Copper Leaves

These Leaves Won’t Last Long

We have three trees that have gorgeous orange, reddish, peach and copper leaves right now. That and the shorter daylight days and nights that are cool (even without fog), and it feels like the end of Summer for sure.

The Amp Side of the Mini Studio

Today’s song was inspired by the Fall beauty and how mesmerizing it is.


Lenore on KAW Radio

Todays Imaginary Puppet Theatre’s (IPT) Show is an adaptation of Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven” – but it concentrates on his wife who died at age 24 of tuberculosis – (which is what his Mother also died of when he was only 2 years old). He references his wife using many different names throughout his work. It seems to have been a factor in driving him mad – leading to a very sad ending to his life. Its amazing he even lasted until he was 40. Many famous Rock stars seem to have made it only to age 27 . . . .

The song is a funeral dirge – since Poe wrote many stories and stories about the loss of his young wife.

Chet Up in the Nosebleed Seats
The Raven, Himself
Lenore’s Accompanist, Sabrina, with Friend
Lenore, The Love of His Life
The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips
Singing That Torch Song
The Sultry Lenore
The Daily Double – Homage to Edgar Alan Poe and Man Ray
Happy accidents happened this weekend – I am Quite Pleased with this Assemblage piece

You might now have figured out that my “Modus Operandi” is that the puppet theatre and everything in it is an Assemblage. And that then is a still life for my photography. Music just happens – sometimes they mesh, but to have a sound track seems to be a good thing, regardless of whether they mesh or not.

Until Next Imaginary Puppet Theatre Show – We Bid You Adieu and Bonne Chance

This is the Second in the 666 series – the second photo shoot and second song in 6 weeks . . .


A Very Loose Interpretation of The Raven

I’ve been doing my usual annual reading of Edgar Allan Poe this (almost) Autumn, and I can see clearly that I identify much more with his poetry than his short stories. I love his poetry – its just so much easier to read and flows in a way where I can stay with it.

His short stories are awesome, but it requires that I double down and concentrate on / understand each sentence.

He did write using a device he called “Unity of Effect” – so that is what throws me – his “economy of words” almost ends up being encoded in a dialect of English I’m unfamiliar with. Of course, Reading Makes Perfect….. I think these short stories are so [eloquent, efficient, dense] that they end up cutting too close to the bone – where I feel I’m reading the ravings of a mad man. Therein lies the rub.

His poetry hits the mark for me because there is breathing room – you know the guy is mad (crazy?) but for some reason it never crosses that lunatic fringe line that I feel his stories do. I will re-read his short stories and see if I can better understand his approach.

He had a very sad life, but did create great works including (to my great surprise) scientific writing, including his take on The Big Bang Theory at a time when others were also just starting to write about it.

Anyway, Tomorrows (second) installment will be (loosely) based on Nevermore. I might even do two versions paying homage to The Raven.

Stay tuned.


When Colored Wooden Acorns Look Like Gumballs

Last night we had some slight rain – and I only saw ONE lightning flash. I think the Bay Area dodged a bullet this year – unlike last. The day was so beautiful – after a very Fall like sunrise – the sky was so blue and the air so clear. This combined with awesome Fall light – and it was a perfect day. I had a GREAT bike ride – and I’m using Strava to do training intervals for weight loss. I’ve lost 10 pounds – so I’m really kicking some butt after years of lounging around in front of the Ham Radio. 20 more to go . . . .

I even had some time to get ready for the second installment in my “666” series. Stay tuned – you will see it posted Sunday night.

Fire Throwing Clowns

Fire Throwing Clown, or Innocent Toddler?

I can’t help myself – the news just keeps getting more Dada and Surreal. And funny as all hell – in a creepy Halloween sort of way.

There was a story of a woman in Arizona who quit her job to work on the Fraudit. She asked if The National Guard could protect them from Black Lives Matter snipers and Fire Throwing Clowns.

Since MAGA is just a new Doomsday Cult (they literally are drinking the Ivermectin Kool Aid as they did in Jonestown), and so I thought what if they were like The Jahovas Witnesses, going door to door with their version of The Watchtower – no words, but a “Big Book of Donald” coloring book.

When MAGAT "Patriots" call
Be sure to lock your door
Their shirts are Kolored brown
They look for Kindred Klowns

They come to spread the news
Red Gospel to the Blues
Space lasers from the Jews
They seem to be confused

Their sycophantic lust
The vaccine they don't trust
Ivermectin or bust
Makes their bodies rust


When they knock your door
They you must ignore
Keep it locked real tight
Until they're out of sight

Sgt. Pepper

The Real Sgt. Pepper

Crazy busy day, but I squeezed this little ditty in. I used the Theremini to start and it was set on the classic Theremin sound.

With a Nose and Hat Like That, He Was Spared the Frying Pan

Late Summer Scenes

Canadian Thistle Signaling End of Summer

On our bike ride to Alamo this past weekend, I saw a lone Canadian Thistle along the bike path – dried out as they do during summer.

Dried Out Beauty

Summer officially ends in just two weeks. I used to mark time in my Ham Radio hobby with how the radio band propagation changed – I could usually make better (farther) contacts during the Autumnal and Vernal equinoxes and the Winter months. Alas, I squeezed that hobby dry, so I don’t mark the seasons that way anymore.

Getting back into music and photography is going back “Whence I came” – hobbies I was into during the 80’s very seriously – especially from 1984 – 1994, when I lived in San Francisco.

Its been warmer the last several days, but the nights have been nice. Best yet – no smoke – just beautiful blue skies pretty much all summer except just a few days.

Halloween 666 Series, Part One

The Skeletones With Haunted House and Family Plot Cemetery
Haunted House and Cemetery

I will have a series of 6 Halloween Scenes, with 6 songs, and Its just over 6 weeks until Halloween.

Covid Raven Watching Over Us All
The Ghost in the Family Cemetery
Haunted House and Cemetery with Harvest Moon
The Skeletone Singers – on KILL Radio
The Skeletones with Band
Mr. Gourd on the 88’s
Another View
Family Plot Tombstone
The Thing
Little Shop of Horrors?
The Cheap Seats
With Back Lighting
Light Rays
Family Plot
Is that Screaming I hear?
And The Band Played on
I heard a noise in the attic

Lord Huron Review

Mine Forever is the best rock video I’ve seen in 10 years and their music is right up there with Blanche.

This is the song and video I wish I did. It’s super inspirational – something that really stokes my motivation to try to write something remotely as good.

They have a great sound complete with violin and theremin. In other songs they use a heavily processed lap steel as a fill / lead instrument.

The Face That Launched A Thousand Chips

Lady Barnacle (aka Sally Mae)

There is a band that is just awesome – they are called “Lord Huron”. Run – don’t walk to listen to them. Check out “Mine Forever” on YouTube. Now, THAT takes alt-country and alt-roots and even Dead Country and adds a Western twist – a combo of several things – surf, spaghetti western movie theme, and is a stew of just the perfect ingredients.

I have been “absorbing” music that I have been listening to – and then trying to emulate their sound. It wasn’t really a conscious decision – I listened to all of the Dead Country Radio YouTube shows that is posted – and next thing you know – my Thinline Telecaster with its country and rockabilly sound became my main squeeze for the entire month of August. I think when you listen intensely and intently to something – that it turns something on in the brain – and you want to play what is bottled up in the old coconut.

This morning, I found my wife’s acoustic guitar from the 70’s – and I wrote this song on the living room chair and then had to record it. Then I added a Telecaster part and then lap steel. Later in the day – after my bike ride and weight lifting at the gym – and some really fun work on the Imaginary Puppet Theatre – where I painted a GREAT Harvest Moon, I added the bass and violin.

I never copy any band – I morph it and bastardize it to my own style. This ended up being a longer “jam” than usual. It was just too much fun . . .

She was the belle of the ball
Made of paper and clay
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae

Men sailed the seven seas
To court her every day
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae

So close and Yet so far
Her suitors held at bay
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae


She was the one
That got away
But one that never was
Made of paper and clay
Exquisite Sally Mae