Kabarett 391

Back in the 80’s I played guitar and synthesizers in a band in San Francisco. We played mostly at The Hotel Utah, but other more divy bars in the SF Bay Area. I lived in SF between 1984 and 1994 – what I consider a real hey day and so much better than when the first “dot con” ruined the city – which happened…

Aria on Grant Street, San Francisco

I used to visit Aria on Grant Street on my daily walks from work – when I worked in downtown San Francisco. I met Jack Howe – who is a great Santa Cruz Assemblage artist and had purchased one of his pieces years ago. I got into Assemblage myself – and most of the photos in this blog are my Assemblage pieces. Most of…

Erie Lackawanna

Erie LackawannaChicago to New YorkAlong the Southern TierAnother passing year Appalachian TrailAlong the DelawareKittatinny MountainsAnother passing year

Into The Light

After four years of darkness, I’ve been blown away by the New Light this week – an amazing grace. Hello lightness My old friendFrom the darknessWe ascend Winds of changeHave blown awayDarkened cloudsA bright new day

Rochester Hotel

She gave her life to himAt the Rochester Hotel She’s known to walk the hallsAnd climb the stairs If you listen quietlyLate at night A breathe like breezeChilly night air Creaking doorsWindows froze shut He said he’d come backBut he never did ChorusShe’s looking for himHe left her thereBy herselfHe didn’t care

A House and a Home

Chorus A house is a homeWhen love lives insideTwo hearts are oneWhen two souls collide I lived in a houseThat wasn’t a homeSurrounded by familyI felt so alone My smile lights upWhen you come homeIts not just a houseAnd you are my poem Love lives insideThis humble abodeJoy grows insideOn Orchard Road


The most beautiful placeThat I’ve ever seenIs a part of heavenCalled Telluride We drove from Mesa VerdeAfter a gorgeous hikeOn hiway 1 – 4 – 5The most beautiful pike ChorusTellurideAlways in my heartTellurideAlways on my mind We saw aspens aglowGold, crimson and copperAlong the wayTo Telluride When we arrivedWe saw aspens in snowI could have diedAnd that would have been alright