Accidental Graveyard

Accidental Graveyard
Let’s get some rest
Too much hassle
Lets get it off our chest

Accidental Graveyard
Let’s get some rest
Too much hassle
Lets get it off our chest

A fiend in need
We hope he bleeds
Put us in need
His downfall he sealed

A fiend in need
We hope he bleeds
Put us in need
His downfall he sealed

Harvest our crop
Swing a full scythe
Cut but ourselves
Are we alive?

Harvest our crop
Swing a full scythe
Cut but ourselves
Are we alive?

The Essence of Time

Life is short – Spend your time wisely

The Essence of Time
Is heaven Scent

The Essence of Time
Is all we got

New Hope

In a Fortnite, America Could Start Healing

In a fortnite, we shall see
If the healing’s for you and me
Lets get rid of this disease
Give us hope for our release

In a fortnite, we will know
If its time for things to grow
Seeds of peace that we can sow
It could change with just one Vote

All good people up in arms
Tired of four years of harm
Its in our grasp for you to take
Its our future for us to make

Dead Pumpkin Walking

Something Frightening for Halloween!

That does not compute – In his mind – Or in his world
He can’t get past “him”
His “Me” flag unfurled

He was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile
He read about himself
That’s all that made him smile

He’s now a criminal flight risk
A suite at Riker’s his new trist
An orange jumpsuit in that place
To match his orange ruddy face


He’s about to learn
His house of cards will burn
Bad luck now his turn
Will make his stomach churn

Prayer For America

In a month from now
We could start the healing
Flush out the toxins
New hope revealing

Its our last chance
Our last best hope
Kill off Trump virus
With industrial soap

Fires might burn out
Skies might clear
Say goodbye 2020
A terrible year

I’ve lost all hope
In God I distrust
Disparaged fo[u]r years
Hope has been crushed


Maybe I’ll hope
Just this one Last time
Pushed to my limits
Four years of crime

Malthusian Spectre

Malthusian Spectre

A house of cards
A building implodes

A highway crash
With 36 cars

A wooden boat
Whose hull is on fire

A sputtering plane
That’s run out of gas

A once proud nation
Burned just like Rome

An orange sky
Polluted and dark

The polar ice caps
Turning to water

A long line of dominoes
Rapidly falling

Pedestrian struck
In the crosswalk

A sign of the times
The car sped away

It doesn’t seem
Like anyone’s caring

I don’t care
Do you?


A sweater unraveling
We pulled on its thread

Thomas Malthus
Is smiling in his grave

Elegy for America

History repeats itself
But its dumbed down
The Second Coming of Hitler
But dressed as a clown
But dressed as a clown

Both are Monsters
Malignant cancers
Sold themselves as Choir Boys
With delusions of grandeur
With delusions of grandeur

They ruined their country
They made their Rome burn
They cost many lives
Their psychophants never learned
Their psychophants never learned


Religion is bad
The work of the dammed
Combined with politics
The downfall of man

The Witch in the Ditch

He cried “Its a witch hunt”
He was that witch
He rode on a broom
Straight Into a ditch

They call it Karma
It’s always a bitch
Those that do harm
The witch in the ditch

He did his undoing
He pushed it to far
He was run over
By Karmas Death Car


You best be wise
Watch what you wish
Or you’ll end up
In that very same ditch

Rest in Pieces


3756429322_5f6f447eac_o (3)

Alas Poor Yorick, I knew Him Well


While I don’t wish anyone bad tidings – some deserve the Karma that they have made themselves (in fact – that is the main reason one shouldn’t waste time hoping harm will come for others). “You’ve made your bed – now sleep in it” comes to mind. Shakespeare discussed life and death in Hamlet – in the Gravedigger passage. He also quote’s a Bible idea about “The Quick and the Dead”. For some, that sleep will be eternal, except for Poor Yorick.

I started out thinking about the Year This Week – where we went from Brad Parscale’s very bizarre take down and “supposed” suicide attempt (which I believe was more like someone stressed who knows he was finally busted for his grifting crimes), and now we have our government “fearless leaders” with Covid-19 after making a mockery of anyone wearing a mask and contributing to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands – if not a hundred thousand Americans. In between, Trump pays ZERO taxes, he is worst than broke – to the tune of > 200 million, his real estate is hemorrhaging money like water, he totally fucked up the Debate – especially with the whole White Supremacist thing, his dumbest child Eric has to go to court very soon, gee – I must have missed a few things, but that just tired me out . . . . 

A Harvest Moon Prayer

Grand County, Colorado

A year ago we spent part of September in Denver, and then because we were driving through Boulder, Ft. Collins, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction – that we would extend our vacation and drive all the way home – via Park City, Utah. We are very glad that we did.

The only problem with Autumn in recent years has been all of the fires in the West. I know that at least half of the reason is due to climate change – and us idiot humans are getting what we deserve, and it will get worse, but some is also due to forest management – which is really hard to do. Try raking a forest! Forests need fires to regenerate, and I do believe that upwards of 50% of the problem has to do with just the age and undergrowth that Mother Nature is managing. Humans also have pushed the limits on where we build houses . . . Its a complex set of issues – not just one. Its hard to believe that Siberia also has been on fire!

On this Harvest Moon, I would like to offer a prayer to Mother Nature, and God perhaps (if such a deity exists – I am having serious doubts any more), but just in case:

Hear our prayer

Hells fire scare

Give us peace

Give us relief


There is a duble entendre here – a “twofer” if you will. The terrible fires that seem to have been raging for almost 2 months now and the terror in the US White house – are Hells Fire. My solemn wish is that both are extinguished by November 3rd.


We humbly ask this of you

Oh Mother Nature and God