Beauty is Where You Find It

I’m now in full swing with Fall Colors and everything Autumn. I’m using images that are current here in California, and from past trips to Colorado and Oregon.

Since I’ve started hiking again, I am feeling newfound appreciation for being able to do things we all take for granted, like walking.

Music has become totally meshed with my heart and mind. Work is great, and tech pays the bills. I’m very thankful for that. Hey, Thanksgiving is next month, but I give thanks a lot more often. I should every day….

Photography has been a hobby for many years – not as long as my Ham Radio hobby that I started when I was 13 years old and learned Morse Code, but not too many years later. I was recruited to go work at Kodak in Rochester, NY right out of Lock Haven State College in PA.

Being able to walk, see, imagine and dream should never be taken for granted. As you can see in the current world we live in, the rich man is the one who understands the understated beauty of nature and life, something no money can purchase.

Effervescent Neon Light

Effervescent neon light
Will the leaves fall off tonight
One poor tree has lost its leaves
This yearly cycle sure does please

A finer coat I've never seen
These vibrant colors of the leaves
Effervescent neon light
Will the leaves fall off tonight

A Colder October

February is
A colder October
Its days grow longer
The sun grows stronger

October is
A winding down
Its nights grow longer
The moon grows stronger

Some days
Between the two
Seem alike
When riding your bike


The buckeye trees
Burst into bloom
After winters nap
The first to come back

January Surprise

I’ve been learning how to play Cello the last 8 weeks. All of my songs since then have Cello instead of the usual Bass Guitar I used to play.

This is the first time I’ve ever written an entire song using the Cello. Huge shoutout to my niece Nisha, my Cello teacher and a fantastic one at that!

Its always wise
To open your eyes
Else you'd miss that
January Surprise

The start of the year
Usually unclear
New beautiful skies
January Surprise

Look up not down
No need to frown
Mustard on the rise
January Surprise

Shades of November

High above the telegraph wire
A Winter Moon that does inspire
Familiar, and as I remember
I saw the same thing in November

I never liked January
It always seemed bleak to me
But now I've opened my eyes
To this beautiful new surprise

Every month has it's gems
Just look round the bend
Take your camera and look
Round every cranny and nook

The Moderns at Dingmans Ferry Bridge

Just below
A little ridge
Across the Delaware
Spans a tiny bridge

A peaceful river crossing
Dingmans is its name
Used to have a Ferry
That's its only fame

Some say its haunted
Its just quiet and still
For some its too much nature
That gives The Moderns chills

Subtle Winter Scene

In between the vineyard vines
There is mustard popping up
Brilliant yellow carpet green
My very favorite Winter Scene

Some may say there is no Winter
In Northern California
I know that's just not true
Snowy mountains are my proof

In the valleys near the coast
Winters subtle but its there
Creeks are running grass is green
Its such a lovely Winter Scene

Have a Beaux Arts New Year!

Seek Beauty and Kindness in the New Year – and may Peace be With You!

Beaux Arts Lamps, San Francisco
Beaux Arts in English
Means Fine Art
Which is the best thing
For a Great New Years Start

I've been a Computer Geek
In my long career
But my secret love
Has been Art and Music all these years

"Don't quit your day job "
I was told
I listened (and glad I did)
Cuz life (seems) bought and sold . . .

My joke on "The Man"
Is my "other plan"
Art was always in my Heart
That's how I stuck it to the man!

Have yourself a great year
Filled with Art,
Peace, Love and Good Cheer!

More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entity
Is trying to keep me happy
Maybe that entity
Is the Smoke Tree

A fascinating species
Cousin of the Sumac
Sumacs from my youth
This memory takes me back

Newton, New Jersey
Youthful days in the woods
Next to our house
In our neighborhood

We used sumac branches
As swords
With garbage can lids
As shields for Kings and Lords

3000 miles away
Also near Route 80
Funny how a highway
Defines me

But I digress
Isn't it funny
What a tree can do
When I reminisce

Beauty in The Past Tense

I had a tree
That had gorgeous
Multicolored leaves
It was a scraggly tree

A sad Liquid Amber
Barely hanging on
I should have cared for it
Now it's gone

It was in our forest
Amongst the canopy
I thought it wild
- That it didn't need me

Yet for years
It offered it's leaves
I suppose as a way
To get attention from me

The moral of this story
Is open your eyes
Take care of all things
And you'll grow wise