Old Ghost

Shadows of Your Past

History repeats
They always say
Time in a bottle
Another cliche

The ticking of the clock
The tocking of the tick
The past is such a jumble
Like a cosmic trip

Memories come back
Throw you off your track
When you reminisce
Your mind starts playing tricks


It creeps up fast
You’re the unwilling Host
Shadows of your past
The forgotten Holy Ghost

King of Kings

We continue to suffer for His sins

As much as I try so hard to keep politics out of my blogs – my art has been in “Resistance Mode” for 3 1/2 years. My challenge – to myself – has been to try and take the lesson we learn from Monster Trump as a Future Warning – and then cast that lesson as either and echo of some religious book of knowledge (aka “Religious Screed”), or somehow cast the moral of the story to a fable or fairy tale. 

Todays Sermon – from on High in my Garage Recording Studio (“man cave”) is from Jimmy Cliff:

“The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall”.  The “twist” is that Power is a Drug – injected into the veins – creates Monsters of Epic Proportion. 

King of Kings

The king of kings
We suffer for your sins
But you keep on sinnin’
And you keep on grinnin’

Nailed by the king
Gold spike in your arm
You say it’s alright
It can do no harm

Celebrity life
You had it all
One bad move …
You lost it all


Its lonely at the top
You’re gunnin’ for the long haul
The higher you are
The farther you fall

Paint With Sound

Trompe L’oeil

I wanted to use my violin in a rock song, and its not an easy thing to do. Some bands like Roxy Music incorporated quite a few orchestral instruments in an avant-garde way, and a very interesting way.


Paint your days
With beautiful sound
Sing a song
You will astound

Play a song
Light the day
Uplift your soul
Light the way

Music notes
Are just like paint
Light and color
Sometimes quaint

Always rich
Always bright
Paint is music
Music is light

Cathedral of Ghosts

Shortwave Radio

I participated in an online Zoom “Happy Hour” of everyone who graduated Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania in the 80’s. It was great – I actually knew several people in the chat, and we shared some fun memories.

What I have realized since then is that we were all “Radio Kids” – our generation was informed by both AM and FM radio – and a few of us “outliers” also listened to shortwave radio. While I have some favorite “Internet Radio” stations – nothing beats the old time “real” radio.

I didn’t have a favorite band that influenced me, but used my “chord wheel” to see what chords are in the key of B. I then used a lap steel with a cool Zoom effects pedal to get that fading radio sound.

I can hear the station
In between fades
Playing my favorite song
On the radio

Like a marker of time
Music on the radio
Our Great Cathedral
Our Cathedral of Ghosts

Sailing through the airwaves
Our histories past
We hold our memories dear
On the radio


Fading out now
In my dreams
Fading out now
And forever

“Cathedral” Radio . . .

The Wall

I built a wall – and didn’t scam anyone

This song was influenced by another favorite band, The Feelies. By the way, the Feelies were movies in Aldous Huxleys famous novel, Brave New World.


Yards from my desk
There’s a gurgling creek
It gives me great solace
Where I write tongue in cheek

During the Fall
When the season will change
The trees turning color
A glorious range

I can’t get too serious
Or red in the face
Nature doth humble
With incredible grace

The wall is a rebuild of a retaining wall that was falling over – into our creek. It was made using old broken up patio slabs. Rather than stack them as the previous wall builders did – I turned them on their side – since they were thick and heavy. I also used the footing of the old wall as a rock path – and set the wall back several feet into the hill.

The end of the wall and path that runs along our creek

Since Covid-19 started, I have been quite prolific in my gardening / hard-scaping and also learning a lot about music theory and have stepped up a big level where I can now easily write simple lead lines and melodic counterpart bass parts.

Dried out leaves making a small composition along the rock wall path

Years ago I read a book by Freeman Patterson – who challenged the reader to take photos every day around your house and yard – and it was a great exercise. The world is constantly changing – and even in small ways – right under your nose is a whole universe – waiting for you to see and enjoy.


Who Will Save Us From Ourselves?

I have always liked The Fall, and so I decided to try to write a Fall-ish sounding song.

The Fall were always that band that had that “something” and where they used repetition in a way no other band I know used – and more than just got away with it. Of course, Mark E. Smith and his vocals / delivery and lyrics are probably something that I’ll bet were taken for granted – and now that I have at least made an attempt – I think I do know why some have called him a genius.

He passed away January 2018, but he did leave an impressive catalog and legacy.

There’s potatoes in the north
Bugger off at all costs

There’s a bad president
He was not heaven sent

There’s a plague in the world
It will make your blood curl

There’s a racist police state
Helping keep America Great

There’s a Q in Anon
Cuz the followers like to be conned

There’s a priest in the news
Exposed himself in the pews

There’s a kid in a cage
Stoking fires of outrage

Maybe Tomorrow

Does Hope Have a Statute of Limitations?

This is an instrumental piece, but I do have a little lyric or haiku.

Maybe tomorrow
Ill feel a different way
Maybe tomorrow
Hope will be here to stay


A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way Toward Healing

This week I have written a song using every instrument I have – guitar, bass, violin, piano / synth, lap steel, speak-vocals (German “Sprechgesang“) and mandolin. Its been a blast. Today I wrote this song using a mandolin – which is a challenge – because it screams “Bluegrass” and as much as I love Bluegrass, I wanted something more “modern rock” or “modern Americana”. Also – with these trying times that we have, I wrote some lyrics that I am happy with.

There’s danger all around
In the sky and on the ground
What keeps us up at night
Is a world of a thousand frights

There’s danger all around
Its easy to see
What the world needs most right now
Is a little Love, Care and Empathy

The enemy is the one within
The one filled with sin
While we care about mankind
Others walk around blind

There’s danger all around
Its easy to see
What the world needs most right now
Is a little Love, Care and Empathy


The Art Police (Art Worth Stealing)

Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Mabel

Maybe 10 years or so ago, I had an Assemblage art show at a goofy gallery in The Mission. I don’t remember it’s name, but it was two storefronts – one was a Tacqueria and the other a sort of nightclub / gallery. I think they could sell beer and wine.

Anyway, it’s the only time I had an Assemblage or Photo stolen during one of quite a few shows I had back in the day. I remember being a little pissed but more flattered. Nothing says “Art Appreciation” more than having your art stolen!

It was August Third
When the heist went down
At a gallery in SF
Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Mabel
Victims of the Theft

Just the facts, mam
The detective said
As he scribbled in his book
Retrace your steps now
Let’s take another look

The gallery hired
A security guard
To watch over each piece
The detective said “an inside job”
Accused the Art Police


The Art Police
Carry no badge
They drive in unmarked cars
To protect and serve
Calm artists nerves
Art thieves won’t get far

S.O.S (Save Our Ship)

The Oarsmen at the River Styx . . .


The Universe is our Ocean
Mother Earth is our Ship
Save Our Ship