Edgar Allan Poe and Autumn

Edgar Allan Poe With Friends

I have a book of the Complete Works of Poe, and each Autumn I read from it. The stories and poetry just seem to fit like a glove in Autumn. Partly because of Halloween, partly due to the metaphor of earth going into a Winter Slumber. It works for both hemispheres, actually, but Halloween is certainly a Northern Hemisphere tradition.

Its funny, the first story I read last night was “The Power of Words”, which is set with two Greek Mythological like characters, Oinos (one) and Agathos (good). The story is based on their discussion of how earth was created, the search of truth, knowledge and happiness and the earth’s end. Very interestingly, he intimates the big bang theory where The Creator sets off an initial creation and then, its up to the living beings to evolve.

A few posts ago I mentioned the exact same thing, so maybe it’s synchronicity? Coincidence? In any case – pretty cool and fun.

Poe died at age 40 – 10 years before Darwin published his Theory of Evolution, and so while it seems like Darwin might have influenced Poe, it is more likely a coincidence, and that searching for life’s beginning and what the universe was is more likely. It must have been what people were thinking back then the Industrial Revolution was between 1760 and 1840 – so you can call that the first tech wave I suppose. I read a book about the Transit of Venus that happened in and around the beginning of the Industrial Revolution – so its cool to note that that happened even before America became America. But I digress.

Poe offered a lecture that attempted to solve Olbers Paradox, which is basically about the darkness between stars and why the night sky isn’t full of star light. There’s much more to this, so Google it – its fascinating. Darwin approached evolution from a more biological perspective – together it’s fascinating stuff.

I knew that Poe was the “inventor” of the American “detective” short story, that he had a sad tormented life, that his mother and father died when he was very young and then wife died early as well. He also struggled trying to make a living as a writer and then Alcohol and drugs.

I did not know how interested he was in science, but I’m very impressed.

Knowing more about him helps me better understand his writing, which sometimes can be hard to follow. For example, in the case of The Power of Words I did not get that the title is tied to one of the last sentences, where he basically equates the Big Bang first “vibration” to how when you speak a word its a sound vibration. More importantly how powerful the written word is. A written treatise or theory can be quite earth shaking.

And that makes so much sense. Whether it be the Bible, US Constitution or Bill of Rights or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, these are written with words that a phrase in this short story mentions could be considered Heresy.

Yeah, Poe was surely a genius. Imagine the world where Darwin, Poe and Lincoln were born in the same year, and Charles Dickens a few years later.

Headier times than our recent prophecies shared through the parables of Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore and The Kardashians ……

Todays Song Uses a VST (virtual) Synth based on Bucla’s Music Box – a Fantastic Invention

Yeah – I’ll choose science vs. seance . . . .

Twelve String Autumn

My Beloved Gretsch 12 String Guitar

I found more little hints of fall along my bike ride today. I also cut and painted what will become the Imaginary Puppet Theatre full moon with bats from a few blog posts ago. Big excitement here in Orinda this holiday weekend! Man, its so nice when you’re in your own world and loving it.

Today’s song is part of a love affair I’m having with my 12 String guitar because it somehow is lush like the Fall Colors.

Self Portrait – hahaha

I’ll do another photo shoot Sunday – it will be an early Halloween post, then I will probably do a Thanksgiving “pageant” set and finally Christmas. Stay tuned.

Fall Leaves

Amazing Grace – Filtered

There is one time every year where the natural beauty is so great, I swear to God I almost believe in God (again).

Au Naturelle

You know what, nature’s beauty always reminds me that “God” got the big bang started that led to all this beauty. Beauty that man can’t create himself. It truly is other worldly.

Today’s song is more folksy, and I think more fitting for fall leaves. This fall weather and pageant has me in a great thankful mood to try to write some pretty songs.

Then I’m sure Halloween will have it’s usual effect on me.

For several years now, my absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We do give thanks, and yes, for family, friends, the bounty of the earth and whomever or whatever did create all of this. I’m sure it’s something no one on earth really truly knows, and you know what, I like a good mystery every now and then.

(Haunted) Harvest Moon

This Motif Works Very Well

This morning was quite chilly. Its definitely been a cooler than normal summer, and luckily, the fog persisted for the entire month of August. Some trees are turning color and they look quite nice. We had a few of days this past week, but every night it got nice and cool. In some ways its perfect weather. Knock on wood that it continues this way.

The backdrop that I have is a deep navy blue with constellations. This is perfect – I will hang a round moon with bats down behind the haunted house and graveyard.

I Will Use a Yellow – Orange Moon but add Red Eyes for the Bats

I will do a photo shoot Sunday, September 5th. One last moon scene – from one if the best all time albums, Harvest Moon.

A Real Masterpiece

Self Inflicted Crimes of Idiocracy

We Are Having a New American Revolution

I just finished this book and it’s awesome. A few things I learned from it:

  • America lost many (most) battles to the British but won the war through mostly determination (and some luck)
  • George Washington was a hero, but there were quite a few other officers that were perhaps just as – or more important who really didn’t get the credit they deserved
  • The first submarine was invented in Colonial times and was called “The Turtle”
  • Benjamin Franklin was even more important than I had realized
  • There were con men, shysters and miscreants every bit as shady as the Trump Crime Family during Colonial times. The Trumps – as seemingly awful as they are – would have been just one of many such miscreant clans in Colonial Days
  • It’s amazing that America even exists. If I were a betting man, I would have probably bet on the British
  • America has been full of uneducated yokels and dummies from the start
  • The American Revolution was Both a Revolution AND a Civil War. There were many British Loyalists living here with the American Rebels
  • Slavery was a severe problem from the start
  • The first American Rebel to die, Crispus Attucks, was a black man

I decided to read this long and intense epic because I have British and German relatives who immigrated before the Revolution – during the mid to late 1700’s. I don’t know if they came here for religious freedom, but I suspect that was the case – and perhaps they were offered some – perhaps land or just a better life. I do know they were pacifists. My British family immigrated from London, and my German Family from the Stuttgart area which also included an area that later became Switzerland. One great grandmother from Germany divorced a great grandfather and immigrated with a Hessian. I don’t know if he was a mercenary. I suspect he came over for that purpose, but jumped on a deal where he ended up with land in Lancaster PA. His name is Hess, a well to do, and well known name near or in Lititz.

We are in a new war. It might be WWIII, and I suspect it’s not going to be fought on a battlefield. I say WWIII because Brexit in the UK is as idiotic as what we we went through during the Trump mis-administration.

There are shades of Brave New World, 1984 and maybe even more than those, Idiocracy. But are Americans just stupid? Well, yes, a good chunk are, but it hasn’t been any different than the dummies that were here during Colonial times. Some were brilliant – perhaps the smartest in the world since America exists seemingly in spite of itself, but there have always been dummies in America. Gullible fools for sure.

I actually hate politics, but Trump had had my “ire” up since he ascended to the right hand of God. What I’ve just realized is that his Presidency and much more importantly, the morons that Revere him are two things that are as ridiculous as America even existing.

The combination of doing Geneology, Art, Music and being “jolted” into politics because of Trump (and, previously, Bush’s 2008 Loan and Bank fiasco) has been a “miasma” that has acted as a wakeup call. It’s not fun, but important. My response is to use my art as a wise ass because that takes the edge off of it.

Our Idiocracy, and the Brexit Idiocracy are diseases that I think have been caused by the Internet turning dark and spewing dangerous GroupThink. Thank God, for every moronic web site or podcast, there are equal numbers of good, intelligent and thoughtful ones. Freedom of Choice will save us from ourselves.

We aren’t in WWIII – yet. If the rest of the world follows the US and the UK, we will be in WWIII. But I suspect rather than a physical battlefield it will be on the Internet.

While I wish I didn’t lapse into political rants in my art, they have been little “musings” that have helped me better understand what the hell is going on in America and the world. So this ranting is very useful.

Trump has been called Putin’s “useful idiot”. When I see American anti vaxxers dying of Covid and taking Ivermectin, I realize these are the self selecting morons that are like some of the yokels and bumpkins back during revolutionary times. Trump is a self serving pathological narcissist, but he and his Goon Squad are so incompetent that rather than being a threat, they serve a useful “Cautionary Tale”. I feel compelled to say something as if our Democracy depends on it. And maybe it does?

The biggest difference between pre-internet and now is that the Internet proliferates and promotes, aids and abets self inflicted crimes of Idiocracy.

Will America survive this? I’d bet yes, and that America will learn from it. I had grown tired of this idea of American Exceptionalism, but maybe – instead of what looks like dumb shit luck – the fact that we have even slightly more than a majority that still love our Bill of Rights and what this nation was founded on, maybe, somehow, we will survive this “idiot age”? And maybe the diversity – weaved into our national fabric is the “thing” that makes this look like dumb shit luck? Maybe we can win the war again after losing so many battles?

Then we can move onto a much more serious problem – climate change and our melting, burning earth.

The Ballad of Swanky Sweet

The Life of an Idle White Privileged Socialite
Well buoyed By Daddy's cash
Debutant of Nouveaux White Trash
Tis the tale of Swanky Sweet
A more privileged Maiden
You'll never meet

Husband is a cuckold putz
Convict father is quite the yutz
Just like father, just like son
New York con men on the run

They say that power doth corrupt
All their riches never enough
Empty souls in dire need
A sty of pigs slopped in greed

Just like Scrooge
They count their coins
Line their pockets
Grease their loins

But unlike Dear Uncle Scrooge
There's no remorse,
No accounting
For this stinking brood

Saint Ivermectin

The GQP Death Squad Nurse
Don't take a chance
With that Evil shot!
Hits the spot

They hawk it
On Schlocks News
They wouldn't say it
If it wasn't true!

The GQP Death Squad
Wants to kill you
Its very ironic
Are you their Tool?


For Your Infection
Killing you voters
Before next election

You should wonder
About being six feet under
The result you'll find
Will blow your mind

Mount Flushmore

Four BRats

Mount Flushmore is a new National Monument in the USA that celebrates the polar opposite of what Mount Rushmore represents.

Four faces
Immortalized in stone
Made our country Groan (Again)
Subjects of this poem

King Orange Grifter
Lunatic shape shifter
Loved by GOP
Spreads the Covid seed

Next is Swanky Sweet
Husband is a creep
Stealing what they can
Grifting on demand

Next is Junior Don
Snorting what he's on
Creepy girl Cruella
A match made in Hell-a

Last is Dummy Poo
Knows not what to do
Wife has quite the tongue
Emperors thread they've spun

Unhappy Acres

Happy Acres Looked Like Fort Knox. Unhappy Acres Looks Like Fort Apache of the Bronx

I realized that while the cemetery model looked cool from a certain perspective, it didn’t work for the photographic intentions that I have.

Today’s song was a blast. Fender Thin Telecaster, Gretsch Lap Steel, Piano and Bass. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every part.


Large Tree Next To Haunted House With Lichen

I’m done painting and decorating the haunted house. It turned out better than I had expected.

Not Exactly St. Peter at the Pearly Gates

The cemetery and gates / fence is almost done. I need to make it look weathered. The “mitre” was a funny happy accident.

I’ll be doing a Halloween photo shoot sooner than expected, so maybe I’ll do several.