Haters Hoedown

Its summer timeAnd you know whatKick your neighbor In the nutsPick your partnersChoose them wellEveryone elseCan go to hellHaters HoedownWhite National PrideHunt down CongressMake them hideExtra pointsFor politicians ifYou don’t likeTheir dispositionDance around The dee cee dohCharlottesville wasThe first to goWho’ll be nextWhat’s your guessTargets ofThese TerroristsGet the gallowsHang em’ highWatch the bastards Choke and dieWe do it all For the genius manHe’ll give…

Two Sheriffs

Its taken me 6 years to get over the horror of the Political Stain on America. While it still wreaks of that subhuman filth ex President, I realize in many ways it just doesn’t matter – that we have been here before, it just has seemed worse than ever. Time has – and is – showing us that like all other real and wannabe…

Horror Show

Step right upStep insideFor tonightI’m your guideSee the freak showIn D.CMental midgetsOn T.VParade of lawyersParade of clownsTried to bringDemocracy downFoolish followersIdiot toolsFalse idol worshipPumpkin Man FoolStep right upStep insideAt the doorLose your pride

Epic Joke

Today we have preachers and politicians telling us a pandemic vaccine (that can prevent almost certain Delta Variant death) is “The Mark of The Devil” – or my favorite “You will be Microchipped by Bill Gates”. (OK – Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein – I did not see that coming) . . . . amazing that, but I digress . . . If that’s…

Defund Our Freedoms

I grew up about equidistant between where Biden and Trump started out. Trump was known as a big mouth spoiled brat schmuck in the NYC metro area. Biden is a regular guy. My father had dementia in his last few years, and while he misplaced things and was a little confused, he didn’t slur like Trump is doing – and its gotten a lot…

Easter Eggs

In the computer world – if someone wants to cause trouble when writing code – they leave an “Easter Egg” in the code that causes trouble for anyone who has to support that code after the offender leaves the company (disgruntled or gets fired). That person usually gets away with the crime . . . The rioters who breached the Capitol, and their Klown…

Port Hope (Captain Mayhem, Goodbye)

In celebration of getting rid of (by far) not only the worst US President ever – but the worst American ever, I dedicate this song to the looking forward celebration. Four long yearsOut at seaReturning at lastI’m so relieved Fat Captain MayhemNow its his turnWe weather his stormHe feels Hells Burn Port of HopeWhere fishermen fishCaptain MayhemWon’t be missed

President Dimwit

While there’s still time for some final idiotic moves, President Dimwit finally trashed his life forever on January 6th. President DimwitNot very smartTried to ripOur country apart Where eagles dareHe wouldn’t treadHe had no marblesIn his head We won’t forgiveThe lives he lostWe won’t forgiveThe human cost His crazy cultExposed his willAn insurrectionOn Capitol Hill Now its timeTo start to healBuild againThe green new…

Empire of Shit

You made your bedGo burn in itYou play victimIn Your Empire of Shit You trashed our countryYou almost ruined itGood riddance, bad rubbishIn Your Empire of Shit Go fall apartSelfish misfitWe wish you unwellIn Your Empire of Shit Karma’s a bitchJustice, not revenge is itSoon you will swimIn Your Empire of Shit


His SwarmHalcyon CallTrapped againstHis own Wall His CallBig mistakeHis #FailHe’s a Fake Snake OilBee StingNext StopSing Sing S.W.A.R.M. means “stupid white anarchists reaping mayhem”.