Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscience
Then you have a soul
That holds a place for
Your Eventual Ghost

We may not survive
Or live forever
But we are vessels
Place holding our soul

Our soul is our
Earthly heart
When we pass on
That's when we start


When we die
We only start
Our Eventual Ghost
Comes from our heart

I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New and Old Testament. While these were written by some old dudes a long time ago – I think a book of morals is a good thing. I also think any religion that is based on The Golden Rule is great. But sadly – I gave up religion years ago due to so much hypocrisy and those who use religion for their political and other money making devious ventures. On top of that – fundamentalists and in your face bible thumpers just plain suck. No wonder churches are closing down right and left.

There is still a part in me that thinks – maybe – just maybe – there is something that is bigger than us ant like humans and that maybe there is at least some Devine or cosmic force in the universe. I say this because I can look at stars and the moon at night or just the beauty of nature during the day – or perhaps witnessing a kind loving gesture by a human being and then some of my erstwhile faith is restored. But man, its getting harder and harder it seems.

Nature makes me feel like there is a God – and humans make me feel like there is a devil. Just kidding (not kidding) – there are some really, really bad humans that have polluted this earth the last 5 or 6 years. Parading as saints no less. Charlatans Jesus threw out of the Temple . . . Throw in gun violence – and what a misery stew.

Any way – none of us live forever – so I have been reflecting on what we are and what a heart and soul is. No definitive answers – but it is an interesting thing to ponder every now and then.

dia de los cabeza muertos

All of a sudden, I’m playing violin and loving it. I’ve been playing open strings and just practicing bowing for quite a while, and I thought I’d only ever use it just occasionally and for very small parts.

The last couple days seem to be a mini breakthrough.

All (Old) Souls Day

My Great Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandmother in London – St. Giles, Cripplegate

All Saints or All Souls Day is technically November 2, but I celebrate it every time I open up Ancestry and I look at my family tree. I have traced both my mother and father’s trees back to 1500, which is when church records were kept. State Archive records kick in about 1700. Because I love history, I guess I could be considered an Old Soul.

The best thing is seeing old photographs, and seeing relatives who look like yourself or another loved one.

I like how Halloween is the “gateway” to the final two months of the year and the Holiday Season. I see September through Thanksgiving as one big Harvest Festival, which is my absolute favorite time of year.

Raise a glass to all souls, those living and those dearly departed.

Something Wonderful

Nothing is perfect
Nor is anyone
Anyone who says different
Is someone to shun

Snake oil sales
Are through the roof
Will fix what ails you
And they have proof

You and I know
It's a load of bull
Take it as humor
Something wonderful

Even grey days
Make the air feel cool
Then sun breaks though
Something wonderful

How a single leaf
Is beyond belief
Nature shares with you
Something wonderful

Autumn Harvest Thanks

Just a seedling
This one has attitude
Dropped here by the wind
Soon it took up root

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

It may be Halloween
That will give you a fright
I like to see it more
As the Crescent Moon so bright

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

Give thanks every day
I think there is a God
But I'm not religious
You might find this odd

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ

It's time for Trick or Treat
Beginning of the season
That makes the year complete

Celebrate the harvest
Of all good things

All Souls Day
Time to remember
Those who've gone away


Glass Insulator
Food for Thought

Only Sent
To the Dead
Forelorn Messages
Never Were Read

The Curious Demise of Bob Ghoul

Bob Ghoul
Had a young wife
Used Strychnine
To try to take her life

In his haste
His own cup he laced
He caught it too late
His own life he did take

Tis advice for you
Karma is the rule
Do unto others
Or end up a ghoul

The Hidden Staircase

There is a hidden staircase
In the house up on the hill
Its behind a pocket door
Haunted by a girl named Lil

Very few have gone beyond
The door that quickly slides
Very few have seen Lil's face
And how she flits and glides

Those who have
Have never returned
Returned to tell their tale
They climbed the stairs
And turned to dust
When Lil began to wail

The Haunted Piano

Comfort or terror
She follows me round
I see her young face
Her voices soft sound

All the bad things
Now that I've hid
I shouldn't have done
To her what I did

From the piano
The 88 keys
Her soft gentle voice:
"Bring me back, please" ...