Cumulus Straticus

Cumulus Straticus
Nimbo Bimbo
Romulus Frankincent
Merkin Bomb

There are clouds
I cannot pronounce
When I grab my camera
And pounce

Quaking Aspens

Its a regal procession
Its my obsession
To see what's shaking
When aspens are quaking

Their splendid leaves
Are on the scene
Shaking their colors
No longer green

The winter winds
Will soon blow in
The leaves will fly
And fill the sky

Early Snow

They predict an early snow
The leaves have gone to rust
Apples shrivel,  granny dolls
North winds begin to gust

Autumn is my favorite time
Reflecting  highs and lows
Bathed in autumns fading light
Leaves like people come and go

Every year in autumn time
There seems to be a theme
The leaves take on a certain hue
A side lit glorious scene


This years theme is rust
Like a cemetery gate
Skeleton keys rest their bones
On a trick or treat plate

Fall Colors and Optimism

A Rye Whisky Drink Called The Revolver

The most WordPress site visits I’ve gotten were from last years Fall Colors photos. Its clear to me that people want to see beauty in the world as a respite from the strife and worry. I have just started this years Fall Color Photography Extravaganza. During the Summer I did do a small theme on dried weeds – as I was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

My main goal after that surgery has been to be able to walk miles into places with the best fall colors the West has to offer. Wish me luck!

On another note of optimism, I found this:

I have never heard of these two fellows, and I’m always skeptical at first by anything I find on the internet. However, I do like their thought provoking discussion. Like some of the others who commented, at first I was hoping to hear “everything’s going to be fine”. Some took some of the interviewees thoughts as predictions.

That’s when it occurred to me that while I fully agree with Carl Sagan having worried about the “Dumbing Down of America” (back in the 90’s I believe) and laugh at the movie Idiocracy, I caught myself doing what the lack of critical thinking demands – that you not jump to conclusions or just take sides right away, but that you think a while. Chew on it.

America, as screwed up as it seems really is in the best position that it could be – much better than China or Russia. What’s so scary is that we are all sitting in top of a gold mine but our political discourse and divisiveness acts as if we are sitting on a powder keg.

Which brings me to a clear thought – if name calling and vitriol (certainly including my own) isn’t working, then how can both warring political factions lay down olive branches?

I’m no longer so altruistic to think that our two parties will do this. One very interesting thing happened during the J6 Committee Hearings – I found myself having the utmost respect for Adam Kitzinger, The Lincoln Project and especially Liz Cheney. These are all Regan and Bush people, and I never expected this. But it goes to show that even painful compromise is way better than “a house divided”.

There is a young fellow from Russia who interviews Russians asking what sound like provocative questions. What amazes me is how similar the Russian People are to Americans.

This has led me to believe that our politicians are NOT the answer but are the problem. The 1% are NOT the answer, but the “Common Man” will be the ones who can solve this mess.

Besides political strife we have a planet that requires an “all hands on deck” solution.

Which all if this leads back to you and me.

Bittersweet America

The Bitter and the Sweet

If America is an experiment
Who let the evil scientists in?
Where have all the super heroes gone?
The one’s who always win

When we broke away from King’s Rule
It almost didn’t happen
At every revolutionary battlefield
Our prospects looked very dim

But in the 11th hour
Somehow we came though
Maybe the super heroes now
Are me and you?

Rusty Nail Express

Go for it
Grab the ring
Or whatever you grab
Just do some-thing

Life is a train
That will pass you by
The clock on the wall
Says "time flies"

Don't worry about
Making mistakes
Learn from them
And you'll do great

Life is a train with
A track on the rails
Clear your train tracks
Of the rusty nails

I’ve been a super optimist all my life, and ever since Trump became president its gotten much harder to be optimistic. But I will keep trying.

Church Police

The randoms stand five foot eight
They stand for love & not for hate
They look just like you and me
They reject fascist wannabees

They call us the silent majority
From sea to shining sea
This monster will soon awake
And will really Make America Great

We've put up with way too much
With the Party that's Out of Touch
We just want kindness, love and peace
We don't want no Church Police

We don't want no theocracy
We don't want no Church Police

Burnt Orange Express

Vulture like sentinels waiting for his expiration date to pass
Its a skeleton key with hot wheels
Its a dark turn for the Art of the Deal
Its the color of someone unwell
Its a train headed head-first to hell

The conductor is the devil himself
He breathes fire toward the Fat Orange Elf
He will meet his maker one day
And it won't be a roll in the hay

No one will hear his wild screams
This won't be the place made of dreams
Karma will scorch his hind end
For the hateful life that he led

Rusty Orange

Lemon and Limes
Seems out of time
A smoky rusty key
Seems more like me

Amber waves
Golden grain
Skeleton key
Unlocks my peace

Just a quick test of recording an acoustic guitar. Lots of organ noodling, so just a silly little song (like all of them).

Planet Evermore

Step Aboard to Your Journey to Another Planet!
Here we are
Going nowhere fast
Ignoring the failure
That's about to come to pass

We've ignored
The warning signs
While we were drinking
Our expensive wine

Flies on our bodies
Flies in our food
Flies in our eyes
Flies in our mind

Nevermind the Bollocks
We were asleep
As our planet
Slowly burned

Gently floating
At deaths front door
We are headed
To Planet Evermore