Silent Night, Holy Night

Dar Williams sung about A Yule Tide Winter Solstice Dinner”The Christians and The Pagans”Its a great song, a real winnerThe world is full of contradictionsAt least it seems at firstBut when you peel away the onionWe all share the same thirstPeace on Earth to All Good PeopleThose who Pray for PeaceThose who still believe in magic (Love)Blessed are those who help The Least


Now you’ve really gone done itKeeping my Fall Color Dream aliveHere its almost ChristmasYet you still surviveYou know I’ll take itI’m a kid in disguiseStay young foreverWith eyes opened wideA rich coppery redYour color astoundsI’ll try to explain itVery earthy like ground

Red Star Solstice

It’s a Red Star SolsticeHigh atop the TannenbaumThe earth revolves slowlyA new orbit aroundIt’s nature’s wayTo end the yearEnd one cycle nowWith Holiday CheerA new Star A new point of viewI’m seeing Winter differentlyThan I used toMy eyes are wide openI’m out on the prowlWith my cameraI might see an owl!I don’t take for grantedMy time here on earthInstead I will celebrateEach day’s great…

The Solstice Holy Grail

Something profoundHappened this FallCaught by surpriseI heard something callIt must be our timeHere on Green EarthOur days are so numberedUntil our rebirthThis ain’t no religionI’m here to sayDon’t live for tomorrowLive for todayTake in the beautyHear the sweet soundsPlay your pianoWhile you’re still aroundThis AutumnThe colored leaves said to meClimb that big hill Ford that cold streamNow comes the SolsticeAnd I’m feeling aliveI used…

Satellite Constellation

It’s warmth and beautyLike a Satellite ConstellationSurrounds meComforts meJust yards from my bedThe Smoke TreeHas sugar plum foliageDancing in my headFive leaf pedal powerColor clustersBathe mine eyesLike a bed of spring flowers

More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entityIs trying to keep me happyMaybe that entityIs the Smoke TreeA fascinating speciesCousin of the SumacSumacs from my youthThis memory takes me backNewton, New JerseyYouthful days in the woodsNext to our houseIn our neighborhoodWe used sumac branchesAs swordsWith garbage can lidsAs shields for Kings and Lords3000 miles awayAlso near Route 80Funny how a highwayDefines meBut I digressIsn’t it funny What a tree can…

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks showThey’ve saved the best for lastMy neighbors Smoke TreeCan’t be surpassedIts almost ChristmasIts a gift from HeavenOr Father ChristmasAnd its turned up to elevenThe best gifts in life are freeJust like this treeAll you have to doIs open your eyes and see

Winter Solstice Sun

The days are shortCasting the longest shadowsThe true end of the yearNew Years Eve is almost hereOne cycle ends The next beginsIt may only be WinterBut soon Spring will be hereThe Solstice SunMore intropectiveA special lightAgainst long nightsI used to count daysLooking aheadWith all these yearsNow each day is dearRaise your glassLive in the dayEach day good cheerEvery day of the year

The Golden Carpet

It never gets oldIn WinterOur garden carpetIs a bright yellow-goldThe lazy long shadowsIlluminate the leavesShowing off colorThat’s hard to believeThe Golden hills of SummerDried hills of grass Can’t quite competeWith Winters Repast


Last year, I found this creepy AM radio station that plays Christmas music year round’ – its as if they are “place holding” the frequency. At the time I had an impressive home brewed directional phased antenna system (my Ham Radio callsign is KY6R) – because several stronger stations were on the same frequency. Spoiled rotten childrenAlways want their wayWhen Father Krampus arrivesHe’ll have…