The Phat Lady Doth Singeth!

Phat Lady on KLAM Radio

The phat lady doth singeth today – on the phone – I have the new job and it happened very nicely and fast. The IT industry had these years ( recently) where the hiring process was so painful – I can tell that things have changed for the better. I even had multiple offers.

Life is good today (especially). A day to celebrate for sure.

Mountain Pass[ed]

When All Seems Right With The World …

The Telegram came in at 3:40 yesterday afternoon. I was Writing and Playing this song – hence how upbeat this is. I feel like a train just strained over a big mountain – and now we are on the other side. I tried to capture this feeling in a song – as if the train were almost “free wheeling”.

May was a very trying month at work, but I have a few new opportunities and they are really great. I’ll update this once the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Basically, I have a new job lined up and its several rungs better than where I’m working now.

New Horizon? [YES!]

I’m hoping to hear some good news tomorrow – it could be a new horizon and even chapter in my life. Fingers crossed! [UPDATE – YES – Houston, we have a New Horizon – I will update in the next post and hve a pretty cool song to go along with it too]

This song is a bit odd in that the bridge does change keys or mode, but only shortly, and it adds dissonance. So it doesn’t clash too much, I softened the sound by using a Moog Theremini, which seems to do the job.


Don’t Tempt Fate



I grew up near the Delaware Water Gap – where Route 80 goes from NJ to PA. Not far from there – a little north – along the Old Mine Road – one of America’s oldest roads, there is a tiny place called Flatbrookville. My father would load up his green VW Bug, open the sun roof and let us kids stand on the back seat with our heads out the top. I think we had to wear seat belts until we go close to Flatbrookville. We would go swimming in the shallow brook – and we had a blast.

I played with the name a bit and saw how close Flat Broke Ville was – and decided to write lyrics about our Morally Bankrupt Politicians. That’s who are Broke – and its NOT about money as much as scruples and morals. We pay their salaries and they do not do the work of the people. They are all beholden to corrupt corporations. The GOP is the absolute worst – but I think all are guilty to it to some degree – because that’s how America rolls. I’m not sure its been much different since the Industrial Revolution – but anyway, once the supposed “Christian Evangelists” start saying “Jesus is my Savior and Trump is my President” it reminds me of Jesus throwing Charlatans and Money Changers out of the Temple. What would Jesus do? Throw the GOP out of the Temple – of course. I don’t believe in religion any more because its a total joke. I’m glad I have read the bible though – I just wish people really cared to follow it. I wish religion wasn’t such a terrible joke – morals and scruples are a good thing. No one cares anymore.

Nobody lives there
They can't afford the rent
Its natural beauty
Is heaven sent

Corrupt brook babbles
Slakes our earthly thirst
Morally bankrupt mortals
Politicians at their worst

Repent all ye sinners
Rise to liberty
Confess your evil sins
And heaven you shall see


Anyway – this song is meant to be more an observation than a political rant per se. I’ll leave this with a question:

Has America ever (really) been a Democracy? I don’t think so, actually.

Changes Ahead

Changes Ahead – Mt. Thielsen

Its funny how life’s surprise changes force you to go through a process. I feel some changes coming sooner than I had expected. There are changes at work, but more importantly, I feel that our move to Oregon will happen at least one year earlier than the earliest that I had envisioned.

Mt. Thielsen is near Crater Lake and we pass it after we spend a night in Ashland on our way to Bend. Ah, the beautiful Pacific Northwest – will be my final home.

Bend, Oregon

Mt. Batchelor, Bend Oregon

We’ve been going to Bend, Oregon on vacation for almost 15 years years now – once every year. That sleepy little town is now one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and for good reason. Sadly, house prices are more than in Portland. Its growth has put a damper on me in some ways – but because its an island in the middle of so much forestland – and because it has the Deschutes River to supply it with water, its surrounding beauty will keep it a place of interest for many.

I have an affinity for Oregon – because it has the same “vibe” as Pennsylvania – growing up on the border of NJ, NY and PA – near the Delaware Water Gap. I also went to college in Lock Haven, PA, and have so many friends in that state. As an aside – the Holoch Family settled in Pennsylvania Dutch Country – then took advantage of Homesteading – with free land as far as the Omaha Nebraska area – and finally – some Holoch’s took the Oregon Trail and ended up in the Portland area. Maybe there is some weird metaphysical attraction here – its a fun idea anyway . . . Google Holoch-Buzzard Cemetery – yes, that’s my family!

Interesting Clouds Near Sun River

On the last day we rode bikes up the McKenzie Pass out of Sisters, Oregon:

My “gravel grinder” bike

I’ll post more pictures – we had a blast and centered each day on a bike ride – some road, some gravel.

The Death Roots Syndicate

Merriam Mansion, Newton, NJ

Just when I thought I found Death Country Nirvana, I also found “The Death Roots Syndicate” on YouTube.

Before you check that out, please find and listen to Blanche – their album called “If We Can’t Trust The Doctors”. I think it is the absolute #1 Dark Country album ever.

The band is tragically unknown.

melt your thoughts

Thoughts wash in
Stir about
After a bike ride
They fade out

Some thoughts good
Some thoughts not
Never mind
I just forgot

My mind is clear
Body at rest
Letting go
Always feels best

The Dead Country Radio Show

Dead Country

The Dead Country Radio Show is the best thing I’ve found on YouTube. Its hella mysterious – I think the fellow who did this ran it from 2017 – 2020 but not often. I can’t find anything about the creator of this, but it is (and he is) totally awesome.

The graphic art for the show is stunning. Since I love bands like The Cramps, Blanche, The Gun Club, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Johnny Cash (especially his last stuff covering bands like Nine Inch Nails and Sound garden), whoa, this opens up more bands and artists that I was unaware of.

I think I find this especially cool because in the 70’s, I loved pure Bluegrass like Flatt and Scruggs and Bill Monroe, but hated the Hee Haw redneck country music and that “shtick”. Southern Country Rock really sucked. Unfortunately, I was jaded because I missed the great stuff – which was the music by artists that never was played on the radio. Later I learned just how awesome Dolly Parton was when I heard her play Bluegrass, and Johnny Cash was always cool. However, by slightly twisting it up a bit – it really gets more interesting. Like Uncle Tupelo or Son Volt doing a Merle Haggard song. Then I go back to the original and voila! Same goes for the blues. Modern covers of old blues songs has me seeking out the original Black artists like Lightning Hopkins, etc.

Yesterday I dove into my “goth” experiences. Not 80’s dark eyeliner and mascara wannabe goth, but Capote “In Cold Blood” stuff. Or perhaps “American Beauty” stuff. I started The Monster Club with my cousins in 4th Grade, where we drew pictures of monsters, and so maybe this is where this comes from? Dark can be beautiful too – it’s a weird thing. I’m betting on Pathos – that feeling sadness at another’s demise is at least part of it.

This YouTube channel is also “Real Americana Goth”. Too cool.