KRY Radio

I’ll have a series of photographs and maybe songs related to this microphone and or KRY Radio. Stay tuned.

The bottom end
Of your radio dial
The saddest station
K - R - Y

The bad news hits
Shades the light
There are no answers
K - R - Y

Middle of the road
Everything you like
Your home station
K - R - Y

Sounds of the times
Days of your lives
Keep your dial tuned to
K - R - Y

When good news hits
Ascend new heights
Tears of joy
K - R - Y

At the top
Of your radio dial
The happy station
K - R - Y

Tears of Darkness
Tears of Light
Turn your dial to
K - R - Y

Voodoo Lounge Singer

Within a couple of weeks we have a Buckeye tree that will start to bloom. It always happens by mid February. There are other trees that have white flowers that bloom by this same time. I’m going to try to write a song with a melody based on Spring since we are getting close to Mardi Gras, which here in Orinda is a sort of early spring.

I’m posting my “Friday Intention”. Pray for me – I’m going to try to sing! Check back later to see if it actually happens.

Madame LeVey at The Crystal Skull Voodoo Lounge
I woke up 
On the right side of the bed
This new silly song
Dancing in my head

I'm in a great mood
Like a happy school kid
On this sunny Friday
I think I'll sing

I started out
With a melody
On the grand piano
That was the Key

I matched my voice
With this melody
Note for note
Now let's see

Like everything else
It will take time
But first tries are good
They're never a crime


Voodoo Lounge Singer
New Voodoo Mic
Holy Mardi Gras
Spring is within site!

Where Love Knew No Name

This is a true story.

They were never meant for each other
They were only lifeless part time lovers
Passion never entered their room
From the start their match was doomed

There was no foul play or murder
No abuse, yelling or even a murmur
There simply was nothing between them
Their marriage only a convenience

After receiving his Dear John letter
He started feeling much better
He had wondered for many years
When mad passionate love might appear

The story has a happy ending
She with her socialite tending
He met his hot gypsy sweetheart
Both found their intended counterpart

Its Been a While

It was cathartic to hear a song I wrote 36 years ago and compare it to my song writing today – especially since I didn’t touch a musical instrument for more than 34 of those years. I also remember my band mates and these lyrics just poured out.

Shortwave Radio
Its been a while
Since we played
And sang our songs
Never again
Now that you're gone

Its been a while
Wishing you well
Wherever you are
Thirty six years
Have come and gone

Its been a while
The saying goes
There's no guarantees
Anything can happen
To you and me

Haunted Bookends

Some clowns
Appeared way up high
On my bookshelf
The other night

I said "What do you want?"
They just smiled
It must have been the Bourbon
Or the sweet Barleywine

I asked them to leave
I felt out of my mind
But they sat there and smiled
My demand they declined

Pink elephants and Bookshelf Clowns
Is what happens when you imbibe
Your imagination takes over
Its all in your mind (?)

My Top Three Favorite Assemblage Photos

This was much easier to choose from as compared to the Nature photography. The best thing about Assemblage is how what you end up building is better than your original idea. This usually happens when you have “happy accidents”. Many times an original idea doesn’t pan out because it feels forced.

The bookshelves were a big surprise. I used these tiny books sold on Amazon and glued everyone on an old varnished oak bookshelf made from an old scientific lab measuring device. I have more dramatic photos but this is the best close up.

The piano was also an old oak wooden scientific instrument case. This puppet was the perfect piano player because she looks like my piano teacher way back in the 80’s. This piece is tied with the bookshelves, but I’ll keep it at three images.

Most of my Assemblage pieces end up being photographed and then recycled. These three pieces won’t be recycled because they are the best and are keepers.

Ill post my plans for next years “art theme” in an upcoming post.

Alien Steam Punk Abduction

He saw her
By the record machine
The Lab Technician
Her name was Jean

She was at the bar
After work
And in walks this robot
His name was Kirk

He was smitten
With no compunction
He beamed her up
An Alien Steam Punk Abduction

Baby, I’ve Only Got Eye For You

Baby, I've only got eye for you
That should come as no surprise
I'll give you all I've got
Which is one prosthetic eye

I don't have vast riches
Or stunning good looks
But what I lack in stature
I make up with gadzooks

My treasure is your trash
My Assemblages never last
They're for my photography
I'll recycle them to keep you happy

A small note of explanation. I build Assemblages with the main intent of using them for still life photography. I have a basement full of junk “chotskis”. My wife asked me to please not buy any more junk, so I agreed to keep recycling what I have. It’s a fair ask and compromise, and even a fun challenge.

So this is a love song featuring chotskis.

Tree Wise Guys

We tree guys
Of Orient Aint
Our good looks
Will make you faint

We've arrived
To cheer you up
Pour some beer
Into our cups

Never too early
To deck the halls
Fill the tree
With colored balls


Glass Insulator
Food for Thought

Only Sent
To the Dead
Forelorn Messages
Never Were Read