At Home With The Aspens

There's an old house
Forgotten in time
Its lonely and cold
Looks so left behind

The old man who died
Had no kin to grieve
The house was his home
Grown over with trees

The Aspens have grown
Up through the floor
Into the windows
And out the back door

The house fully paid
There were no more bills
The tax collector sighed
For this house on the hill

Radio Silence

Beyond the hectic here and now
In time just like a dream
A thought a distant photograph
A peaceful autumn scene

There is only one time
Where stations come in clear
Where just the hum of white noise
Is all we want to hear

Let all thoughts and worries
Blow away in the wind
They shouldn't be the death of us
They'll come and go again

Find your peace this peaceful time
Where nature goes to sleep
Take a break, relax a bit
A harvest you will reap

Flaming Aspens

Rendered Version of This Autumns Aspens
Flaming Aspens
All aglow
Red, Copper, Orange
And Yellow

Autumns Fireworks
In one small tree
Soothed my soul
Set me free

Trees of green
Hide and seek
But when Fall arrives
We leaf peep

Autumn Color Finale

My Favorite Fall Color Photo This Year
The days have a chill
That signals the end
Of Fall Color Foliage
My latest best friend

Thanksgiving's soon
So much to be thankful for
Rekindling love
Reunions Galore

Soon I will spy
Winter scenes
Subtle beauty
With my photographic eye

Forest Fire of Color

I'm so glad
You were spared
Left to grow
Your leaves aglow

Rain has started
Pray for more
Forests dry
Consumed by fire

Action needed
By you and me
Prevent the trees

Autumn Falls

As Autumn Falls
So do Autumn leaves
We saw its peak
This past week

I could go on forever
But you already know
The magic involved
In Fall Color Glow

Stop me if
(You've heard this one before)
But Autumn rules!
Hey! Are you starting to Snore?

Past Peak

Just like Maine
The nearby woods
Burst into color
Delivered the Goods

As soon as it arrived
It was going away
The leaves start to drop
Such a short stay

Alas our Fall Leaf Peeping
Holiday will come to an end
T'was the best I can remember
Time so well spent

Our beautiful memories
Recorded forever
To always remember
Fall Color Treasures

The Secret Leaf Peeper Police

The job 
Of The Secret Leaf Peeper Police
Is to Search and Enjoy
Sleuthing the nooks and crannies
For colored leaf envoys

In the Western US
The colors play hide and seek
It's not a game for the meek

Where I grew up
In the East
There was no game
And no police
Just look out the window
There you go
Fall colors everywhere on show

This is the year
I Joined The Force
I made extra effort
To search though the forests
Like digging for truffles
Clusters of Aspens
Laid out before us

The scene of The Crime?

Autumn’s Rich Pageant

Two trees
Go into a fern bar
One an Aspen,
The other a Pine

The bartender says,
"Can I see some ID?"
They show ID
Then order wine

There is no
To this joke
No moral
To this story
Just enjoying Autumn's Pageantry
In Digital Technicolor Glory

Autumn Aspenglow

Late this afternoon
Just before sunset
Just weeks before Daylight Savings Time
A glowing grove of aspens said "Hey, yeah you!"

To complicate the matter
A cold gentle rain slunk over the ridge
I grabbed my camera to seize the day
Phew! I couldn't move any faster

The rain closed in
I took my chance
The sky grew dark
Click for The Win!