Rusty Nails

Every fence post
Has a story to tell
Those who trespassed
Those who fell

Some posts hold gates
Some barbed wire
The entrance to heaven
Or the devils hell fire

We will die
As we have lived
Those who've only taken
Those who dare to give

Lets raise our glass
To the giving
They deserve our gratitude
The best amongst the living

Santa Be Good

Santa be good
She's half your age
You have that Restraining Order
Breaking and entering
Is kinda your thing
You got caught at the border

Please stay away
From liquor and drugs
Its always on your breath
One more DUI we fear
And Christmas will be
Sentenced to death

Santa be good
Kiss Mrs. Claus
She threatened to go far away
Please make your toys
For the girls and the boys
Please stay out of that jail

I lived in San Francisco between 1984 - 94, before the Dot Con ruined it. Our Veterinarian for our kitties was Elmo Shropshire. He looked a little like Sting of the police and was quite hip - and was originally from Tennessee (if I remember correctly). [Correction - Kentucky]. His band was called "Elmo and the Highrise Hillbillies" and they did that wonderful / dreadful song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".

Every Song a Gift

Every song is a puzzle
In the form of a gift
Every chorus, bridge and verse
Every riff

I wake up every day
With these puzzle bits
Wondering how different
The parts might just fit

Music is living
Lifeblood and grand
Some seems like magic
Some of it planned

One of the things
That I'm so Thankful for
Is musical puzzles
And writing the score

This year I’m combining Thanksgiving with Christmas. It seems fitting that the best gift you can give is gratitude and giving thanks. I’ll make it a point to let all the people I know that I’m thankful for them.

Jumpin’ Jawbones

He wants your vote
To get elected
He doesn't like
To be rejected

His charming way
You can't resist
He's a pathological

With megaphone
He'll hoot and holler'
So he can grift
Your every dollar

His charming way
You can't resist
He's a pathological

Orange Megaphone

Green tea, Orange megaphone
Quiet thoughts
In 1844
The first telegram
What Hath God Wrought?

Numbers 23:23, 23 skidoo
Nonsense verse
Could be better
I suppose
It could be worse

Once upon
A dada tree
There sat a
Jub jub bird
Here I sit
Broken hearted
Trying to find some words

Phantom Signalman

He's from another era
He speaks in dashes and dots
From a bygone time
That everyone has forgot

His radios run on tubes
He calls his headphones cans
He speaks a different tongue
Modern man doesn't understand

He sends telegrams
With his Morse Code Key
These messages
No one will ever see

Amber Glow

Its dark outside
But here at home
Our amber lights
Warm glow

I suppose
We compensate
For our thanks
We give is great

Home is
Where the heart is
Our amber glow
Is how we live

Pictures of Uranus

I've seen pictures
Of Uranus
Now I know what
Makes you famous

Venus might have
More publicity
But Uranus
Drives me crazy

Uranus is in
A big black hole
Is very gaseous
I've been told

Mortal men have
Sent you probes
To check out
Your orbiting globes

I want to see
Your melon moons
Is it time
Or just too soon

I have patience
I can wait
Because its only
Our first date


Signal from Mars
Mark of the beast
Robots from hell
They come in piece

Hell is on Mars
Lets travel there
Fireball sun
Will singe all our hair

Where else to go?
How bout Uranus
Send politicians
And anyone famous

Rich billionaires
Send them to Pluto
Pack them a lunch
Expensive prosciutto

Dregs of the earth
Send them to space
Billionaire rockets
New kind of race

Greedy dishonest
Attention getters
Send them to Saturn
Then lets forget em'


I came across 
An abandoned store
Filled with treasures
From before

I just wish
That I could find
The previous owner
To peek inside

I heard a voice
A mannequin
She said that she would
Let me in

The store was filled
With bric a brac
Things I love
Worth more than cash

Bourbon Trombone
Champagne Flute
Brandy Snifter
Vodka Snoot

Then I woke up
In a start
Got my tablet
Wrote this part