KON AM-666 Radio: Your Brown Eye in the Sky!

If I were to have a Pirate Radio Station, I’d call it KON Radio. The Flying Brown Eye or Flaming Brown Eye would be the logo. There would be an ongoing joke about Kahn of Star Trek fame (Ricardo Montalban). His early “Rich Corinthian Leather” commercials would be factored in. Up in the skyWay up highSo close to heavenYour flaming brown eyeAn eye with…

The Max Grifter Power Hour on KON-AM 666 Radio

Step right upWatch him pray He will take Your money awayTo buy a jetAnd Crystal CathedralPatriot CultistsJesus Needs YouIn his nameOn Holy CrossMax Grifters WinIs your lossDon’t walk!You must runEven The MeekHave joined in The FunWon’t you Make Time For Jesus?Send your moneyThat would please us Won’t You Make Time For Jesus?

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

A few years back I found what I think is the best pumpkin ale – it was by Almanac Brewing in Alameda, California. They don’t seem to brew it anymore. Smashed Pumpkin by Shipyard is Pretty decent – solid. I’ve never had one that blew me away, but I seriously doubt this style will (like Simtra Triple IPA or an Imperial Stout does like…

El Triciclo Del Diablo

Another simple song, just guitar and Farfisa organ.

Le Cirque Du Boucher

Boucher is French for Butcher – rhymes with Soleil too. Anyway, I started thinking about Killer Klowns as my 5th installment of the Halloween 666 Series. The devil will be in the details. Literally.

Unhappy Acres

I realized that while the cemetery model looked cool from a certain perspective, it didn’t work for the photographic intentions that I have. Today’s song was a blast. Fender Thin Telecaster, Gretsch Lap Steel, Piano and Bass. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every part.

Happy Acres

I got the haunted house painted black yesterday and also built the “Happy Acres” cemetery fence and gate built. I’ll use these for my next several photo shoots. I plan on having one for Autumn / Harvest Season, one for Halloween, and one for Thanksgiving. Then its Christmas and beyond. Today’s song is meant to be a soundtrack to the cemetery, again, loosely in…

Graveyard Stew

I grew up in a town of 7000 population, near where the Appalachian Trail goes through. That town only grew by 1000 people 50 years later. Its 60 miles northwest of New York City. That fact is the only reason I’m not a hill billy or full frontal bumpkin. The grave in the picture is on the side of a small hill in the…

Introducing Kabarette 391

From about 2007 – 2013, I made Assemblage Art. Mostly creepy doll heads and old radio parts. These were made mostly as still life pieces for my photography. I gave all but a handful away, and most people seemed to appreciate them. When I worked at Lithium Technologies in Emeryville, I put a bunch on my desk, and anyone who saw them and raved…