No Warning

She ran to the station
Feeling no pain
The party ran late
And so did the train

She ran cross the tracks
The shortcut to home
She almost made it
She let out a groan

The train couldn't stop
The midnight express
It couldn't give warning
The site was a mess

She now walks the tracks
In her party attire
And runs back and forth
Like a free ghostly flyer

Heavens Depot

Heavens Depot
Run down peep show
Now shut down
Owner skipped town

Nascent beauties
Naughty nudies
In the flesh
They want your cash

Nighttime creepers
Meth head tweakers
Small town dreams
Not in their scene

On a mission
Useless buggers
Doing nothing

I visited Dayton Ohio in 2016 and liked a couple neighborhoods that people were fixing up. Like that one year I lived in Rochester, these towns had abandoned downtown neighborhoods and if you were willing to fix old buildings up, you could get a very nice old wooden house for next to nothing. Even if you had to put $200,000 into them, as the neighborhood gentrified, you’d easily recoup that. With remote working available (for IT people especially) you could make a lot and have very affordable housing in a hip neighborhood.

The catch? Once a town or city hits the skids its a very long road back, and I doubt things will return to “the good old days”. But the gamble will be worth it in some small US rust belt towns and cities. What shocked me the most was learning that Dayton was a sort of cross roads for opioids. So there was hope and despair. Apparently, the City has turned the problem around and is a model for other cities that have such a problem. You would be shocked to see where such problems exist in the US – these sorts of things are usually pegged to just big cities.

Now there’s a real life Halloween story.

Candy From Hell

If the devil gave out candy
It would surely be Brach's
That shit tastes real nasty
And it's harder than rocks

The same goes for Werthers
And Whitman's Sampler
This is the candy given out
By everyone's old grandparents

Give me a snickers
Mounds or a Kit Kat
Real yummy candy
None of that other crap

This song was written based on the feelings kids had in the 60’s and when after a night of Trick or Treating we’d compare what we got.

It was written after I listened to a bunch of Gene Shepherd WOR radio shows. Gene Shepherd wrote “A Christmas Story”.

Family Plot

Step inside
My newfound friend
Its the beginning
Not the end

There's a family plot
At the front of the house
Not a creature is stirring
Not even a mouse

The burial ground
Has been disturbed
Don't you worry
She's not perturbed

They say she wanders
Around at night
Giving the living
Quite a fright

The Late Arrival

We've been waiting for you
All these years
As you posed
In store windows
For people to see

We knew it would take time
For you to
Take these steps
Climb these stairs
To your eternal rest

The Curious Dr. Blackwood

Up on the bluff
In Bodie Town
The cemetery
Had disturbed ground

The body was found
Deep in a mine
Subject of experiments
To further his science

Dr. Blackwood
In Top Hat and cape
Took the midnight stage
So he could escape

He got away
Was never found
In the Walker River
They say he had drowned

Trick or Treat!

It might seem silly after all these years, but the American celebration of Halloween is still one of my favorites.

Its light hearted and usually happens when the weather starts turning towards Winter. The days get very much shorter in the Northern Hemisphere.

While All Hallowed Eve is a time to celebrate and remember loved ones who’ve passed – serious stuff, and November 1 being All Souls Day, I do love the childhood memories that the less serious Halloween celebrations bring. When I see kids in costumes it brings a big smile in me.

I think Thanksgiving is still my favorite and one holiday of gratitude and giving thanks that should be a daily celebration. I think it has great universal meaning regardless of culture or religion, and even if much of the history we were taught was simplified and sanitized, the core idea of Thanksgiving is a good thing, regardless.

Dark Hand

The “dark hand” is the old oak tree in the upper right
As darkness falls
It casts a pall
Over the cemetery
They've locked the gates
I'll have to wait
Its getting very eerie

I've never felt
Alone with so many
Forgotten souls
Their families gone
Time marches on
I don't believe in ghosts

What's that noise
Are they footsteps?
The crunching of the leaves
My bad luck
Has run amok
Its hard for me to see

Its pitch black out
I hear a shout
From the gate below
An old lantern man
Lit by candle
From the old railroad

Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscience
Then you have a soul
That holds a place for
Your Eventual Ghost

We may not survive
Or live forever
But we are vessels
Place holding our soul

Our soul is our
Earthly heart
When we pass on
That's when we start


When we die
We only start
Our Eventual Ghost
Comes from our heart

I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New and Old Testament. While these were written by some old dudes a long time ago – I think a book of morals is a good thing. I also think any religion that is based on The Golden Rule is great. But sadly – I gave up religion years ago due to so much hypocrisy and those who use religion for their political and other money making devious ventures. On top of that – fundamentalists and in your face bible thumpers just plain suck. No wonder churches are closing down right and left.

There is still a part in me that thinks – maybe – just maybe – there is something that is bigger than us ant like humans and that maybe there is at least some Devine or cosmic force in the universe. I say this because I can look at stars and the moon at night or just the beauty of nature during the day – or perhaps witnessing a kind loving gesture by a human being and then some of my erstwhile faith is restored. But man, its getting harder and harder it seems.

Nature makes me feel like there is a God – and humans make me feel like there is a devil. Just kidding (not kidding) – there are some really, really bad humans that have polluted this earth the last 5 or 6 years. Parading as saints no less. Charlatans Jesus threw out of the Temple . . . Throw in gun violence – and what a misery stew.

Any way – none of us live forever – so I have been reflecting on what we are and what a heart and soul is. No definitive answers – but it is an interesting thing to ponder every now and then.

dia de los cabeza muertos

All of a sudden, I’m playing violin and loving it. I’ve been playing open strings and just practicing bowing for quite a while, and I thought I’d only ever use it just occasionally and for very small parts.

The last couple days seem to be a mini breakthrough.