A Colder October

February is
A colder October
Its days grow longer
The sun grows stronger

October is
A winding down
Its nights grow longer
The moon grows stronger

Some days
Between the two
Seem alike
When riding your bike


The buckeye trees
Burst into bloom
After winters nap
The first to come back

The Moderns at Dingmans Ferry Bridge

Just below
A little ridge
Across the Delaware
Spans a tiny bridge

A peaceful river crossing
Dingmans is its name
Used to have a Ferry
That's its only fame

Some say its haunted
Its just quiet and still
For some its too much nature
That gives The Moderns chills

My Top Three Favorite Nature Images of 2021

There were so many excellent Fall color photos this year, so they dominate this list. This was taken near Tumalo Falls near Bend, Oregon. This is part of several series of Oregon Fall photos and there others tied for first with this one – maybe better for full on color, but the path in the photo really helps make it interesting.

A real surprise – taken next door at home – our neighbors smoke tree. Proves you can find beauty in your own back yard. I couldn’t believe how many different colors this short tree (bush?) Had. There are at least a handful of others in this series tied with this one.

There was a gutter in the street in Moraga that caught my eye on a bike ride and was a tree that turned color early. By itself it was awesome, but I really liked the treated version. This is because many times even the best photo falls short of what our eyes see in the original scene.

Crown Bouquet

The Crown Bouquet
There is a special place
In heaven for those who love
Their eyes are wide open
To the beauty below and above

There is a special place
In hell for those who hate
Their eyes are closed shut
The dark abyss their fate

Get yourself a Crown Bouquet
Love thy neighbor
And soon you'll experience
What the word human is for


Now you've really gone done it
Keeping my Fall Color Dream alive
Here its almost Christmas
Yet you still survive

You know I'll take it
I'm a kid in disguise
Stay young forever
With eyes opened wide

A rich coppery red
Your color astounds
I'll try to explain it
Very earthy like ground

The Solstice Holy Grail

Something profound
Happened this Fall
Caught by surprise
I heard something call

It must be our time
Here on Green Earth
Our days are so numbered
Until our rebirth

This ain't no religion
I'm here to say
Don't live for tomorrow
Live for today

Take in the beauty
Hear the sweet sounds
Play your piano
While you're still around

This Autumn
The colored leaves said to me
Climb that big hill
Ford that cold stream

Now comes the Solstice
And I'm feeling alive
I used to think Winter
Was a time for dying

Just yesterday
I saw new plants growing
Many are sleeping
Soon seeds will be sewing

I saw a bird
Wintering nearby
He flew here from Canada
Where Winter is Wild

What we think is Winter
Is mild for some birds
To them its not chilly
That seems absurd

With Fall crossed to Winter
I'm starting to see
How each day in life
Is a fun mystery

Grab your camera
Get on the trail
Search out new beauty
Your Holy Grail

Nothing is perfect
Nor lasts forever
Search out new scenes
Find something clever

Seasons go fast
Better take care
To capture their beauty
Until they're not there

Satellite Constellation

It's warmth and beauty
Like a Satellite Constellation
Surrounds me
Comforts me

Just yards from my bed
The Smoke Tree
Has sugar plum foliage
Dancing in my head

Five leaf pedal power
Color clusters
Bathe mine eyes
Like a bed of spring flowers

More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entity
Is trying to keep me happy
Maybe that entity
Is the Smoke Tree

A fascinating species
Cousin of the Sumac
Sumacs from my youth
This memory takes me back

Newton, New Jersey
Youthful days in the woods
Next to our house
In our neighborhood

We used sumac branches
As swords
With garbage can lids
As shields for Kings and Lords

3000 miles away
Also near Route 80
Funny how a highway
Defines me

But I digress
Isn't it funny
What a tree can do
When I reminisce

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks show
They've saved the best for last
My neighbors Smoke Tree
Can't be surpassed

Its almost Christmas
Its a gift from Heaven
Or Father Christmas
And its turned up to eleven

The best gifts in life are free
Just like this tree
All you have to do
Is open your eyes and see

Golden Gingko

Golden Gingko
Don't tell me
You've heard this one before
Your golden leaves I adore

Against the sky
Of Royal Blue
You send a message
That rings true

Although your leaves
Are green during summer and spring
Its your yellow golden leaves
In autumn that really sings