Lenore Nevermore

My Dear LenoreThings went horribly wrongIt was an accidentAnd now you’re goneYour face I seeEverywhere in factYour cries for me”Please bring me back”I’m sorry my dearI can’t help you nowI’m leaving this earthIn this next hourWhere I am goingIs not where you areA Smoldering AbyssAway from you far

Halloween 666 Series #6: Halloween Bicycle Parade

This was fun – I pulled out all the stops this year because I am so relieved (and eternally thankful) that we are healing from last year with its Smoke, Pandemic, Trump / Politics, Power Outages due to Fire Danger – have I left anything out? Now lets pray for rain. I expect to do one Thanksgiving / Christmas set and photo shoot –…

The Psychobilly Train

I’m really getting into Psychobilly and anything alto country, alt-americana. The more twisted, the better…

Gold Train

Today was another fun day with the lap steel. I’ve noticed that I cycle through different instruments as far as where I get my inspiration from. Like a gold mine, I follow a vein and then move onto the next instrument.

All Aboard!

The Newton Train Station is ready for a photo shoot – which will happen tomorrow. Today’s song was written first using the mandolin and was a lot of fun and fell together quickly. Having a great 4th of July. Not doing anything special, (well, art, music and cycling are always very special).

Railroad Semaphore

Today we had a great bike ride to Danville – 35 miles round trip. We rode along the Lafayette – Moraga rails to trails path, which was the Sacramento Northern track. We also rode along the Ironhorse rail to trail line from Alamo to Danville. The Danville Train Depot did not disappoint. The Semaphore, luggage carts and an antique hand truck were awesome and…

Erie Lackawanna

Erie LackawannaChicago to New YorkAlong the Southern TierAnother passing year Appalachian TrailAlong the DelawareKittatinny MountainsAnother passing year