Autumn Color Finale

My Favorite Fall Color Photo This Year
The days have a chill
That signals the end
Of Fall Color Foliage
My latest best friend

Thanksgiving's soon
So much to be thankful for
Rekindling love
Reunions Galore

Soon I will spy
Winter scenes
Subtle beauty
With my photographic eye

Forest Fire of Color

I'm so glad
You were spared
Left to grow
Your leaves aglow

Rain has started
Pray for more
Forests dry
Consumed by fire

Action needed
By you and me
Prevent the trees

Autumn Falls

As Autumn Falls
So do Autumn leaves
We saw its peak
This past week

I could go on forever
But you already know
The magic involved
In Fall Color Glow

Stop me if
(You've heard this one before)
But Autumn rules!
Hey! Are you starting to Snore?