Autumns Fading Light

Lets go out tonight
Catch the last few rays
Of Autumns fading light

Soon the clock goes back
Darkness will descend
That's an unnatural fact

When we get back home
We'll turn on the amber light
But for now lets just roam

Family Plot

Step inside
My newfound friend
Its the beginning
Not the end

There's a family plot
At the front of the house
Not a creature is stirring
Not even a mouse

The burial ground
Has been disturbed
Don't you worry
She's not perturbed

They say she wanders
Around at night
Giving the living
Quite a fright


I swear I saw
A child inside
Holding a flower
They say he died

Typhoid took him
Winter time
They put dimes
On both his eyes

Now there's laughter
In this house
Had been deserted
Not even a mouse

This young lad
He comes and goes
The Town of Bodie
A childhood ghost

Radio Mercy

Sister of Mercy
"We're only human"
She said to Him
"Take a vacation
From yourself"

"Count your blessings
Not your curses
After all
Many have it much worse"

I guess shes right
I am that He
I forgive myself
"Right" said she

I was reminded this week that sometimes we can be a little too hard on ourselves. A few years back someone said the magic phrase “Take a vacation from yourself”.

Words worth a song for sure!

I mean, things could be a lot worse …

Dark Hand

The “dark hand” is the old oak tree in the upper right
As darkness falls
It casts a pall
Over the cemetery
They've locked the gates
I'll have to wait
Its getting very eerie

I've never felt
Alone with so many
Forgotten souls
Their families gone
Time marches on
I don't believe in ghosts

What's that noise
Are they footsteps?
The crunching of the leaves
My bad luck
Has run amok
Its hard for me to see

Its pitch black out
I hear a shout
From the gate below
An old lantern man
Lit by candle
From the old railroad

The Fallen Leaf Parable

Just when you think the year is a bust
Something comes your way
A gingko leaf, a different color
As if it wants to say

"Don't worry, there's still hope"
Like grapes on the harvest vine
There aren't as many as last year
But what there is is extra fine

Quantity can be over rated
Quality never is
Just when we think there is no more
We find what we've dismissed

Its not a problem
But an opportunity
Open your squinty eyes
You'll see what I mean

Its been a weird year. Not a bad year, just one where things didn’t turn out as planned or expected.

In several cases, what seemed like a curse was more a blessing or “just as good, but different”.

When I had surgery last May my goal was to be able to go hiking near Bend, Oregon, where we saw the best fall colors we’ve ever seen out west. Due to fires, we switched our trip to Mammoth and it was awesome. Too early for fall colors, but the high sierra hiking and Bodie were spectacular.

Just when I was resigned that this years fall colors would be a bust, I saw that our gingko tree had orange-ish leaves instead of yellow. That is a first, and one had blown to the back deck where I was sitting, hence the lyrics to this song.

There were other health problems in my family, but this “leaf parable” speaks volumes and is more universal.

The World Around Ye Will Astound Ye

Keep an eye open to your own back yard!
One fall dewy morning
In my camera did appear
All Fall colors in one small plant
Filled my heart with cheer

Tobacco burst
Flamed guitars
My favorite colors
They're set apart

The color is so warm
Cooled by morning dew
Colliding gorgeous beauty
These moments precious and few

Winter Sentinels

Like tall soldiers
Protecting their side
They've dropped their leaves
It was their time

Soon enough
The leaves final dance
During this Autumns
Colorful romance

The northern winds
Will then come in
Winter snow
Will fall again

After The Gold Rush

After the gold rush
And the harvest
A long winters nap
A holiday fest

Tis marking time
This cycle of fall
The colors are splendid
We're having a ball

Soon its next year
We'll start this again
Winter, Spring, Summer
Then Fall at the end

Autumn Gold

Rich as a Rockefeller
He's such a smart feller
He knows all that glitters is not gold
At least this I've been told

I feel sorry for he
His commode is gold where he pees
He has no clue about love
Or the planets and stars up above

He is the fool on the hill
His life has been Built to Spill
If I were him I would bail
To avoid yet another lifes' fail