The Day Fall Fell

Today was the day Fall FellThe last leaves of Autumn are on the wingCars had Christmas trees on the roofSoon it will be time to sing (Auld Lang Syne)Today was the day Fall FellThe ornaments and lights are going upThanksgiving was great funLife with you is a Golden CupToday was the day Fall FellHappy Birthday my DearMy life is wonderfulWith you, and every year

A Walk in the Park

The more positive I getThe better I feelWhen in my youthThat was the real dealWhen you were youngYou lived for the weekendNot a care in the worldSo much energy to spendYou were obliviousTo the news and world eventsYou were in your own worldIt was heaven sentWhen you looked around askingWhere might love be found?Driven by raw hormonal power With your head in the cloudsThe…

A Little Bird Told Me

I built a little houseFor a little birdHe thanks me every yearWithout saying a wordHe sings a pretty songAccompanied by his mateThey watch out for each otherAnd their fine estateI don’t charge them rentThey live there Scott FreeThey pay me in songA beautiful gift indeed

The Power of Gratitude

More than everI’m findingThe power of gratitudeIs the right attitudeI’m an ex-cynicWith acerbic witMy fists were clenched(I wasn’t a mensch)Love truly conquers allIt makes the bullies fallThey can’t break your wallThey can’t get your gallThe unbearable Lightness of beingCan only happenWith laughterThe face works hardTo make a frownSmile insteadBreak angst downAbove allGive daily thanksGratitude is PowerfulYou can take that to the bank

On This Thanksgiving Eve

Time fliesWhen you’re having funWhen you’re with the right oneIts second to noneGrateful areThose who knowIts deep within and not a showTogether we growOn this Thanksgiving EveIts hard to believeThe beautiful web we’ve weavedThe Gods above must be pleased

Let The Festivities Begin!

Our first house guest will be arriving. This tree was right across from my gym in Orinda. Many people took this week off from work so it sure feels like the Holidays are here. There’s plenty in this worldTo be thankful forLife is never perfectBut somehow we always endureBe the change you want to beWiser words could not be saidTreat others as you’d like…


This holiday season has a couple of reunions that I’m looking forward to – people – even loved one’s we haven’t seen for quite a few years. This “song idea” was written to make it easy to write a Cello part – which I’ve been learning for a week so far . . . Like these acornsOld friends and familyAre reunitingI’m quite excitedI guess…

Thanksgiving Eyes

Late Fall colors BeckonJust when I gave upThey call me backI reckonThis treeJust down the streetOn my way to townI had to stop and greetOn the way homeTrees of many colorsCaught me by surpriseA feast for Thanksgiving Eyes

Mysterious Thanksgiving Moon

Thanksgiving MoonAppeared in my DreamSoftly shining Mysterious sceneMy camera didn’t catch The full glory of the nightSo I push processed itUntil I got it rightIt occurred to meThat humans can seeHuman emotionsBetter than technology

Giving Thanks For You

The Fall Leaf TrailLeads us to ThanksgivingWith youLife is worth livingTogetherWe travel and seeThe bounty of EarthAnd it’s beautyThere’s nothing Like my time with youI cherish it And all that you do