Graveyard Stew

Cave Grave in Newton, NJ

I grew up in a town of 7000 population, near where the Appalachian Trail goes through. That town only grew by 1000 people 50 years later. Its 60 miles northwest of New York City. That fact is the only reason I’m not a hill billy or full frontal bumpkin.

The grave in the picture is on the side of a small hill in the Newton Cemetery. My friends and I walked past it every day on our way to the Halsted Street School, our middle school. At this grave, three young children entered a cave opening and were never found – so they entombed it. At least that is the story ….. But I do believe its true.

I have some other pure “American Gothic” stories – about a Scout Master stabbed 20 times by two boys he abused – I lived next to that Scout Masters Step Mother. I can also tell you a story about my Wrestling Coach, and how I was lucky to feel danger and avoid him like the plague. I escaped.

I’ve stumbled on the coolest Americana / Goth YouTube channel. It’s called “Dead Country Radio Show”. After listening to one show I started thinking of my own gothic stories.

Graveyard Stew - Inspired by Jack Kerouac

Graveyard stew
Nothing but bones
No meat,
Makes your stomach groan

Where can a man
Get a square meal?
Something filling,
Something real

Hungry for knowledge,
Thirsty for truth,
America now insane
A hellish graveyard stew

I do feel that after the previous four years and that nothing has happened to the traitors that America has become its own Gothic story and meatless, sinewy graveyard stew.

No more melting pot …..

Win Every Day

It's not
If you win
Or lose
It's how
You play
The game

When you
Play the game
And do unto others
As you would have them
Do unto you
You always win

Let the others
Win the battles
You will win the war,
Every war,
Every day

Make Room for Fooling

The Right Mix of Cool Thoughts and Warm Emotions
My younger years
Emotionally hot
My thoughts
Seemed so boolean

I either did it
Or did not
No middle ground,
No room for fooling

Yet room for fooling
Is what I needed
Some days to just meander
Cool thoughts,
Warm emotions,
The twixt between
Is Time to gander

Sleep on it
Chew your thoughts
Enjoy the thoughtful stew
Try a fork and then a spoon
Then you'll really know
What to do

Life is a River

Sometimes glassy, sometimes churning
Life is
A River:
Of thoughts,
Of feelings,
Of experiences

One minute glassy
Next minute churning
Through it all
There is our yearning

We hold our truths
To be self evident
Because we
Actually have no say
Life just flows
And we must play

Consuming Thoughts

When you
About your thoughts
And you're spinning
Round and round

Stop to think
That stopping thinking
Might be best
In fact, profound

Take a vacation
From yourself
Open up your foggy eyes
Nothing matters,
Warrants worry
Let it go
You'll be surprised!

We Have The Power

It's easy
To forget
The power
That we have

Filled with
Self doubt
It's how
We usually roll

If by accident
We rise above
And achieve
Our full potential

Reach for it
It's always there

Peace Came in a Dream Last Night

Captain Peace
Peace came 
In a dream
Last night
Clear as a bell
The sound was smooth
Like a soothing cello

Three weeks
Of Mental
With just one

It came
A midnight clear
Once I
Had some
Mental Space

Far from
The maddening crowd
A cool clear stream
With Cleansing Breath
An Open Mind,
The answer babbled in

Danger Days

Post Covid Anatomy

It funny, but I’m so used to lockdown – its like I don’t want to come out of my “safe cocoon” – even three weeks after my second shot. I will venture out and go to the gym again soon. That’s my strong defense mechanism and natural yearning for survival.

For the last three weeks, I’ve lived a horror at work. It feels “dangerous”, which is a really odd feeling to have. Like a nightmare where you feel you need to escape.

First Puppet Theatre Photo Shoot

Its a GREAT day – I’ve worked for months to get to this point. In some ways, today is “Day One” as far as this crazy puppet theatre idea goes. Its all started one afternoon – I had several weird thoughts that came together . . . . . take my music and combine it with creepy puppets – somehow. Video? Still Life Photography? YES to both and anything else that I can conjure up.

You will see a skirt around the stage – and also two backdrops – one is the constellations, and the other is a standard stage looking curtain that is maroon. My wonderful wife Kat taught me how to sew this weekend with her cool high tech sewing machine. So yeah – the biggest part of this is that I made everything – from the subfloor that I stand on when building “miniatures” – like the bench the audience is sitting on, to the piano – and the microphones.

Here are 10 photo’s out of a big photo shoot that made todays “cut”:

The cast and audience
TADA! Your Guest for tonights show . . .
The audience with Aunt Hermine – singing her heart out
Skullboy waits for his moment . . .
Radio KLAM is so lucky to have Aunt Hermine . . .
KLAM’s Famous “Here’s Lookin’ at Ya” microphone . . .
Is that a song – or a scream of terror?
Tequila Jack and Patty – she just likes to skate . . . .
The Ed Skullivan Show is over for this Sunday . . . .

Oh well – that was a nice weekend. Guess its back to the sausage factory tomorrow . . . .

Green Apple Man

If you know where I took this picture, leave a comment

I’ll retire in 4 years. After 40 years in IT, I still love my job. I was the 127th employee at Oracle, and that was way back in 1984.

Tempus Fugit!