The Witch in the Ditch

He cried “Its a witch hunt”
He was that witch
He rode on a broom
Straight Into a ditch

They call it Karma
It’s always a bitch
Those that do harm
The witch in the ditch

He did his undoing
He pushed it to far
He was run over
By Karmas Death Car


You best be wise
Watch what you wish
Or you’ll end up
In that very same ditch

Rest in Pieces


3756429322_5f6f447eac_o (3)

Alas Poor Yorick, I knew Him Well


While I don’t wish anyone bad tidings – some deserve the Karma that they have made themselves (in fact – that is the main reason one shouldn’t waste time hoping harm will come for others). “You’ve made your bed – now sleep in it” comes to mind. Shakespeare discussed life and death in Hamlet – in the Gravedigger passage. He also quote’s a Bible idea about “The Quick and the Dead”. For some, that sleep will be eternal, except for Poor Yorick.

I started out thinking about the Year This Week – where we went from Brad Parscale’s very bizarre take down and “supposed” suicide attempt (which I believe was more like someone stressed who knows he was finally busted for his grifting crimes), and now we have our government “fearless leaders” with Covid-19 after making a mockery of anyone wearing a mask and contributing to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands – if not a hundred thousand Americans. In between, Trump pays ZERO taxes, he is worst than broke – to the tune of > 200 million, his real estate is hemorrhaging money like water, he totally fucked up the Debate – especially with the whole White Supremacist thing, his dumbest child Eric has to go to court very soon, gee – I must have missed a few things, but that just tired me out . . . . 

A Harvest Moon Prayer

Grand County, Colorado

A year ago we spent part of September in Denver, and then because we were driving through Boulder, Ft. Collins, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction – that we would extend our vacation and drive all the way home – via Park City, Utah. We are very glad that we did.

The only problem with Autumn in recent years has been all of the fires in the West. I know that at least half of the reason is due to climate change – and us idiot humans are getting what we deserve, and it will get worse, but some is also due to forest management – which is really hard to do. Try raking a forest! Forests need fires to regenerate, and I do believe that upwards of 50% of the problem has to do with just the age and undergrowth that Mother Nature is managing. Humans also have pushed the limits on where we build houses . . . Its a complex set of issues – not just one. Its hard to believe that Siberia also has been on fire!

On this Harvest Moon, I would like to offer a prayer to Mother Nature, and God perhaps (if such a deity exists – I am having serious doubts any more), but just in case:

Hear our prayer

Hells fire scare

Give us peace

Give us relief


There is a duble entendre here – a “twofer” if you will. The terrible fires that seem to have been raging for almost 2 months now and the terror in the US White house – are Hells Fire. My solemn wish is that both are extinguished by November 3rd.


We humbly ask this of you

Oh Mother Nature and God

The Emperor’s New Death Star

The irony of it all . . . .

I’ve written two songs that cover “The Year This Week” – which started with Bradley Parscale getting busted and “allegedly” trying to commit suicide (I think he might have had a breakdown because the walls have closed in on him). This post is that song – “Death Star” . . .

The second song will be posted tomorrow – and its about Trump getting COVID. Its called “Rest in Pieces” . .

Bradley built Trumps Death Star
House of cards imploding
Taxes are unfolding
Bradley’s gun reloading

Cambridge Analytica
Next up in the news
Add to Bradley’s Blues
A pair of cement shoes

Watch for Deutsche Bank
Next one in the tank
Foreign interference
Insecurity clearance

Reality show President
Be careful what you wish
Investigated by Tish
You’ll be swimming with the fish



My father was in Aerospace, so technology was a thing at our house. I was lucky to have a great 4th and 8th Grade Science teacher, and I got my Ham Radio License in 1973. Back then you had to take a Morse Code test and an electronic theory test. I was a motivated 8th grader!

One thing led to another, and while I thought I wanted to be an electronic engineer when I grew up – my fathers friend convinced me to switch to “Data Processing” – aka Computer Programming. Another form of Code.

The final form of code is music – music has a multi-dimensional language – or code. For me, its more complex and interesting than both Morse Code and Coding for a living – which has been great, but the next step up in the “code challenge” in my life if learning music theory to the point where my playing and song writing improve – and wow – they sure have since Covid-19 has me deep into music theory and experimentation with my song writing.

This song introduces two instruments that I will use going forward as “ear candy”. The Kalimba and The Theremin.



Computer screen
Computer screen

Rocket ship
Rocket ship

Techno ghost
Techno ghost

Lost in space
Lost in space

Must erase
Must erase

Data base
Data base


Clear them now
Clear them now

Reset switch
Reset switch

Must reboot
Must reboot

A Change of Luck

The Hypnotist

My Grandfather brought most of his family to America in the 20’s. He had fought for the Germans in WWI and he and my Grandmother survived that and the 1918 Pandemic. Not long after arriving in the US, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened. My Aunt was brought over to America in the 30’s (back then the boys came over first, so my Aunt stayed right up until the first hint of WWII was imminent). My Father survived landing on the beach at Normandy in WWII.

My Mothers family were from Bow and Hammersmith in London – and they escaped the German bombing with nothing but the clothes on their backs – and ended up in Torquay, Devon (a very nice place to end up in BTW). I still have many relatives in the UK and in Germany – and have visited them in the past.

These days feel terrible in the US. When I think of what my family went through – any one of these things were worse than what is happening now in the US. That is not to say its a wonderful, glorious time – but I truly believe we are going through a time more like the late 60’s – and that yes, there will be riots and civil unrest – but like the 60’s, they will lead to a relatively more quiet time. The idiots who are causing these problems will be dead soon or too old to continue this bullshit. The minority rule we have today will crumble – and will be replaced by a country that is more diverse and multi-cultural than ever.

But first – we have to get past what I think is the “last bastion of white nationalism”.

Our lucks gotta change
We’ve been through a lot

These are strange times
They won’t last forever

A tale of two cities
A divided country


A change of luck
Is in the wind

You Must Cultivate Your Own Garden

Canadian Thistles

We all only live for so many years. Anything that scared us – like the current trashing of America and American politics or anything else in the news – won’t matter.

So, will anything matter?

Yes, but only what you did or who you meant something to who will carry a fragment of you – in their memory. Maybe you left some digital crumbs behind like photography or music . . . 

Voltaire Said you must cultivate your own garden. That expression is very helpful these days. Time to tend to my own garden.

Fight the ugliness in life with art, creativity, compassion and being a good world citizen. I’ve given up on God – but do think there still is Karma – and that its built in to the plan of our own actions and deeds. 

Enter The Heathengelicals

At The New Altar . . .

Praise the Lard!
Pass the ammo,
The Heathengelicals are here
Hark the herald heathens sing
Hark the herald heathens sing
For Putin puppeteer

Christ Incorporated
Liberty U
Let shots of freedom ring
Pool boy stud
Falwell watching
Falwell watching
Swingers like to schwing!

Hold the bible
Upside down
At St. Peters Church
On his honor
Do his doodie
Do his doodie
Decockracy besmirched

Welcome Autumn

Autumn in Northern California is subtle

I grew up in Northern NJ where the Fall Colors we’re usually quite good. I do remember some years people would complain that we had only yellow leaves or a big rainstorm ended the Fall colors too early. I also remember how it would then turn grey and cold and that snow at least made it less grey out.

Rust and copper colored flowers amongst the white

On my daily bike ride I see lots of subtle but gorgeous fall colors here in The East Bay. Because so many trees are landscape trees, we do get nice fall colors and they last for September through almost Christmas.

I think I’ll turn off all news now that RBG has passed and things will get even nastier politically. At this point I think the most important thing that can happen is the Democrats flip the Senate. Luckily, the Supreme Court has ruled against Trump in several cases, so he knows he doesn’t own the court system. Maybe this is the only reason why he will be blocked from becoming a dictator?

Anyway, it’s almost Fall, and I won’t let Trump bother me any more. I only have my vote, and I have generously donated to Biden / Harris.

It’s time to take in the beauty of fall, and I’m praying that the worst of fire season is over. Bring on the beauty of fall.

The Squib

The Squib!

Lets take a dada-ist look at Donald Trumps goofy rug – I call it The Squib!

That thing on Donald Trumps head
Has a life of its own
It wants to be cloned

Neither man nor beast
That yellow sewn on rug
On that ugly orange mug

That tuft will revolt
Walk off from its job
Leave that fat racist slob


The Squib gets paid
Minimum wage
On Donald’s head
When the money runs out
The Squib will flee
From its Trumpian dread