble ClefEvery songI try to writeMakes my daysUpbeat and brightI thank God forGood cheer in songEach one a journeyI…

New Cello

My high back chairDoes rest my soulAnd loves to hearMy New CelloThe way it stands So straight and sleekMy New CelloIs quite uniqueThe rosined bowGlides right acrossThe beautiful bridgeIt’s pretty glossThe silky notesThe mellow roarIt’s soulful soundI so adore

Personal Best Dreams

Right when the pandemic started, I decided I was going to sell all of my Ham Radio (KY6R) gear and get back into music. I’d been away from music 30 years. In the 80’s I was impatient, young, had dreams of being a rock star but really didn’t put in the year or two of daily hard work, practice and study to become a…