Haters Hoedown

Its summer time
And you know what
Kick your neighbor
In the nuts

Pick your partners
Choose them well
Everyone else
Can go to hell

Haters Hoedown
White National Pride
Hunt down Congress
Make them hide

Extra points
For politicians if
You don't like
Their disposition

Dance around
The dee cee doh
Charlottesville was
The first to go

Who'll be next
What's your guess
Targets of
These Terrorists

Get the gallows
Hang em' high
Watch the bastards
Choke and die

We do it all
For the genius man
He'll give us riches
That's his plan

It's a Haters Hoedown
Here's the low down
People we don't like
We'll mow down

Two Sheriffs

Its taken me 6 years to get over the horror of the Political Stain on America. While it still wreaks of that subhuman filth ex President, I realize in many ways it just doesn’t matter – that we have been here before, it just has seemed worse than ever. Time has – and is – showing us that like all other real and wannabe dictators who rise on a platform of hate – that the platform is like a bullies – all mouth and very weak. Look at how it ended for ALL dictators – they ALL collapsed under their own “hate weight”. Love will conquer the hate and haters. Accentuate the positive!

This song is a fairy tale – a modern day Grimms?

This song has my first Cello parts. I’m a total Cello neophyte.

All my children
Gather around
I'm going to tell you
'Bout the new sheriff in town

One, a hard worker
Quiet and humble
Two, a spoiled brat
A fool and a bumbler

One, tall and thin
And quite debonaire
Two, a fat oaf
Donkey straw for hair

One, an honest man
Who tells us the truth
Two, a rotten crook
Only lies through his tooth

One, a good husband
Who loves his family
Two, a philanderer
Only cares about He

One, a kind leader
Vaccinated The People
Two, a virus spreader
A real Grim Reaper

One, a Catholic
Who is devout
Two, a charlatan
Jesus threw out

One, a kind giver
Who overcame grief
Two, constant taker
Grifter and thief

One, empathetic
Open and kind
Two, narcissist
Out of his mind

One, plays it careful
Saves everything
Two, spendthrift fool
Bankruptcy King

One, wouldn't be sheriff
If Two weren't so awful
Two, he is his own worst enemy
Crooked, unrepentent, unlawful

That is the story
Please tell your friends
Selfish people fail
Its a means to and end

Fire Throwing Clowns

Fire Throwing Clown, or Innocent Toddler?

I can’t help myself – the news just keeps getting more Dada and Surreal. And funny as all hell – in a creepy Halloween sort of way.

There was a story of a woman in Arizona who quit her job to work on the Fraudit. She asked if The National Guard could protect them from Black Lives Matter snipers and Fire Throwing Clowns.

Since MAGA is just a new Doomsday Cult (they literally are drinking the Ivermectin Kool Aid as they did in Jonestown), and so I thought what if they were like The Jahovas Witnesses, going door to door with their version of The Watchtower – no words, but a “Big Book of Donald” coloring book.

When MAGAT "Patriots" call
Be sure to lock your door
Their shirts are Kolored brown
They look for Kindred Klowns

They come to spread the news
Red Gospel to the Blues
Space lasers from the Jews
They seem to be confused

Their sycophantic lust
The vaccine they don't trust
Ivermectin or bust
Makes their bodies rust


When they knock your door
They you must ignore
Keep it locked real tight
Until they're out of sight

The Ballad of Swanky Sweet

The Life of an Idle White Privileged Socialite
Well buoyed By Daddy's cash
Debutant of Nouveaux White Trash
Tis the tale of Swanky Sweet
A more privileged Maiden
You'll never meet

Husband is a cuckold putz
Convict father is quite the yutz
Just like father, just like son
New York con men on the run

They say that power doth corrupt
All their riches never enough
Empty souls in dire need
A sty of pigs slopped in greed

Just like Scrooge
They count their coins
Line their pockets
Grease their loins

But unlike Dear Uncle Scrooge
There's no remorse,
No accounting
For this stinking brood

The Ugliest Of Ugly Americans

Americans With Their Heads Up Their Junctions

I wanted to try a psycho billy song, and I think I came close, and for some craziness, I added a Moog Theremini theremin. Its not often that a song could use a theremin. I will try to write a few more – this was huge fun, and I won’t ruin it by trying to sing or “sprechgesang”.

A little "love song"

He's a bloated
Fat orange pig
Worlds biggest phony
Even his wig

Spoiled brat weakling
Spoiled brat putz
When going gets tough
He hides like a schmuck

Yet he comes back
Like a bad hemorrhoid
Bobbing and squinting
Grifting's his ploy

Cons all his suckers
Takes all they're worth
Leaves them for dead
On his scorched earth

Racist and sexist
A self loving fool
Dumb as his spawn
His family jewels

All put together
Less than zero
Contributes to nothing
Nothing to show

Their day will come
And come it will soon
Karma is near
For this pack of goons

Laughing stock
Of the entire world
Their dimwit flag
About to unfurl

Jesus Ain’t Coming Back

This was a fun “laser cut puzzle” to build

I was listening to The Dead Country Radio Show and The Dead Roots Syndicate YouTube podcasts yesterday. These are great Alt-Country shows and you can hear the Johnny Cash “man in black” influence throughout the music – whether it be rockabilly, alt-country, bluegrass or some other hybrid sound. Just awesome. Kicks psycho billy up a notch or three…

I woke up (and with tongue firmly planted in cheek) wrote these lyrics. At 8 am I decided to try to write a song in 3 hours since I needed to go on a nice bike ride at 11. It is meant to be a song with dark humor – I’ve never been a protester, but I do try to be more creative about my feelings than just ranting – Lord knows there’s too much of that these days.

My all time psycho billy bands are:

The Cramps
The Gun Club

Its an OK song – I’m pleased that I could get something recorded right away. What I would love is a lower voice singer, singing like Johnny Cash or one of the many cool groups on those podcast shows.

It was fun to make believe.

Jesus ain’t coming back
Cuz he never left
We’ve ruined heaven
And he’s bereft

We took Gods good green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Jesus ain’t coming back
He left on a Northbound train
We worship idle politicians
Antisocial media pain

We took Gods good green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Jesus ain’t coming back
There’s just too much to fix
God said “they broke it, they bought it”
We’ve opened the door marked 666

We took Gods good Green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Homeward Bound

July 4 Weekend Will Complete This

I’ve had a great two first weeks on the new job. It’s everything I’d hope for – actually even a bit better, if that’s possible.

Todays song is a bit drone, dirge and full of melancholy because it was written in a minor key. I’ll have to share how I came up with this – its a totally new way for me as far as writing a song. Every now and then I like to break out of the “3 minute pop song mold”. Its just a little experiment, but these experiments are how I learn and improve . . .

I did write some lyrics to match the tone. Its a reflection on how that bastard crook Dump family almost ruined America, and how for the first time in 4 years I feel great on July 4th. I’m declaring my independence from the Dump Crime Family – as their business has been indicted, and as each slimeball in that family will get their turn.

Nearing the station
Just around the bend
We thought this trip
Would never end

Justice best served
On an icy cold platter
We didn't forget
That Justice Matters

Flying the flag
High in the 4th of July
America survived
The evil ex guy


We The People
Demand our country
Be fascism free

Let this be the funeral dirge for a dead and decaying Dump Crime Family Business. This is the icing on the cake after that scam bag lost the election.