Halloween 666 Series, Part One

I will have a series of 6 Halloween Scenes, with 6 songs, and Its just over 6 weeks until Halloween.

Lord Huron Review

Mine Forever is the best rock video I’ve seen in 10 years and their music is right up there with Blanche. This is the song and video I wish I did. It’s super inspirational – something that really stokes my motivation to try to write something remotely as good. They have a great sound complete with violin and theremin. In other songs they use…

The Face That Launched A Thousand Chips

There is a band that is just awesome – they are called “Lord Huron”. Run – don’t walk to listen to them. Check out “Mine Forever” on YouTube. Now, THAT takes alt-country and alt-roots and even Dead Country and adds a Western twist – a combo of several things – surf, spaghetti western movie theme, and is a stew of just the perfect ingredients….

Edgar Allan Poe and Autumn

I have a book of the Complete Works of Poe, and each Autumn I read from it. The stories and poetry just seem to fit like a glove in Autumn. Partly because of Halloween, partly due to the metaphor of earth going into a Winter Slumber. It works for both hemispheres, actually, but Halloween is certainly a Northern Hemisphere tradition. Its funny, the first…

Twelve String Autumn

I found more little hints of fall along my bike ride today. I also cut and painted what will become the Imaginary Puppet Theatre full moon with bats from a few blog posts ago. Big excitement here in Orinda this holiday weekend! Man, its so nice when you’re in your own world and loving it. Today’s song is part of a love affair I’m…

Fall Leaves

There is one time every year where the natural beauty is so great, I swear to God I almost believe in God (again). You know what, nature’s beauty always reminds me that “God” got the big bang started that led to all this beauty. Beauty that man can’t create himself. It truly is other worldly. Today’s song is more folksy, and I think more…

(Haunted) Harvest Moon

This morning was quite chilly. Its definitely been a cooler than normal summer, and luckily, the fog persisted for the entire month of August. Some trees are turning color and they look quite nice. We had a few of days this past week, but every night it got nice and cool. In some ways its perfect weather. Knock on wood that it continues this…

Mount Flushmore

Mount Flushmore is a new National Monument in the USA that celebrates the polar opposite of what Mount Rushmore represents. Four facesImmortalized in stoneMade our country Groan (Again)Subjects of this poemKing Orange GrifterLunatic shape shifterLoved by GOPSpreads the Covid seedNext is Swanky SweetHusband is a creepStealing what they canGrifting on demandNext is Junior DonSnorting what he’s onCreepy girl CruellaA match made in Hell-aLast is…

Unhappy Acres

I realized that while the cemetery model looked cool from a certain perspective, it didn’t work for the photographic intentions that I have. Today’s song was a blast. Fender Thin Telecaster, Gretsch Lap Steel, Piano and Bass. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every part.


I’m done painting and decorating the haunted house. It turned out better than I had expected. The cemetery and gates / fence is almost done. I need to make it look weathered. The “mitre” was a funny happy accident. I’ll be doing a Halloween photo shoot sooner than expected, so maybe I’ll do several.