My Musical Journey

Very Interesting Book

I’m coming up on one year of teaching myself guitar, bass, keyboards, violin, lap steel and other odd instruments (kalimba, tin whistle, theremin). I also have taught myself Cubase and how to arrange parts for a song, plus some production and mixing skills.

I played percussion in grade school band, and played some of the melodic percussion instruments, such as timpani, bells and xylophone. In the 80’s I taught myself guitar and keyboard / piano. I even sung.

This last year I got really serious with music theory. I the 80’s I was more interested in being cool, and while I did take piano lessons for about 2 semesters at a Community College, that was my only formal training since grade school. However, I could sight read music, so that was a good start.

I didn’t get back into music because of the Pandemic. In 2019, I did pick up a nice Gretsch guitar – made in China, it was inexpensive. I saw it at Tall Toad music in Petaluma when I stopped in with a friend who has always been a musician.

But I played it goofing around in my living room on weekends and one day I decided I was ready to take the next step.

Each song that I try to write (I think of what I post as a “song idea”), it’s a little inner journey. Because they are pop songs, they feel “disposable”. Lately I have started becoming interested in perhaps writing something more permanent – more along an orchestration piece. The three minute pop song format is OK, but I want to branch out.

This book seems to fit the bill nicely. I was very happy reading just the first chapter, and believe that this book will help me go down a new road.

Time will tell, but I sure do love trying, even if I never am heard or honestly, if anyone likes my music. My blog really is my inner art self journal, so it serves the purpose and I enjoy trying every day.

My daily bike ride and art escapades are the ultimate in meditation. I get a lot out of my efforts.

The Ghost of Phi Mu Delta

Ghost of PMD

I lived in the Phi Mu Delta House at 87 Susquehanna Ave – Lock Haven, PA for 2 1/2 years. The house was said to be haunted by a Clinton County Coroner – who, after having an affair with an underaged girl – took a shotgun to his head in his out-building work shed. I can’t say I felt any ghosts, but other brothers in the fraternity said they did.

Leo – Lock Haven County Coroner and previous owner of 87 Susquehanna, Ave, Lock Haven PA (true story)
Under aged girl Leo had the affair with

The haunted door
Is never locked
A haunted keyhole
Tick Tock, Tick Tock

A timeless clock
A ghostly Coo Coo
The door knob turns
The clock says two

Grandma Got Run Over by a Texan

Santa Ignores All Politicians

This past Holiday Season, the GOP Lt. Governor of Texas said old people should sacrifice their lives for the economy. So, is this what GOP was yammering on about years ago when they warned us of Obama care Death Squads? My late response is to write lyrics – and its not worth writing music to go along with this sad assed idea – instead, let it be a parody sung to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”.

Grandma got run over by a Texan
Said her life don’t matter anymore
Just let her get the deadly Covid
Send her to the never evermore

This Texans wife became a first time Grandma
Now he sings a slightly different tune
First in line for their vaccination
MAGA hatted anti masker fools

If you think ‘Murka is made great now
Put yer hand on bible upside down
You’ve been conned, swindled lied to and grifted
By a big fat orange dumb assed clown

Aria on Grant Street, San Francisco

Perhaps my favorite shop anywhere – Aria in SF. Alas, tis no more . . .

I used to visit Aria on Grant Street on my daily walks from work – when I worked in downtown San Francisco. I met Jack Howe – who is a great Santa Cruz Assemblage artist and had purchased one of his pieces years ago. I got into Assemblage myself – and most of the photos in this blog are my Assemblage pieces. Most of them I either gave away or took apart to make others – but I always preserved them with my camera. For me – the photography is the thing – not the Assemblage. The Assemblage is like a still life in my mind. I do get many lyric ideas for my songs from my Assemblages.

Here’s to Bill Hesketh, Aria Proprietor, and Jack Howe – who both made my daily lunchtime walks in SF memorable.


She Never Was

She Is
She Was
She Never Was

Corina Larks

Extra Mild

After a year of studying music theory and trying to become a better guitar, bass, violin, lap steel and mandolin player – I’ll now go heavy on the keyboards and drum machine . . .

Bit Flipper

Proof of Aliens: Beer Suds Petroglyph

I’ve been a Computer Programmer for 40 years – here’s to bit flipping!

The Seance of Dr. Drake

Poor Dr. Drake

He buried her body
Beneath a willow tree
On the outskirts of town
Where no one would see

He wanted what he thought
That he couldn’t have
He thought that she ignored him
And that made him mad

Their signals crossed
Her telegram had missed the date
She declared her love for him
But it had arrived too late

Erie Lackawanna

I lived the first third of my life near the Delaware Water Gap – where the Erie Lackawanna Railroad chugged through

Erie Lackawanna
Chicago to New York
Along the Southern Tier
Another passing year

Appalachian Trail
Along the Delaware
Kittatinny Mountains
Another passing year

Into The Light

The Road to Heaven is Paved With Love

After four years of darkness, I’ve been blown away by the New Light this week – an amazing grace.

Hello lightness
My old friend
From the darkness
We ascend

Winds of change
Have blown away
Darkened clouds
A bright new day