The Ghost of Phi Mu Delta

I lived in the Phi Mu Delta House at 87 Susquehanna Ave – Lock Haven, PA for 2 1/2 years. The house was said to be haunted by a Clinton County Coroner – who, after having an affair with an underaged girl – took a shotgun to his head in his out-building work shed. I can’t say I felt any ghosts, but other brothers…

Aria on Grant Street, San Francisco

I used to visit Aria on Grant Street on my daily walks from work – when I worked in downtown San Francisco. I met Jack Howe – who is a great Santa Cruz Assemblage artist and had purchased one of his pieces years ago. I got into Assemblage myself – and most of the photos in this blog are my Assemblage pieces. Most of…


She IsShe WasShe Never Was

Corina Larks

After a year of studying music theory and trying to become a better guitar, bass, violin, lap steel and mandolin player – I’ll now go heavy on the keyboards and drum machine . . .

The Seance of Dr. Drake

He buried her bodyBeneath a willow treeOn the outskirts of townWhere no one would see He wanted what he thoughtThat he couldn’t haveHe thought that she ignored himAnd that made him mad Their signals crossedHer telegram had missed the dateShe declared her love for himBut it had arrived too late

Into The Light

After four years of darkness, I’ve been blown away by the New Light this week – an amazing grace. Hello lightness My old friendFrom the darknessWe ascend Winds of changeHave blown awayDarkened cloudsA bright new day

Port Hope (Captain Mayhem, Goodbye)

In celebration of getting rid of (by far) not only the worst US President ever – but the worst American ever, I dedicate this song to the looking forward celebration. Four long yearsOut at seaReturning at lastI’m so relieved Fat Captain MayhemNow its his turnWe weather his stormHe feels Hells Burn Port of HopeWhere fishermen fishCaptain MayhemWon’t be missed

American Clown Shoe Putsch

My family immigrated to the US from Germany in 1926 because of the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch – and what happened here on January 6th was a #SAD Clown Shoe version – but it’s a Cautionary Tale nonetheless. Clown Shoe Putsch Circus Tent Schmuck What the Fuck Bronzer Clown Orange Putz Q Anon Nuts Incompetent Slob Grosse Dumpkoff Mental Sloth Lazy Fat Cow Low…


SynthetiqueSounds obliqueTres entendresSound ensembles SynthetiqueSounds are realFrom my heartI don’t conceal SynthetiqueSome are stringsElectroniqueSimple things