Transcontinental Medication

Howdy Doody is no dummy when it comes to women …
She just left you for the coast
Like you were some ghastly ghost
You're looking sad and mighty pale
You can't abuse her so how you wail

You caught a plane to nowhere fast
You couldn't get her in your charming trap
You know you've finally gone too far
You've left your mark a nasty scar

Now it's her turn you've had yours
She's turned the table walked out your door
Leaving you at your little pity party
That bowl full of crow sure looks hearty

Narcissists can never be wrong
It's been this way all along
But we get tired of these lunatics
Leave them dry like junkies without a fix


After fixing yesterday’s attempt at a song with vocal melody – I decided to try to write a song in the key of B – and I saved the song in Cubase as “bees” – jokingly. Then I wrote the lyrics – and like the guitar chords – they just flowed out. The vocal melody was easy as could be – its exactly the kind of song I can sing given my limited singing abilities. (I will most likely take voice lessons – but I really need to figure out how I want my voice to sound. I know I don’t want to sing opera, art songs or lounge music. I want edgy sounding singing – and am not interested in “pretty / choir boy”). But I digress . . . . Then the Cello / Bass and Piano just rolled out lickety-split . . . Then I remembered an Assemblage piece and Photo I took years ago that had a bee in it – and Voila!

Funny how this all works . . . its a cool journey for sure!

There was a crooked man
Who lived in a crooked house
He made a mess of everything
He really was a Class A Louse

He shot himself in the foot
He kicked himself in the ass
He kicked himself so hard
That he ran out of gas

There was a decent man
Who lived a life of love
He honored everyone he met
He was sent from heaven above

The people loved him back
They knew he really cared
The strength of love was everything
Everything he had he shared

There was a hive of bees
Where all the honey was made
The bees all worked together
The honey was the finest grade

The sweetest honey wins
The peoples hearts and minds
If you want some honey
You have to be very kind

My Small Recording Studio Success

I started recording with Cubase LE two years ago using a Focusrite 2i2 and I had no idea about mixing and just used headphones. I liked Cubase so much I purchased the Pro edition. Here’s what I finally ended up with – a zero latency home studio with great monitoring and mixes:

  • Cubase Pro
  • SSL2+ interface
  • Yamaha HS-5’s for stereo mixing
  • Avantone Cube for mono mixing
  • Fender Mustang 50 watt amp
  • Royer R10 and Shure SM-57 on the guitar amp
  • SE Electronics VR2 for vocals

That’s it – very simple. I had done shootouts on all of the sub $500 interfaces and tried all of the decent microphones in the $500 ish or less class, and these won hands down.

Mike Seniors Mixing Secrets for Small Studios was the major breakthrough. Once I carefully read his book my home studio went from schmoe to pro.

The SSL2+ is quite a bit better than the UA Volt 276 that I have. While I like the Volt 276 ergonomics better, the SSL2+ preamps are the cleanest out of all of the budget interfaces. The MOTU M2 is pretty nice too, but even though the SSL2+ has a few things I feel they could have done better, nothing came close to it’s clean sound.

Half Bright Scholars

I wrote a vocal melody that was out of my league – so I decided to save this song by using “Sprechgesang” – or “speak-sing”. As it turns out – it fits the song much better since its basically a “two guys walk in a bar” joke.

Some of our illustrious politicians went to Ivy League schools. I’m not at all impressed . . . .
Two Half Bright Scholars
Walked into a bar
One forgot his wallet
The other locked his keys In his car

One Half Bright Scholar
Became President
He really believed
That He was Heaven sent

Giant swollen ego
Plus Giant swollen head
Amounts to less than zero
When all is done and said

Radio Depot

This is the first song that I’ve written where I used the keyboard to write a vocal melody first with lyrics, then the guitar, then I sang – before adding bass and mandolin. I’m very pleased how it turned out – since I figure I need vocal lessons and a year of singing practice before I become at least “OK” at singing. Its a different way of writing songs, and a very good challenge.

Radio Depot
Railroad station
Used to broadcast
Across this nation

Railroad Depot
Radio station
Trains that travelled
Across this nation

I've been blessed
To know these things
Experience the change
That progress brings

Tubes that glowed
Into the night
Orange amber
Radio light

Trains that whistled
Into the night
Tenders hot
Engine light

I've been blessed
To know these things
Experience the change
That progress brings

Garden Variety

In my garden
Lizards scurry
Past the flowers
In a hurry

Then they stop
Doing their pushups
Stick their tongue out
Leave abruptly

Chirping babies
In the birdhouse
Sing for supper
Mother Titmouse

Father Titmouse
Back and forth
Bringing food
From backyard source

Pocket Fisherman

Pockets full
Pocket book
Going fishing
With a hook

Cast a line
In his pocket
What he found
A rusty locket

Rusty locket
Her young face
Left him stranded
Left in haste

No remorse
Out his door
Jaw hung open
And hit the floor

Wallet empty
Wallet bare
Moths flew out
They were scared

Heart a wallet
Nothing left
Now she's gone
He's bereft

What's the use
Gave up living
Pain's a gift
That keeps on giving

Lint and moths
Pocket rust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

The Door is a Jar

The door
Is a jar
On the hood
Of a car

The hat
Is a lid
On the head
Of a kid

The key
Is a switch
On a wall
Of red bricks

The rug
Is a hat
Made of hair
From a cat

There’s Light

There's Light
There's Light
There's Light
There's Light

Light at the end
Of the tunnel
And for once
It's not a train

There's Light
There's Light
There's Light
There's Light

Carry the zero
I've paid my dues
My time is due
To leave the pain

Simple Pleasures

Algerian Coffee Store – London – 1989 – R. Holoch
Morning coffee
Wine before bed
Simple pleasures
Are heaven sent

Less is more
The little things
That make life fun
That make life sing

A sunny day
A walk in the park
The sound of crickets
After dark

Less is more
The little things
That make life fun
That make life sing

An old photo
Of days gone by
Autumn leaves
A clear blue sky

Less is more
The little things
That make life fun
That make life sing

A favorite song
A babbling brook
A field of flowers
Your favorite book

Less is more
The little things
That make life fun
That make life sing