Winter Solstice

Gingko Leaf on Spruce Bough

Magnetic lines
UV rays
Bathe us in light
Nighttime stars
Show us the way

Winter solstice
Earths delight
Give us short days
And long nights
Radio waves
Northern Lights

Carry the message
Of our love
One door closes
Another opens
Soon comes the New Year
Look for New Hope

From light to dark
And dark to light
Lets make hay
While the sun shines

Twin Lens Reflex

Twin Lens Reflex Film Camera

I wanted to write a song about Black Lives Matter because the history books are going to show how important that movement is / has been. I also love the “Two Tone” ska movement in the 80’s in the UK and reggae and ska in general. Its music that is very positive and upbeat, which is more powerful than more anthemic or sharp pointed “lectures”. I also do think abo

Twin lens reflex
In parallax
Two different views

One side black
The other white
Its in the news

Graphic view
Large format
Special lens

Awaken the White
Taught by the Black
Now become friends

Its never too late
To come together
And denounce hate

Old habits die hard
The bigger the beast
The bigger the fate

Fine grains of silver
Fine grains of sand
Time in an hourglass
The Family of Man

I Hope I Never Hope Again

Hope Springs Eternal – especially in Fall

Caught by surprise
Fear in our eyes
Hearts filled with doubt
What’s it all about?

The sky turned dark
Pandemic’s mark
Forests burned
Politicians not concerned

Yet here I am with you
It seems we’ll make it through
In our safe quarters
We sailed on calm waters

We almost lost it
We sure were tested
We thought it would end
Hope, our old friend

A House and a Home

With some Love and Caring, this abandoned Old House could become a Home

A house is a home
When love lives inside
Two hearts are one
When two souls collide

I lived in a house
That wasn’t a home
Surrounded by family
I felt so alone

My smile lights up
When you come home
Its not just a house
And you are my poem

Love lives inside
This humble abode
Joy grows inside
On Orchard Road

Cobweb Telegram

Messages from Our Past

An incoming message
It comes from our past
We think we are special
Our lives go so fast

We think we are modern
We’re fooling ourselves
Just listen to music
The records on shelves

Play what you can
Play what you must
Ashes to ashes
Then we are dust

An old radio signal
An old telegraph
A message from ghosts
Our loved ones who’ve passed

When you hear the clicking
The messages say
Don’t live for tomorrow
Live for today

This Machine Kills Pumpkin Pie

Gretsch G5422T

I dedicate smashing the orange pumpkin with this pumpkin smashing machine. A nod to Woody Guthrie and his fascist killing machine!

Thank God for Woody Guthrie

More Bad Assed Than Any Punk – Ever

What I love so much about Woody Guthries’ lyrics is that he lays out the irony and dichotomy of what truth is in a way where you will be humming along with the great “Americana” sound – maybe even think its some patriotic song – and then you stop and say “Holy Shit” when you catch what he is saying.

Turkey Trot

Baby Jesus on the Festivus Pole

Well, well, well, ol’ Fat Turkey Loser Trump just really, really lost the election. The GSA just released funds for Team Biden-Harris. Here is my celebration song:


Telluride, Colorado

The most beautiful place
That I’ve ever seen
Is a part of heaven
Called Telluride

We drove from Mesa Verde
After a gorgeous hike
On hiway 1 – 4 – 5
The most beautiful pike

Always in my heart
Always on my mind

We saw aspens aglow
Gold, crimson and copper
Along the way
To Telluride

When we arrived
We saw aspens in snow
I could have died
And that would have been alright

Silent Night, STARRY NIGHT

Its the Prelude to the Holidays – the most peaceful easy feeling I’ve had in four years

Thanksgiving will be full of thanks this year. Even with the pandemic – the promise of a vaccine looms large – and when I say loom – this time its a good thing!