Dungeon of Ill Conceived Purchases

Trinkets and Tchotchkes
Things of no earthly value
Except for the cameras
Lustful wandering eye

Baubles and bangles
Sad clowns and marionettes
Live in the basement
In the back of my eyes mind

The Heard Merde Conspiracy Theory

I have heard
About the merde
That graced Jack Sparrows bed

The alleged merde
A human turd
Was not from mans best friend

The blonde chanteuse
Had let one loose
The merde heard round the world

The image clear
Her bleach blonde hair
How I'll remember this girl

I find it fitting
Her bed shitting
The best Hollywood can pro deuce

She took a dump
A real rump thump
Doth Thundered from her caboose


Are jigsaw puzzle pieces
No two pieces are the same
But somehow they fit

It's once in a lifetime
- If you get lucky ...
That you are one of
The jigsaw pieces that fit

My Aim is Ghoul

I'm shooting for something hauntingly

I'm searching for something
in a minor
Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key

I'm hunting for a haunting
That's a reflection
Of Me
Of Me

My aim is ghoul

Arturia V Collection 8 Synclavier V2

I’m totally blown away by this Cubase vst plugin from Arturia

Besides Cubase – which I love dearly, its closely followed by Arturia’s V Collection 8.

I purchased both on sale and just upgraded both for very reasonable prices. When I first got back into music two years ago, I erroneously purchased a couple hardware synth modules. The Novation Peak was the best hardware synth I’ve ever had (I had Roland Juno’s way back in the 80’s). They take up way too much space, and I want to write and play, not divert my energy and time on sound design.

Fast forward to today, and the Arturia V Collection 8 has more cool vintage synths and patches (and sound design ability) than I’ll ever need. I was smitten with the Solina, but now am totally OCD with their Synclavier vst emulation. In fact, they don’t just emulate these wonderful vintage synths, they breathe new life into them.

Thank God for Steinberg and Arturia. I find new joy every day I continue to try to write a song a day.

Gods Half Acre

Somewhere near Newton, NJ – where I grew up
Old headstones
Weathered and grey
A touch of moss
We mourn their loss
We mourn their loss
We mourn their loss
We mourn their loss

They left this earth
So very long ago
We loved some dearly
Were they ever here?
Were they ever here?
Were they ever here?
Were they ever here?

Time they say
Heals all wounds
Some were rotten
Better forgotten
Better forgotten
Better forgotten
Better forgotten

Grass Gone Awry

Distill your thoughts 
Whisky and Rye
Let yourself go
Let yourself go

Wherever you go
There you are
What's done is done
What's done is done

The future looks bright
As it always has
Embrace the sun
Embrace the sun

The Rye Grass
Has gone Awry
I've got to cut it
Its ten feet high

Concrete Sentinels

Man Ray’s “solution” for the problem of skyscrapers . . .

This song was written because I had this Man Ray image pop up in my head.

Pointed skyward
Almost scraping
Concrete Sentinels
Has us gaping

Business logic
It makes no sense
Packed like sardines
Way too intense

Man was not
Made for such
Sequestered living
In towering huts

If you laid them
On their side
Would they feel
More inviting?

Barleywine Underbite

He was old salty captain Smith
Of a glorious sailing ship
His right leg was made of wood
With a flask lashed to his hip

Filled to the brim always had he
An ancient exotic grog
Brewed with finest malted barley
And soggy peat from the northern bog

He snarled at the crashing waves
And the wind in the flapping sails
He learned to be a tough little bugger
From the short time he spent in jail

A giant of a man a king of sorts
Though not from his meager height
He had something no one else had
A barleywine underbite

Radio Opera

Metropolitan Radio Opera
Art song singers
Radio waves

Broadcast to the city below
From the heavens up above
Through the midnight ether

Bygone era industrial light
Tubes and speakers
Forgotten graves


What's new is now
What's done is done
What's new is now
What's done is done